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Do Ruggable Rugs Curl? (All You Need to Know)

Many regular rugs are seen to curl up at the rims after being used for a while which naturally can make you think of ruggable rugs and the query that whether or not ruggable rugs curl up too. 

Therefore, keep reading the explanations ahead to learn about this fact regarding ruggable rugs.

What Is Ruggable Rug?

As the name implies, ruggable rugs are also rugs but they are different from regular rugs as these rugs are a 2 piece set.

The first piece is a non-slip rug pad that has a non-slip side on one side and a Velcro-like side on the other, and the second piece is an actual top rug cover that affixes with the Velcro type side of the non-slip pad and stays in place.

Ruggable rugs are thinner than regular rugs. The non-slip rug pad is practically rubber which has been manufactured by using recycled polyester as well as thermoplastic rubber (a synthetic material that is latex-free).

The top layer of the rug that sits on top of the non-slip pad is removable as well as machine washable.

Thus, it can be removed and washed anytime whenever kids or pets make a mess, also it can be put into a dryer after washing to dry it as these rugs can tolerate heat to quite a good extent.

Thereby, since the ruggable rugs are thin, easier to use, easier to move, and easier to wash and dry, they have become a hot household item lately. 

Do Ruggable Rugs Curl?

There is a chance that ruggable rugs will curl up at the edges like regular rugs. And the curling in ruggable rugs tends to occur after washing the top rug cover a few times or if the top rug cover is improperly installed over the non-slip pad. Around the 6th month mark, these rugs are seen to curl. 

The curling surely can occur in any rug regardless of the rug type, which clearly means that despite being different from regular rugs, ruggable rugs are very much likely to curl up too. 

In regular rugs, high traffic or poor binding of the foundation strings are the main causes that cause curling up, however, for ruggable rugs these are not the main causes. 

Ruggable rugs tend to have curled-up edges when they are frequently washed using really hot water or a high temperature is used for drying them in the dryer. Also, if the top rug cover has been placed improperly over the rug pad, it can cause curling up over time. 

You may notice curled-up ruggable rugs nearly at the 6 months period after purchasing if you don’t maintain them properly. 

Why Ruggable Rugs Curl?

Now that the reasons why ruggable rugs curl up are known to you, let us have more detailed insight into the explanations of these reasons. Below the reasons are explicitly described and listed.

Improper Installation: 

Improper installation of the top rug cover is one of the primary reasons that cause ruggable rugs to curl up. 

As it’s known to you that ruggable rugs come with a top rug cover and a non-slip pad, you are required to place the top rug cover over the non-slip pad.

But if the top rug cover is not centered on the non-slip pad properly, the fibers don’t sit relaxed, therefore, unnecessary curling up happens. 

Also, while placing the rug cover over the non-slip pad if you pull it excessively tightly, the ruggable rug can curl up. 


Your wrong way of washing the ruggable rug’s top cover is another reason that causes the rug to curl up. 

If every time you are washing the top rug cover in a washing machine using hot water, the rug surely will curl up because the top cover surely is machine washable but it’s not tolerant to too hot water. 

Moreover, the way of drying the top rug cover is also equally responsible for curling up. If you dry the top rug cover at the highest setting in a dryer, after a few washes and drying it will start curling up. 

Pushing/Flipping The Edges: 

The last reason is frequent pushing or flipping the edges of the ruggable rug. The non-slip rug pad underneath the top rug cover is slightly smaller, if the edges are frequently flipped accidentally or out of habit, soon the edges will start curling up. 

Similarly, if your child or pet frequently keeps pushing the edges of the top rug with toys or anything else, the rug tends to curl up soon. 

How Long Do Ruggable Rugs Last?

Ruggable rugs are guaranteed to last for at least one year after being purchased as one year warranty comes along with the rugs.

But many users have claimed that their ruggable rugs have lasted for about one and a half years without having any major issues. However, on the contrary, some people have claimed that their ruggable rugs had started to get worse after 6 months of usage. 

Thus, considering the argument of both parties, it can be stated that the exact usable period of a ruggable rug completely depends on your way of using and maintaining the rug. If you can maintain it nicely, a ruggable rug can have one year of useful life.

How To Fix Ruggable Rugs Curling?

As the ruggable rugs are prone to curl up over time, fixing the curling is the only solution that will keep the ruggable rug usable for another long while. 

So, check the tips below that will effectively fix the curling of ruggable rugs. 


Adding moisture to the curled-up edges of the ruggable rugs is a solution that will fix the curling because adding moisture will relieve tension in the strings, therefore, it will flatten again. 

You can either use a steam mop or an iron to add humanity to the curled-up edges of a ruggable rug. If you are using a steam mop, just run the mop over the curled-up edges really slowly so that the ruggable rug soak up the steam and curls flatten out.

Do a 3-4 pass with the steam mop for stubborn curls. But ensure that you got an extra piece of carpet glider. 

For an iron, place a damp towel between the curled-up edges and your iron, and press it with force but slowly. 

Anti-Curl Tape: 

Using the anti-curl tape is the best and most effective solution that instantly fixes the curling of ruggable rugs.

So use anti-curl tapes that are made for rugs and attach the tapes to the edges and corners of the top rug cover. This tape will give extra room for the rug cover to hold to. It’s a great solution for fixing stubborn curls. 

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Readjust The Corner Piece: 

If it’s the nooks that are causing the curling up in a ruggable rug, fix the corners. Lift the silicone piece up and put it back gently, do this for each corner, and smooth out the crinkles as you’ll go. 

Put Weight: 

Putting weight on the curled-up edges or corners of the ruggable rugs actually can hold down the curling. You can position the curled edges/corners under heavy furniture and keep them down. However, it might not be a great solution for all. 

How Do I Keep My Ruggable Rug From Curling?

It’s always better to take steps to prevent the curling up of ruggable rugs beforehand. Therefore, the precautions you can take to keep your ruggable rug from curling have been discussed below.

Proper Installation: 

Installing the ruggable rug properly is one of the major ways that will prevent the ruggable rug from being curled up at the edges/corners.

Thence, make sure that the top rug cover is always centered over the non-slip pad while installing the rug. And while installing, don’t drag the top rug cover tightly. 

Gently place the top rug cover on the non-slip pad and with your hand smooth the wrinkles out so that fibers stay relaxed. 

Right Washing: 

Do not use hot water while washing the ruggable rug in the machine, do not dry it at a high temperature in the dryer either. Always wash the ruggable rug using cold water and after drying either dry it at the lowest temperature in the dryer or better air-dry it. 

Buy Ruggable Rugs With Silicone Corners: 

Now all top rug covers have silicone corner pieces that are already attached to them. You should buy ruggable rugs with such attached silicone corner pieces as they function as an extra weight that keeps the edges and nooks down. 

You also can use anti-curl rug tape to prevent curling from the beginning if your ruggable rug doesn’t have silicone corner pieces. 

Final Thoughts 

The ruggable rugs have chances to curl up over time. It mainly happens when the ruggable rug is often washed using hot water or dried at a high temperature in the dryer. Also, an improper installation of the top rug cover over the non-slip pad can cause curling of the ruggable rugs.