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Does Brillo Pads Stop Mice & Rats? (All You Need to Know)

We can all agree that mice and rats aren’t the most fun housemates to have. Therefore, it is not surprising that people try all sorts of remedies in hopes of getting rid of them. Brillo pads are the new fix for the little thieves but do brillo pads truly succeed in keeping them out?

Does brillo pads stop mice & rats?

Brillo pads can stop mice and rats from entering the house but it only works on smaller holes. Brillo pads are flexible. Therefore, they can be molded to the shape of the opening you are trying to close but it is necessary to use chalk around the edges to make sure the brillo pad stays in place.

Even though a brillo pad can be used to stop mice and rats, there are still a few things to keep in mind. Though an affordable and easily accessible option, brillo pad cannot hold off mice and rats forever.

If you are using brillo pads, it is necessary to check on them periodically because caulk has a tendency to start to come off after a while because it dries out and turns brittle.

This will cause the edges to loosen and the tiniest leeway is all the rodents need to push through and enter the house to chew anything and everything in sight. Therefore, brillo pads are a temporary solution.

Because not only can they come loose but mice and rats are able to navigate with the help of their memory, notable landmarks, smell and can also sense the direction of air flow which not only etches the common routes in their mind but also aids them in discovering newer openings, of which even you might not be aware of.

Can mice get through brillo pads?

Mice can get through brillo pads if they really wanted to. They can chew through it but it is not easy for them in the slightest and it is unlikely they will want to chew through a combination of brillo pads, soap and chalk which people commonly use together to seal off small openings that mice can enter through.

So, despite being doable, it is highly unlikely that mice will try to chew through brillo pads. But if there is a gap in the sides of the opening and the brillo pad then mice can push through that gap or also jump over the brillo pad if it doesn’t reach all the way to top of the opening.

Does brillo pads hurt mice and rats?

Brillo pads can hurt mice and rats as they are made up of a combination of steel wool, soap, fragrance and colorant. None of which is pleasant for mice or rats to consume.

When they try to chew it, the sharp edges of the steel wool hurts their nose and the insides of their mouth which makes it nearly impossible for them to continue chewing it.

This prevents them from swallowing it and that means brillo pads won’t harm the mice and rats due to consumption.

Brillo pads are also non-toxic that means they will keep mice and rats out but fortunately won’t take their lifes.

3 reasons why brillo pads will not stop mice and rats

Even though mice and rats can be partially stopped by using brillo pads, it is not a fool proof solution neither is it a long term one. It is a very temporary solution to a permanent problem. Ergo, we have listed below why using brillo pads will not work to stop mice and rats.

Weakens after time:

Brillo pads need to constantly be checked which is not always possible. So, all the hard work will go to waste if you miss checking up on it for a week or two.

As we mentioned above the caulk holding the brillo pad in place will eventually dry out and turn brittle which will then begin to loosen and fall off. And that’s all mice and rats need to push their way into the house.

Needs frequent changing:

Brillo pads will need to be changed quite often. Even though brillo pads are affordable, the cost of changing it weekly will add up, not to mention there is the cost of caulk as well.

It might appear as if you are saving money at first but the accumulated cost will surely put a dent in your household expenses’ budget.

Doesn’t work on bigger holes:

You will not be able to use brillo pads in bigger openings and holes.

And mice and rats may not want to chew through the brillo pads as it can hurt them but they sure can jump over the barrier you will create by using brillo pads in the bigger opening and holes.

Because it is not possible to cover bigger holes completely with brillo pads.

As we can see, the benefits of using brillo pads to stop mice and rats from entering the house is largely outweighed by the drawbacks of using them.

How to keep mice and rats out?

Thankfully brillo pads aren’t the only way to keep mice and rats away from the house. There are a few clever tricks we can share with you which will ensure these loathsome pests leave your house and stay away for good.

Use old traps:

If you are already dealing with a mice and rat infestation, the best way to get rid of them is by using some trusty old traps. The snap-style trap along with the bait will effectively capture the rodents.

All you have to do is set the bait and situate the traps near the openings that the mice and rats frequently use to get in and out of the house.

Use copper gauze:

After you are certain the rats have all been caught and dealt with, you can set out to locate the pathways they used and close those up.

You can use copper gauze or screen wire for this job. Be sure to fit them snuggly with the help of nails.

Clean space:

You need to clean up the space outside your house because overhung trees, trash, debris act as the perfect habitat for mice and rodents.

So, it will benefit you if you can trim your trees and cut off the branches that provide easy access to the roof of the house as rodents can easily jump from the branches to the roof and finally be sure to clean around the house because the absence of clutter and garbage in the yard will eliminate hiding spaces for the rodents.

Get a cat:

A fun way to get rid of mice and rats is by adopting their mortal enemy, a cat! Cats will get rid of the rodents present in your house and also deter new ones from coming.

There are endless permanent solutions to stop mice and rats but it is best to implement them before they infest your house because prevention is better than cure.

Will mice climb over steel wool?

Mice can climb over steel wool. As we have learnt above they will not chew or swallow steel wool as it hurts their noses and especially the insides of the mouth but if the steel wool does not reach the entire opening mice can easily jump over it.

If they manage to get it loose on the edges, they will push it to accommodate their size and than climb over it. Climbing over steel wool is not as arduous as chewing steel wool is for them.

What smell keeps mice and rats away?

One last hack that effectively keeps mice and rats away is certain smells. These smells have the ability to repel mice and rats because the rodents dislike these particular scents and also have a strong sense of smell.

  • Peppermint
  • Clover
  • Garlic
  • Ammonia that is usually used around the house for cleaning
  • Hot peppers such as capsaicin
  • Eucalyptus
  • White and apple cider vinegar
  • Citronella oil
  • Scent of cats

You can place things that carry any of the scents mentioned in the lists above. It will be most effective to add them in the corners and pathways which are frequented by mice and rats. This will work in keeping them away.

Final Thoughts

Brillo pads put a stop to mice and rats coming into the house if they are used to jam the small openings the rodents use. But it is not a long term solution and the upkeep can be quite difficult. Thus, it is better to implement a solution that will work to keep them away for the foreseeable future.