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Does Jarritos Have Caffeine? (All You Need to Know)

Jarritos is a natural fruit soda that is very popular amongst people from all generations. It is particularly enjoyed by people on hot sunny days as it is very refreshing and great at quenching your thirst. 

However, the question might arise if it is really that safe to consume for everyone and if it does contain any caffeine. Some people might have caffeine related problems or you might just not want a hyper kid around. 

Does jarritos have caffeine?

Jarritos is a popular fruit soda from Mexico. This is a naturally flavored soda, does not contain any high fructose corn sugar, and is sweetened using natural sugar only. They are slightly carbonated and tend to not contain any caffeine in them but it is best to always check the ingredients label. 

Before consuming any flavors of jarritos, always keep in mind to check the list of ingredients. Even though the most popular flavors do not contain any caffeine, some might end up containing a little targeted towards certain people. 

Checking the list will always help you avoid something you do not want yourself or your kids to consume. 

Pineapple Jarritos:

Pineapple jarritos are a very popular flavor. It is slightly carbonated and has a very tropical and lightly sweetened taste. It is not overbearing or artificial in taste. 

It does not also contain any artificial fruit flavors and instead is made from natural fruits and natural sugar. It does not contain high fructose corn syrup and neither does it contain any caffeine in it so it is perfectly safe for consumption for every age. 

Jarritos cola:

Jarritos cola is also another one of the highly sought after flavors. This is more popular amongst teenagers because of the slightly mature flavor that it has. 

This is also made naturally with real sugar. However, this particular flavor of jarritos does contain some amount of caffeine. It has a caffeine content of about twenty mg/ eight fluid ounces. 

Jarritos lime:

Another loved fruit flavored jarritos that delightfully quenches thirst on a hot summer’s day is also made from natural fruit flavors, natural sugars. 

It does not contain high fructose corn syrup to give any extra sweetness. This certain flavor is also free of caffeine so you can consume it without any worries.  

Jarritos Grapefruit:

Similar to other popular jarritos flavors, jarritos grapefruit is also made from real ingredients. It has both actual fruit flavors and is sweetened with cane sugars. 

It does not contain high fructose corn syrup. It is lightly carbonated. It is also free of caffeine and contains zero stickiness. 

Jarritos Fruit Punch:

Jarritos fruit punch also joins the bandwagon and is made from hundred percent real ingredients. It contains actual fruit flavors and natural sugars with zero high fructose corn syrup for added sweetness. It is also free of caffeine

Jarritos Mango:

A very fresh and tropical flavor of jarritos. It is made from real sugars and also contains no high fructose corn syrup. This is why it is so smooth to consume without any extra stickiness. It has zero caffeine content. 

Mandarin jarritos:

This fruity flavor of jarritos is quite refreshing and made from a hundred real ingredients including both the fruit flavors as well as the sugar content. It is also free of high fructose corn syrup as well as caffeine. 

What ingredients are in jarritos?

The most common ingredient in jarritos is carbonated water. It helps give the drink a light fizz. It also contains fully natural flavors and natural sugars. It also contains ingredients such as citric acid and sodium benzoate which are preservatives. 

Some jarritos, such as the jarritos cola also contain some amount of caffeine. Jarritos may also contain some artificial colorings to help give it a very desirable color. 

It is also suggested that you check the ingredients list of any jarritos flavor before buying because it can differ from flavor to flavor. Checking it beforehand will help avoid any confusion or other health related issues. 

Is jarritos gluten free?

All of the jarritos flavors are completely free of gluten. Gluten provides no proper nutrients and some people are allergic to it. It sometimes also causes bad immune reactions. 

However, when it comes to any jarritos drinks you will not have to worry since it is verified to not have any gluten in it. 

It is safe for consumption and it is amazing to quench your thirst on certain hot days. It has a very crisp and refreshing flavor with hints of fruitiness that are enjoyed by many. 

Does Jarritos use real sugar? Does it contain lots of sugar?

Jarritos is mostly known for using a hundred percent real sugar in all of their drinks. It is used to make either real granulated sugar or cane sugar. It successfully gives jarritos a fruity flavor with hints of sweetness that are enjoyed by many. 

Unlike most other drinks found in the market, jarritos actually do not contain any high fructose corn syrup for additional sweetness. This means none of the drinks are unnecessarily sticky and actually have a great consistency. 

Jarritos contain an added sugar content of about 65 percent. It is completely subjective from person to person if that is a lot of sugar or not. 

For some people, it can be a whole lot of sugar. This can be mostly for the older generation. In that case, do not worry as jarritos also actually came out with flavors that are sugar free while still having the refreshing flavor that it usually does. 

Does Jarritos have alcohol?

None of the jarritos has any alcohol content in them. They are strictly fruit flavored sodas with a slight fizziness. It can be consumed by any generation without any worry because it is free of alcohol. Jarritos in fact do not have any flavor that contains alcohol. 

However, such fruit flavored sodas are commonly consumed with alcohol to give it a slight kick and thus this is where the misconception might have stemmed from. Jarritos can be consumed with alcohol and in fact, is common amongst many teens. 

What sodas have caffeine?

There are certain sodas that tend to have high caffeine content. It is important to keep an eye on it as it can be bad for your health. 

Soft drinks:

Usually all soft drinks more or less contain a high concentration of caffeine. Specifically, popular soft drinks such as coca cola, Pepsi, Fanta, and mountain dew contain a very high amount of caffeine. 

It contains up to a hundred mg of caffeine which is really bad for your health. Any soft drinks, specifically fizzy or carbonated soft drinks, are bound to contain some amount of caffeine. 

Non-fruity drinks:

If you see any drinks that are not fruit flavored then it is highly likely for them to contain caffeine. 

Usually, fruit flavored drinks avoid caffeine. Specifically, if you are having any drinks with coffee or tea in them then they will contain a certain amount of caffeine. 

Energy drinks:

Energy drinks usually have a good amount of caffeine as well. It can start from anywhere between thirty mg and can rise even higher. 

The caffeine in it helps you to get the instant energy and adrenaline rush that many people seek when consuming energy drinks. 

Is Jarritos healthy and safe to drink, or bad for you?

Jarritos are made from natural fruit flavors as well as natural sugar. It contains no high fructose corn syrup and most of the drinks do not have caffeine in them. This makes it perfectly safe to consume for anyone of any age. 

It is not particularly healthy as it contains a lot of sugar and adds no nutritional value to your diet. It also might contain artificial colorings as well as preservatives so it is best to avoid them in your diet. 

It just helps you gain weight and drinking such sodas very often can actually be bad for you. It is perfectly safe to consume once in a while. Consuming excessive amounts can actually lead to a lot of health issues. 

Is Jarritos healthier than soda?

Jarritos are significantly better to consume than other market sodas. This is because those market sodas are made using artificial flavors, artificial sugars as well as high caffeine content. This can be very bad for your health, especially if consumed on a regular basis. 

This is why jarritos are better as it is actually made from real ingredients so you will not be adding anything to your body that can be really bad for you. 

However, consuming jarritos on a regular basis still will not be great for your health since it contains preservatives and no nutritional value. 

Final Thoughts

Jarritos mostly are made from good ingredients and do not contain caffeine. Even then, it is still a carbonated drink at the end of the day and contains a lot of sugar. This is why always ensure to not drink it often and check the labels before consumption.