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Do Rabbits Eat Sweet Potato Vines, Leaves, Peels & Plants?

The diet of rabbits should include nutritious foods that would benefit them. Choosing the wrong diet for rabbits can cause the rabbit to get ill and also harm them to the worst extent. You definitely do not want your cute little bunny to face pain due to its food intake.

Following the below tips and information regarding rabbits’ diet and if you can include sweet potato vines, leaves, peels, and plants in their diet would help you to create a diet for them.

Do rabbits eat sweet potatoes?

Though sweet potatoes are not bad for the rabbit, still you should avoid including sweet potatoes in their diet. Eating an excess amount of sweet potatoes can cause the rabbit to get ill and have a bad stomach. In the worst case, rabbits can have problems in its digestive system and even pass away.

Animals need nutritious diets to go on with their daily lives. A sudden change in their diet can have an effect on their health. Though they are obsessed with grass and leafy vegetables, they also prefer a variety of foods. Even if they like other foods, all foods are not healthy for them.

Raw sweet potatoes: 

Rabbits mostly eat grasses, leafy vegetables, and fruits. Apart from that, they also prefer other foods in small amounts. Raw sweet potato is indeed liked by rabbits, yet not good for them. 

Sweet potato is rich in starch and sugar which does not even fulfill their requirement of fiber. 

Meanwhile, excessive starch and sugar are not good for their health. It can cause problems in the digestion of food. Apart from that, it can also cause diarrhea, stomach pain, gas problems, and more. 

You should give only a small amount of sweet potato to them. 

Do rabbits like sweet potatoes?

Yes, rabbits like sweet potatoes. It’s like a snack to their diet. Well, you do not want your rabbit to have a snack every often. It would only affect their health. Rather, provide them with nutritious food which is suitable for them. 

However, sweet potatoes are not nutritious for rabbits.

Just because rabbits like sweet potatoes, that does not mean sweet potatoes are good for them. Instead, sweet potatoes can harm their health. You can still provide a little amount of sweet potato to the rabbits but not every day. 

Moreover, It can imbalance their diet and you may need to rush to the hospital. 

Do rabbits eat sweet potato vines, leaves, plants, skins, and peels?

Rabbits often have grass or leaves. There are plenty of leafy vegetables which they like. Rabbits also like to have sweet potatoes. Even the vines of sweet potato, leaves, skins, plants, and peels are suitable for the rabbit instead of the sweet potato. 

Walk through this section to find out if rabbits can have the following portions of the sweet potato plants –

Sweet potato vines and plants: 

Sweet potato vines and plants are liked by rabbits. Even those are healthy for the rabbit. The usual diet of rabbits should contain vegetables, leaves, and leafy vegetables. Other feeds are not often given as their digestive system is quite sensitive. 

Sweet potato vines can be a form of leafy vegetables. Moreover, they are also rich in fiber rather than sweet potatoes. Sweet potato vines and plants are edible for rabbits. 

Sweet potato leaves: 

Rabbits are herbivores. They mostly eat plants, leaves, vegetables, and fruits. These fulfill their nutritional requirements. Additional foods may also help yet some foods are only given as snacks. 

Sweet potato leaves are also healthy for rabbits. They can easily have it. If you want, you can even clean them for the rabbits. The sweet potato leaves are not even poisonous to the rabbits. You can feed them leaves.

Sweet potato skins and peels: 

Though sweet potato is not healthy for rabbits, sweet potato skin and peels are considered good for rabbits. Sweet potato skins and peels contain fibers that can complete their nutritional requirements. 

Do not feed them potato skins instead. Potato skins and peels are not good for rabbits. Only provide them with a few sweet potato skins and peels as a snack.

Having too often can be a bit bad for their health. You should wash the skins and peels for the rabbit. Well, skin and peels can carry toxic components. Better to make them clean first.

Are sweet potato vines rabbit resistant?

No, sweet potato Vines are not rabbit resistant. Rabbits would rather like to have the vines. Vines and leafy vegetables are the food of rabbits. Moreover, sweet potato vines are better than sweet potatoes. Sweet potato vines are considered poisonous to many animals. 

It can cause problems in the digestive system of some animals. Apparently, sweet potato vines are good for rabbits. Rabbits can have them without worrying about the digestive system. You can also add them to their diet. 

Potato vines may cause harm but sweet potato vines are okay for the rabbits. 

Are sweet potatoes safe for rabbits?

Not exactly good yet you can feed them a few sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are considered unhealthy for rabbits. Rabbits prefer grasses, vegetables, and leaves. Meanwhile, sweet potato is not healthier for rabbits. 

Sweet potatoes contain vitamins, starch, sugar, calories, and also fiber.

Rabbits do not need starch and sugar to carry on their daily tasks. Unwanted nutrients can make the rabbit ill and cause digestive problems. Moreover, sweet potatoes only have a small amount of fiber which can not fulfill their nutritional requirements.

Moreover, rabbits have a sensitive digestive system. They can not eat everything. Sweet potatoes can be harmful as rabbits do not have a suitable digestive system for them. In the worst cases, the rabbits can pass away. Better to not feed them any sweet potatoes.

You should not add sweet potatoes to the daily diet of rabbits. Better to feed them a small amount of sweet potato as a part of snacks. In summary, sweet potato is not safe if given in high amounts.

How to keep rabbits from eating sweet potato vines?

Rabbits are cute and still can cause great damage to the gardens. It can eat the vines and leaves and also the plants and cause harm to the growth of the sweet potato. Keeping the rabbits away from the garden can be a bit tough.

You can use several tricks yet many of them may not give a benefit. You can follow below to keep the rabbits away from the garden. 

Use repellents:

Using repellent can be a great help to prevent the rabbits from entering the garden and having sweet potato vines. Sweet potato vines are good for rabbits. But you do not want your sweet potato vines to get destroyed. You can use repellents on the vines to keep the rabbits away.

Spraying repellents would keep the rabbits away and would not let the vines get damaged. Make sure the repellents do not harm the sweet potato vines. You can also use homemade repellents.

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Build a fence:

Building a fence surrounding the sweet potato vines may help. The height of the fence should be enough that the rabbits can not reach the height. In this way, you can also prevent other animals from entering the garden. 

Well, you can also use the net to create a barrier for the rabbit. The rabbit will not be able to go inside the net and might be net trapped.

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Spray hot pepper:

Spraying hot pepper on the sweet potato vines might help to keep the rabbits away. Hot pepper spray works as a repellent. You can also make home repellents without investing money. Some may suggest applying fertilizer to the sweet potato vines. 

Bring a cat or dog:

Rabbits are usually afraid of cats and dogs. You can keep a cat or dog nearby to keep away the rabbits. Well, a cat can be a bit harmful to the sweet potato Vines. Cats often strike upon  the things they like and chew them.

Chewing sweet potato Vines can be bad for the cat as the cat can not digest it even though it chews it. As a result, chewing vines can create problems for their health. Better to keep a dog nearby instead of a cat.

Final thoughts:

Overall, rabbits can get affected by having too many sweet potatoes. Meanwhile, sweet potato vines, leaves, and even plants are good for rabbits. Having sweet potatoes can cause the rabbit to have digestive problems. Even in the worst case, you may need to take your rabbit to the doctor.