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Do Walk in Closets Have Windows? (All You Need to Know)

If you dream of having a walk-in closet, it might come true. But you should know both the advantages and disadvantages of having a walk-in closet and a regular closet. A Walk-in closet is an entire room which is built for storing clothes.

You only build that storing room if you have enough space. Otherwise, you need to use a regular wardrobe for keeping your clothes and dresses. If you have the space to build a walk-in closet, you should know about the windows.

Do walk in closets have windows?

Walk in closets have windows, but you can build the closet room without having a single window. If you have a large space and love to have a luxurious walk-in closet, you must build it with some windows. They will keep the air fresh and give you the best experience of a walk-in closet.

Most of the walk-in closets have windows. You will find some closets have more windows than a living room.

The number of windows or the size entirely depends on the owner’s choice. If you love to enjoy the fresh air, you will keep some windows. They will boost your mood while walking through the closet.

Contrary, you don’t need to have the windows in your walk-in closet if you love to enjoy the AC. It will help you if you live in a summer country where the outside heat is unbearable.

You should not have the windows there. It will be an excellent place to store your dresses in a chill environment.

What if you love to have some windows in your walk-in closet? You can do it. It will help if you decide on creating a walk-in closet.

Otherwise, you have to re-invest in making the small size windows. Although the window’s size will depend on your interior design, it is preferable not to have large windows.

If you look at a typical house, you will not find the walk-in closet because they have a wardrobe. And the space is not there to build a walk-in closet. If you have a tiny space, you should go for the closet instead of building a costly walk-in closet.

Do walk in closets need windows?

The walk-in closet needs windows to let the sunlight come into the house. It will help to keep your clothes in good condition.

Also, the environment will be much better if you keep some windows in your walk-in closet. The sunlight will boost your mood and give you a drawing-room feeling.

Although you can build your closet without having windows, it will be your big mistake. You should never build a closet room without having at least one or two large windows. Otherwise, your walk-in closet will have a damp or attic smell that will be very unpleasant.

If your walk-in closet has one large window, it will help the sunlight enter the room. The direct sunlight will not allow the mold to grow or reduce the attic smell. Whenever you walk through your closet, you will enjoy the fresh air. If there is no window, you will smell the attic odor.

Why do some walk in closets have windows?

Some walk-in closets have windows because of some particular reasons. They will also help you decide why you should have windows in your walk-in closet. They all are valuable reasons; at least, you cannot deny or ignore them.

Direct Sunlight:

Some walk-in closets have windows to get direct sunlight. The house owner keeps some windows to get direct sunlight through the windows.

It helps to remove the monotony of the closet room and boost up the mind. It’s not like you cannot build a walk-in closet without a window; it’s more like you must have the window for your own.

So, direct sunlight is the first reason why some walk-in closets have windows. I’d suggest the same if you want to build your dream closet. Try to have at least one large window.

Enjoy the Fresh Environment:

Your walk-in closet has many clothes and dresses. When you come here to choose the right dress, you should enjoy the environment.

If you don’t have a window in your closet, it will not allow any fresh air to come. You may need to breathe foul air or the AC air in that situation.

Therefore, some walk-in closets have windows to enjoy the fresh environment. Since it depends on the user’s mind, you should have one or two large windows. Otherwise, you will not enjoy the closet environment.

Get Homely Environment:

If you have the windows in your walk-in closet, you will get a vibe of the living room that will help you get a homely environment. Let’s say you come from a working day, and you need to attend your next seminar or a party within.

If you go to your closet and don’t find the chill and fresh air, it will ruin your mood. In other words, if you have windows, it will give you a homely environment to refresh your mood and choose the best dress.

Do you need to remove the window in the walk-in closet?

You don’t need to remove the window in the walk-in closet. You should keep your window open and enjoy the fresh air and direct sunlight.

Having some windows in the walk-in closet is a blessing. They will give you the best feelings in changing clothes and spend some time organizing everything.

If you remove the window and close everything, you will not find any fresh air to breathe in peace. Instead, it will ruin your day if you spend hours organizing the clothes.

Since you will spend quality time organizing dresses or keeping them after washing, you must have windows in your walk-in closet.

You should never remove the window in the walk-in closet for all these reasons. Instead, you should add more windows if you have the option. The more windows you have in your walk-in closet, the more you will enjoy the lively environment.

How do I protect my walk-in clothes closet windows?

You can protect your walk-in clothes closet windows by carefully following the instructions below. The main thing is your plan and wish list; you can decorate your walk-in closet.

Clean closet Regularly:

To clean the entire closet, take your rag and some warm water and wipe it down.

Clean the floor of your closet by sweeping it or vacuuming it, depending on whether or not it has hardwood flooring. This will ensure your walk-in clothes closet windows last long.

Avoid Skinny Hangers:

Using skinny hangers prevents lights from getting fully onto the closet windows. As a result, there is a high possibility it will get damped after some time.

In addition, they might attract too much dirt, which is not a good thing for your walk in clothes closet windows. It is essential to allow space for ventilation between layers of clothing to prevent abrasion.

Prevent Moths:

Maintaining a spotless environment throughout your home, including your closet’s windows, is the most effective method for preventing moths and other insects from destroying your walk-in clothes closet windows.

Dust particles can rip clothing, remain embedded in the fabric and attract insects that tend to nest in closet windows. So, maintain a regular inspection of your closet windows.

What should a walk-in closet have?

A walk-in closet should have the following things to become a nice closet. You can also add some other requirements and try to make a dream walk-in closet as per your expectation.

Window/ Shower Curtains:

The simplicity with which it can be put into practice is one of the many appealing aspects of this idea.

It does not call for much expertise or knowledge, and it is not prohibitively expensive. While doing so, it will give the appearance that your room is tidy and well put together and conceal the contents of your closet.


If you want to be able to use the divider to section off your closet without giving the impression that the entire room is too confined.

This can be an elegant and wonderful alternative to a traditional closet door, provided that your room is large enough to accommodate a divider.

Glass Doors:

You always have the option of installing glass paneling or mirrors in front of the door to your closet. It is an exquisite and lovely way to conceal that your closet is open.

If you choose mirrored glass, you get to conceal the closet while also providing yourself with a mirror to check your appearance whenever you feel the need to do so.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s not a must-follow role to have a window, the walk-in closet should have some windows. They will keep the room lively by allowing direct sunlight to come inside. Another reason could be the fresh air. You will enjoy breathing in fresh air only if you have a window.