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Does Bleach Get Rid of Gnats? (Quick Answers)

Bleach is a chemical-based strong repellent that people mostly use in their kitchen. If you hack your kitchen, you will find some bleach cleaners. It can also be used to wash your clothes in washers. Apart from these uses, you will also send some garden use of bleach.

Here comes the most challenging part since you cannot use bleach for all plants. Bleach will affect some plants, and their growth might be stopped. You will get some best tips for using bleach for different purposes and different ways.

Bleach to get rid of gnats

Bleach gets rid of gnats with its solid chemical reaction and bitter taste. Mixing some water with bleach will become a washing material that you can spray on gnats. It will terminate all the insects and keep them away from that area. So, if you want the best gnat repellent, use bleach.

You must know what bleach includes and what it does with gnats and other flies. Bleach is made with high-quality chemical ingredients that can clean any surface or clothes and remove strong dirt.

You use a chemical-based solution when you have a particular requirement to use bleach on gnats.

You will find several options to use bleach against gnats or other garden bugs. Bleach can work out against the strongest garden bugs, and it can give you the best solution accordingly. In most cases, you will use bleach and hot water to terminate gnats in different forms.

Here, I’ll show you how bleach will repel fungus gnats and other versions of it. It will help you get a clear picture of your query and the perfect solution for them.

Fungus gnats:

Bleach can get rid of fungus gnats thoroughly. The chemical smell and taste of bleach will eliminate the fungus gnats from the core, providing enough space to terminate gnats from your garden or house.

You can make a mixture of bleach and hot water to spray on fungus gnats.

If you find any particular area where the gnats make their home, you may go there and expect to eliminate fungus. It will not take too long to start working against the fungus gnats.

Flying gnats:

The bleach solution can also terminate flying gnats if you spray it on them or their surroundings. Bleach has that bitter chemical ingredient that can get rid of flying gnats quickly.

If some areas of your garden are infested with flying gnats, you should spray on them and get an instant solution.

Gnat eggs:

The bleach can also get rid of gnat eggs since the eggs can’t bear the bleach chemical reactions and toxic elements.

If you have gnat eggs in some areas, you can use the bleach sprayer on them. The bleach will terminate the gnat eggs and will not allow them to survive. So, use the bleach repellent to get rid of gnat eggs.

Drain gnats:

The bleach can get rid of drain gnats since it has a strong smell and chemical reactions. If you use direct bleach on drain gnats, they will leave that area and not come to that drain again.

However, you can also make the bleach spray and use it on drain gnats to terminate them entirely.

How fast does bleach get rid of gnats?

Bleach works fast to get rid of gnats instantly. It can be the most productive way to protect your house or plants from these tiny creatures. Your sink drains and tubs may attract some gnats.

Drain flies are a specific type of annoyance harder than ordinary gnats. But it doesn’t imply you can’t get rid of them quickly. You only need some bleach. You should combine diluted bleach and water.

Throw the water down the drain after that. As these are natural gnat repellents, the combination of bleach and hot water can help you get rid of gnats within no time.

But using bleach to get rid of gnats is not environmentally friendly. It can harm soil, water and your plants as well. The only time it could be an option is when no vinegar or other homemade natural solutions are available.

How to get rid of gnats with bleach?

Using bleach to get rid of gnats could be one of the easiest and most effective solutions you could ever have. To do it on your own, follow the steps below to get rid of gnats with bleach:


The first task you have to do is to create a diluted combination of bleach and boiled water. You must use a maximum of a half cup of bleach per gallon of water.


After the mixture has been made, it’s time to pour them into places where you want to get rid of gnats.

Slowly pour your bleach solution into your selected places and wait a couple of hours to enjoy the magic. The bleach mixture will damage any gnats and the eggs it comes into contact with.


After that, you should repeat this the following day to ensure there are no gnats at all. Always try to maintain a clean drain. You should also use diluted bleach in order to maintain drains regularly to keep gnats larvae out of your area.

Hire Professional:

If you are still confused, a seasoned pest control company can assist with a persistent gnat problem.

The top firms will design a personalized treatment plan for your house at a fair price for pest management and have experience treating gnat larvae and adult gnats.

They can either use bleach solutions or combine bleach with other solutions to help you get rid of gnats.

How much bleach do I pour to drain gnats?

You should pour a mixture containing 20% bleach and 80% boiled water to get rid of drain gnats. Bleach may be a powerful disinfectant, not as it was for textures but for any surface.

But the amount of bleach will be determined by your area and gnats type. Sometimes, you must use 30% bleach and 70% boiled water to drain gnats entirely.

To get rid of these little troublesome creepy crawlies, begin with pouring a bucket of hot water into the drain.

Now, essentially include one portion of non-chlorine fade beside four parts of water into a holder and blend them well. You can use this blended mixture to repel your gnats from the garden. It will become an excellent gnat repellent thoroughly.

Once it’s done, empty this arrangement into the deplete and let it sit for the total night. In the morning, surge the deplete with parcels of hot water. However, the actual amount of the bleach will depend on your gnat amount and the area.

If you want to spray on the entire garden, you need to use double the amount of bleach to get rid of gnats.

3 ways to get rid of gnats

You can get rid of gnats by using bleach as per my tips. But you will find other ways to repel gnats or terminate them thoroughly. Here, I’ll show you the three best ways to get rid of gnats and show you the right ways to repel them. You can follow any of them and get the best result.

Wine Trap:

Firstly, you don’t have to give up your fresh wine to get rid of gnats! Instep, for this clever catching trap, you’ll need to utilize a lapsed wine that’s about turned into vinegar.

Pour a few of the stale wine into a little vessel, include in a few drops of dish soap, then put the blend in gnat-filled ranges of your domestic and hold up for the bugs to drop in.


In case you’ve got a little bothersome issue, a straightforward splash bottle of one tablespoon of vinegar and a little sum of dish cleanser may be sufficient to treat your issue.

These ingredients will make a perfect mixture that will get rid of gnats quickly.

Shower a tender bug spray, such as neem oil or dish cleanser, which is mixed in warm water, onto the plant. If you employ a dish cleanser, you’ll have to wash the arrangement off after a couple of hours carefully.

Potato Chunks:

You can put some pure potato chunks within the range from where you want to repel gnats. Potatoes are exceptionally alluring to organism gnat hatchlings.

This trick will trap the hatchlings absent from plant roots.

After about a week in the container, you’ll be able to evacuate potato chunks which are already infested and supplant them with new ones.

Final Thoughts

Since the bleach has a strong smell & unbearable chemical, the bleach can get rid of gnats. You may also create a bleach sprayer on the garden gnats and repel them for a long time. This bleach mixture can also deter all types of gnats from different places and terminate them.