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Do Dressers Need Mirrors? (Read This First!)

A dresser has multiple parallels, horizontal drawers that can be used for storing dresses, accessories or other things.

Besides its usefulness, it adds the most décor and personalized items to a room. In fact, it plays an important role in defining your space and gives a convenient functional outlook.

Do dressers need mirrors?

Typically, dressers do not need mirrors. It is a viable opinion to attach a mirror depending on the size of the room or the user’s necessity and functionality of the mirror with the dresser. Moreover, having a small room with congested space might overwhelm the whole dresser area.

It’s not necessary to have mirrors in dressers. Moreover, nowadays a dresser with a mirror is not frequently seen as some find it out of style with the latest trends.

Some want to utilize the surrounding area above the dresser to have more space to hang pictures, frames or art works or other decorating equipment. When adding a mirror with a dresser, it might cover the space of the area.

Sometimes it is contrasted with the wall color or furniture if mirrors are attached. The interior design of the room might not go with the mirror frame making the whole appearance of the room dull.

In terms of price, a dresser without a mirror is a budget friendly option as it is less expensive. Without a mirror, it will reduce the cost of adding additional material for the framework of the mirror and other expenses.

However, a dresser with a mirror is a choice of preference of the owner but depending on its functionality it might be a favorable option to add a mirror. It’s specially for those who want a traditional vintage aesthetic look to the room and to make the room appear bigger.

To keep all the accessories and makeup items in one place and to get ready in a moment of rush, a mirror with a dresser not only will save time but also plays a multi-functional role.

Are dressers with mirrors in style? 

Dressers with mirrors are in style as it’s a smarter choice for people who want to set the room with trendy style and traditional outlook. Actually, dressers with mirrors give a vintage traditional look and moreover, vintage furniture is never out of style.

In fact, dressers with mirrors add consistency throughout the room’s decoration and give a great finish to the outlook of the room.

Generally, people choose a dresser with a mirror for not its functionality but also how it looks in the room. The wall above the dresser without a mirror can look dull and unbalanced; it might also need to add extra décor in that area.

An attached mirror fills up the gap of the wall adding more classic look to the wall. Moreover, it has other qualities too.

As dressers also hold clothing items, it is necessary to have a mirror when a person is getting dressed or trying an outfit. It also saves time as there is no need to run across the room.

Why do dressers have mirrors? 

Dressers are very useful. They have many drawers that you can use for different purposes. Besides, there are many dressers that have mirrors.

With mirrors in your dresser, you can use it for more other uses. You can then use it as a dressing table as well. Actually, there are some reasons, why dressers have mirrors:

Easy set up of the room and easy option to get ready early:

Having a dresser with a mirror is an easy option for a workaholic person who is always in a rush.

It is easy to get ready when the dresser and mirror are at the same place and there is no need to search for things elsewhere which saves time.

In everyday life storing makeup, jewelry items, watches, accessories on the top of the dresser, having a mirror makes it easy to pair up with a matching dress.

For coordinating with the room’s furniture:

A dresser with a mirror is made in the same style and gives a consistent and matching style. In fact, it can create a convenient output with other furniture to balance the room to look more beautiful. 

For a convenient and functional look:

It gives a great finish to the room. Placing the dresser with a mirror is convenient for the homeowners to have a well organized room as there is no chance of getting stuff misplaced when in a hurry. 

How big should a mirror be over a dresser?

To make the dresser and mirror functional and convenient you should also be conscious about it’s size. There should be a visual balance between the two.

Actually, the size of the mirror depends on the width and length of the dresser. But it’s wise to keep the mirror less wider and taller than the dresser to create a perfect fit.

Actually, there’s no rule about the size of the mirror.  But to create a good look, the mirror should be at least two-thirds or three-quarters of the width of the dressers.

If the owner wants to install a large dresser like sixty-five to sixty-six inches, then according to that size, a standard mirror will be preferably thirty-three to forty-four inches. It will create a visual balance to the dresser and mirror and also will create a good look.

How are mirrors attached to dressers? 

Mirror is attached to the dresser by placing wood strips or metal brackets to the back of the mirror frame on one end and the other to the dresser with screws.

For attaching with wood strips, at first wood strips are taken to line up the mirror properly and drilled at the back of the mirror frame to attach by screw. Screws at the other half of the support wood of the mirror to the dresser.

As a result, the wood strips will bear the weight of the mirror to the dresser and support it to stabilize there.

Some manufacturers also use different sized metal brackets to fit the mirror with the dresser. Brackets are screwed at the back of the mirror frame then the mirror is centered at the dresser by the other part of the bracket with screw.

You need to be careful and check the balance and level while attaching it with the dresser.

How to decorate a dresser with a mirror? 

Here are the ways you can decorate your dresser with the mirror to give a great finish to your room:

Lighting up the mirror and dresser space:

Decorating the dresser area with different colorful lights, fancy lamps certainly fulfills multiple purposes by complementing the whole environment and will serve a beautiful ambience.

Placing flower vases or terrarium:

Flower vases or plants or small terrariums on each side of the mirror over the dresser will add a natural floral scenario to the room. It is budget friendly and also an innovative decorative theme making the room beautiful.

Decor with candles:

Candles can change the overall look of the place. Try to decorate the dresser with candles of beautiful base and shades as it will reflect in the mirror and give a great colorful, festive look.

Decorate with accessories:

Mirrors with dressers are more likely to give a traditional vintage look. Using frames, art works, sculpture will add more beauty in that traditional vintage look .

Should I remove the mirror from my dresser? 

It completely depends on your own choice and preference of how you want to decorate your room. You don’t need to worry at all whether you have a mirror for the dresser or not.

In fact, in both ways, you can decorate your room. Actually, mirrors with dressers give a traditional vintage look to the room. So, if you want to change the outlook of your room and want to give a modern touch, you can remove the mirror. 

Also mirrors in the dresser cover up the space and make the room smaller. So, if you have a small room and want to utilize the surrounding area, you can remove the mirror and decorate with other accessories.

Attaching jewelry hooks on the wall can be a great idea for keeping accessories. Hanging a clock or mounting a tv could be a wise decision for embellishing the dresser. Moreover, you can hang up some family pictures or home décor items to decorate the room.

Final Thoughts 

It doesn’t necessarily require a mirror with a dresser. It completely depends on preference and necessity of the user and also the size of the room. If you want to give a traditional look and easy set up of your room you can add a mirror though it makes the room congested and smaller.