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Does a Carpet Cleaner Work on Couches? (Read This First!)

The couch is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house that often gets dirty. Sometimes specialized cleaners are used to clean the couches. In this article, we will discuss if carpet cleaners work on couches. 

Does a carpet cleaner work on couches?  

You can use a carpet cleaner to clean the couches. But before that, you have to remove the excess dirt and Jake the tag and spot test before cleaning. You can use an upholstery attachment for your cleaner. In addition to that, get an upholstery cleaning solution to use to clean the furniture. 

Using the same type of cleaner for a different type of appliances in your household can be very helpful to save money and time. Just like that way you can use your carpet cleaner to clean the couches. 

Although the carpet cleaner is specially designed to work on carpets, you can also try it to clean the couches as well. Due to long-term use, your couches accumulate dirt, crumbs, and some debris in them. 

You can start by removing dirt and then apply carpet cleaning solution in the vacuum cleaner along with an upholstery attachment to rub off the dirt from the fabric of the couch. 

The following is a description of different types of carpet cleaners that can work on the couch: 

Steam carpet cleaner: 

Steam carpet cleaner is used to remove stubborn tough stains, dirt, and grease from the surfaces by cleaning and removing germs. It can be an excellent option for cleaning your couch. 

Steam cleaner with upholstery will give the best results by cleaning the fabric of the couches. 

Resolve carpet cleaner: 

Resolve carpet cleaner enables upholstery cleaner and stain remover, which is specially made to keep away dirt and odor from the household carpets, especially the fabrics. 

Using this cleaner will help you to clean your couches without fading the color. 

Portable carpet cleaner: 

Portable court carpet cleaner uses an app whole story which is ideal to clean the fabric of your couches. Moreover, the portable carpet cleaner is easy to carry anywhere. 

The functionality of portable carpet cleaner enables scrubbing and lifting away the smaller misses like dirt and stains from the fabric and cleans it. So, it can also be used in couches.

3 reasons why does a carpet cleaner work on couches  

There are some significant reasons why carpet cleaners can work on couches. When applying carpet cleaner on couches, you need to make sure that the solution you use to clean the couch does not harm the fabrics. 

You can simply do a tag test before starting to clean the couches. In addition to that, using an upholstery attachment for your carpet cleaner to clean the couch will add deep cleansing to the couch fabrics. 

Below is a description of a few reasons why a carpet cleaner works well on couches:  

Carpet cleaner uses the same solution:

As we all know, the basic functionality of the carpet cleaner is to clean the fabric of the carpet. So, if you want to use the carpet cleaner to clean the couch, it will simply clean the fabric of the couches. 

Before that, make sure to remove all the excess dirt and crumbs from the couch. 

Works great to remove grease and stains: 

As you know, the carpet cleaner works to remove stains and stubborn grease from the surface of the carpet, applying it on the surface of the couches will remove the stains and dirt from the couch fabric as well. 

Doesn’t fade the fabric: 

One of the significant benefits of using a carpet cleaner to clean the couch is it doesn’t fade the fabric of your couches. 

As a result, you can use a carpet cleaner to clean the couch as long as you want without harming the natural color of the fabric.

How does a steam cleaner work on upholstery? 

Steam cleaner is a great option to clean the couch. When you apply steam over the couch fabrics, it helps to pull off the stubborn stain and dirt from the fabrics. 

So, steam cleaning using upholstery to clean the couch fabric is the best idea to clean the couches. Moreover, it is a time-saving job, as it takes a little less time to steam clean the couch than to use a carpet cleaner on it

Sitting on the couch, fabric size, steam cleaning takes around half an hour to one hour. It takes around two to three hours to dry the couches, whereas it takes 6 hours with the carpet cleaner. 

That is why attaching an upholstery when cleaning the couch using steam is recommended for deep cleaning the couches. This will prevent the stubborn dirt and stains from pulling off from the couch very easily.

Is carpet cleaner the same as for upholstery cleaner? 

The basic functionality of an upholstery cleaner is to vacuum the dirt and stubborn stains from the couches. The first thing is that the carpet cleaner uses the same mechanism that is required to use to clean the couches. 

The upholstery helps to clean the couch very quickly and deeply. Using regular carpet cleaning solutions provides the same results as upholstery cleaning

In addition to that, the carpet cleaner enables some liquid chemical solution that helps the coach to remove excess, start oil, and odor from it. One of the most significant benefits of using a carpet cleaner is it doesn’t fade the color of the fabric. 

So, in case you don’t have the upholstery attachments within your reach, you can simply go for the carpet cleaner to clean the couch. That is why the carpet cleaner is considered to have the same result. Giving solutions like that upholstery cleaner.

What cleaner can you use on the couch? 

In case you do not have the couch cleaning solution within your reach, you can rely on the carpet cleaner. A carpet cleaner is a harmful chemical solution that does not cause any damage to the fabric’s quality and color. 

The main functionality of a carpet cleaner is to clean the fabrics on the carpet. So, you can use it to clean the couch fabrics as well. The benefit of using a carpet cleaner to clean the couch fabric is you can use it as a type of multipurpose cleaner. 

But in case you’re looking for recommendations on a different type of cleaners for your couch. There are some recommendations given below:  

A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment: 

A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment is the common thing that is found in every household. You can use the upholstery attachment to pull off all the dirt crumbs and stains from the couch and make it look new. 

Soap and conditioner: 

Soap and conditioner can be a great option for you to clean the couches since you’re only looking to clean the fabric of it. The soap will help to deep clean the fabric and the conditioner will help to smoothen it. 

Water-based cleaners: 

Based cleaners are best for the couch since they dry up quickly and have a minimal chemical mixture in them. So, using water-based cleaners will provide you with efficiency in cleaning.

How to use a carpet cleaner on your couch?

The couches in every household need to be cleaned after a certain time not only to look good but also as a part of maintenance. That is why it is recommended to use the right type of solution and attachments to clean the couch fabrics deeply. 

Cleaning the couch using the carpet cleaner is very simple. If you have the proper expertise and minimum skills. Just simply follow the steps below to clean the cultures using carpet cleaner: 

Vacuum the couches well: 

The first thing you will need to do to clean the couch is to vacuum. The couches will remove all the excess dirt, crumbs, and stains from the couch. A very important part of cleaning the gouges, so do it thoroughly. 

Apply carpet cleaning solution and scrub off: 

Once you are done with vacuuming, now you can start applying the carpet cleaning solution on the couch, fabrics and scrub off using a brush or scrubber. 

Most of the cleaners have the using directions mentioned in the bottle, so try to follow them accordingly. This will reduce the hassle and save you time.

Use upholstery attachments: 

Finally, rub off the excess soapy solution from the couch using upholstery attachments. Let the couch dry for a couple of hours and your couch will look like new.

Final Thoughts

Since the basic functionality of a carpet cleaner is to clean the fabric of the carpet, remove stains and dirt from it, it can also be used to clean the couches. Carpet cleaner does not harm the couch fabric by fading or discoloration since it contains a minimum number of chemical solutions.