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Do Curtains and Blinds Go Together? (Answered)

Curtains and blinds are the two most essential home components. We use curtains to cover the window and door. Sometimes the curtains also help us decorate the living room. But it may fail to block the sunshine and the rays properly.

Here the blinds can block the sunshine and stop the ray from entering the room. You can put the blinds on the window and enjoy your holidays sitting in the living room. But, confusion arises on how to match the curtains and blinds.

Do curtains and blinds go together?

Curtains and blinds go together. You can match them properly by following some tips. First, match the color and print. You may use different curtains shades but be sure to use identical color blinds on every window. It will create a unique look and help you protect your privacy.

You will find four different blinds to use on the window along with the curtains. It will help you to know which one gives you the best combination. Therefore, we make four different choices for you; you will find your match from them.

Venetian blinds and curtains:

The Venetian blinds and curtains go together. You can use this blind to control the light and ensure privacy simultaneously.

You should match the Venetian blinds and curtains print and color to help them go together.

It might be challenging to find the same printed curtains and Venetian blinds if you ask the seller to manage the identical printed blinds and curtains.

Horizontal blinds with curtains:

The horizontal blinds with curtains go together. Mainly, horizontal blinds are a fashionable item to decorate the windows.

You can use them in your living room, bedroom, and washroom. They will fit properly and give you the best match with the curtains.

Roman blinds with curtains:

You should use the roman blinds if you need extra layers and protection from the light and secure privacy.

They are popular and sort out the issues you want to solve. They have hundreds of different designs and fabrics quality.

And the roman blinds and curtains perfectly go together, and you can mix the roman blinds with curtains. They will be helpful in every way.

Curtains with vertical blinds:

Curtains with vertical blinds give you the best solution regarding privacy and sunlight.

Moreover, they also go together and decorate the room in the best possible ways. You can use the vertical blinds on room windows and washroom windows.

The vertical blinds will control the light and give you the best privacy in the room. It will be impossible to see anything from the outside.

Do curtains look good with blinds?

Curtains look good with blinds to ensure the same color and print. You can follow a simple tip to buy the curtains and blinds together from the same shop. In that way, you can match the color quickly and ask the seller to manage the same printed blinds.

You may need to spend some more bucks, but it is worth it. You’re going to decorate your room using both curtains and blinds.

You already invested in the curtains, and you have to buy the blinds too, so why not spend a few dollars more and make a unique pattern?

Should curtain and blinds match? Can you mix and match them?

Curtains and blinds should match together by the colors and prints. It would be best if you bought the same color curtains and blinds to give a good look to the windows.

The blinds will mix with the curtains and create an excellent environment for you.

Following this way, you can mix and match them easily. It will not take any extra effort; you can order the curtains and blinds from the trusted shop and ask the shopkeeper to manage the same color curtains and blinds for you.

Can you have curtains and blinds in the same room? Can you have blinds and curtains on the same window?

You can have the curtains and blinds in the same room. And, you should have them together to increase privacy and control the sunlight.

You have to put the blinds on the windows and place the curtains over them. The blinds will protect you against the light, and the curtains will decorate the room.

So, you can have the blinds and curtains on the same window except for the bathroom. Bathroom windows are small, and we don’t use curtains on them.

3 reasons why curtains and blinds can go together

There are several reasons why they look good together. Let’s get to know them.

Color & Print:

The curtains and blinds come in the same color and print if you follow the tips to buy them together. As a result, you will get the same decoration in the room.

It becomes the first reason why curtains and blinds can go together.

Never go for the different colors or printed curtains and blinds.

Buy the same designed blinds. You can pre-order them together and let them help you decorate the room.


We use curtains and blinds for privacy issues and decoration purposes. Curtains can’t ensure 100% privacy due to the movement of air. Here, the blinds can give you the perfect solution and secure the room entirely.

So, you can use the curtains to decorate the room and use the blinds to secure privacy. In that way, they go together.

Control Light:

Another best use of the curtains and blinds is to control the sunlight. When you place the curtains, it will hinder the light but can’t give you the best solution. On the other hand, the blinds will control the light perfectly.

Since the curtains can’t control the light properly, you need to use the blinds. It is another reason why the curtains and blinds go together.

What blinds go with curtains?

Most blinds go with the curtains. If you ensure the same color and print, you can use any blind with the curtains. Let’s look at some most valuable and popular blinds that go with curtains.

Roller Blinds:

The roller blinds go perfectly with the curtains; they are primarily used in office and residential buildings.

They are easy to use and clean. You can buy the same color roller blinds and install them in your windows to block the sunlight.

Roman Blinds:

If you want to decorate and ensure the privacy of your living room, you should use this blind.

The roman blinds go with the curtains perfectly. There will be no more decoration issues in your bedroom or living roof if you use the roman blinds and cover them with the same colored curtains.

Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds also go with the curtains. You can buy the same printed and colored vertical blinds from the shop and place them on the windows. People use them in the living room, bedroom, and washroom windows.

Venetian Blinds:

When you are worried about the perfect combination of curtains and blinds and already use the roman or roller blinds, the Venetian blinds would be your best choice.

These blinds will ensure the best decoration and protection against light and privacy.

How to hang curtains over blinds?

Hanging curtains over blinds are not challenging anymore. You can do it with some tips.

Buy A Window Rod:

People also call it the curtain rod. You have to put the rod on the windows, whatever it is known as. Before that, try to get the perfect size of the rod, then go to a hardware shop and ask them to give you the right-sized rod.

You can also buy the plastic hanger and install them easily with glue or other ingredients. The plastic hanger will be available at the curtains shop. You can ask the shopkeeper to give you the best hanger.

Install The Rod:

After purchasing the curtain rod, you have to place it perfectly on the window. You need to have tools like a hammer and a drill machine to install the rod on the window. Drill on the wall according to the rod size.

Then place the rod properly, and tighten all the screws. The hammer might help you to put the screws quickly.

Hang the Curtains:

The final moment has come. You will hang the curtains on the rod. Before that, the rod should be deeply cleaned. Otherwise, the particles and dust will ruin the color of the curtains.

Look at your curtains and find the right side to insert into the rod. You can also follow the picture of the curtain box or follow the user manual. It will not take more than 5 to 10 minutes to hang the curtains over blinds.

Final Thoughts

So, curtains and blinds go together to match the color and design. You should never try to use different colored curtains and blinds and place them on the same windows. If you buy the same-colored curtains and blinds, you can use them in the same room on the same windows.