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Does Plexiglass Yellow? (All You Need to Know)

Plexiglass is a thermoplastic, which is derived from petroleum. Plexiglass is a transparent and robust plastic that is also known as engineering plastic. It is commonly known as acrylic glass and generally, you change the color of the plexiglass. Let’s see if the plexiglass is yellow or not.

Does plexiglass yellow?

Plexiglass is a transparent thermoplastic. When these glasses are exposed to direct sunlight and UV rays, the glasses get a yellow hue to them. The material used in plexiglass matters. Some plexi glasses are UV protected. Some plexiglasses can avoid discoloring and some are dustproof.

Plexi Glasses are used instead of original glasses. Even these glasses are heavily used in different industries. Because plexiglass can stand more temperatures. And the manufacturer can mold the plexiglass as they want. 

That’s why these glasses are used in military vehicles, aircraft, lighthouses, and lenses.

Plexiglass if they are not used in the windshield or in the lenses, don’t need to be cured against sunlight yellow hue. But the manufacturer can change the glass according to the consumers’ needs. 

Some plexiglass manufacturers guarantee that the plexiglass will not turn yellow for a period.

That means, over time, the acrylic or plexiglass sheet will lose its transparency as well as it will have a yellow hue. For that, there are some ways that you can make your plexiglass clean and clear for a long time. You need to take good care of your plexiglass. 

And you should buy a good grade plexiglass sheet before you install them.

Does all plexiglass yellow?

Yes, all the plexiglasses become yellow. But it is not certain which glass will get a yellowish hue faster than others. 

Because, if you take two pieces of good-graded plexiglass and put one to direct sunlight and another inside of the house, then the glass which was under the direct sunlight is highly likely to get a yellowish hue before the one that was kept inside of the house.

All the plexiglasses are made from petroleum. The recipe for making the plexiglass differs from one manufacturer to another. 

If the manufacturer is making the plexiglass in a way that it can stand against dust, pressure, sunlight, UV rays, etc. then it will be durable, and the yellow hue will not bother that particular plexiglass.

Also, good plexiglass will not become yellow before ten years of its lifetime. So, keeping all these things in mind, you can use plexiglass as you want.

Does plexiglass yellow over time?

Yes, plexiglass yellow over time. Generally, the color doesn’t change before ten years of usage. It is not mandatory that all the plexiglass or acrylic will turn yellow at the same time. The different brands make a different type of plexiglass. But it is sure to get yellow after some time.

The main reason acrylic or plexiglass becomes yellow is UV radiation. Not just plexiglass, any sort of clear or transparent plastic changes its color over time. If you expose your plastic sheet to the sun, it will change its color. 

This hue is the cause of the change in the structure of the acrylic sheet.

You can sustain the yellowing period for a longer time by using peroxide coating. But peroxide is a powerful oxidizer that can harm the upper layer of plexiglass. Other techniques are available here as well to increase the durability of plexiglass clearness.

Will plexiglass yellow in the sun?

The ultraviolet rays come with the sunlight. If you leave your acrylic or plexiglass sheet out under the sun, it is highly likely to become yellow. Some manufacturers say that their acrylic sheets can stay clear under the sun for 30 to 50 years. 

That means, acrylics may get yellow after a period under the sun.

It is a natural way of clearness decaying for plexiglasses. You may not use plexiglass for 30 to 50 years without changing it. Instead of yellowing, the plexiglass may change for dust and other things. So, in your using tenure, you may not see your plexiglasses become yellow. 

Because good brands offer a longer period of clearness.

You can use peroxide and dishwashing soap to keep your plexiglass clean. But if somehow you keep the plexiglass under the sun, it will have a yellowish hue on it over time.

Why is plexiglass yellow?

The following reasons can turn your plexiglass yellow. Stick with us to learn more about it –


Ultraviolet lights are the main reason for yellowing. It is scientifically proven that, if you put your acrylic sheets under the ultraviolet rays, they will eventually turn yellow. Generally, the UV rays come from the outer world.


Sunlight is one of the most powerful lights that come to the world. This light consists of different particles such as a photon. Instead of this, some active particles such as UVs enter with it. 

And the heat that comes with it also causes some damage to the acrylic or plexiglass sheet.


Dirt is almost everywhere. The dirt or dust particles make the acrylic sheet gloomy, and the cleanliness vanishes. 

When you try to clean the plexiglass with ammonia glass cleaner, it damages the surface more. You cannot fully avoid dirt or dust, because it is everywhere. Use a soft cloth to clean the upper surface after a period.

Ammonia Glass Cleaner:

Ammonia glass cleaner is used to clean regular glasses. It doesn’t harm regular glasses. But if you somehow use ammonia glass cleaner on the plexiglass sheets, then there will be consequences. 

If you use the glass cleaner for the first time, you may not see any sort of changes on the plexiglass sheet. But eventually, after using it for some time you will have an unclear surface.

How do you keep plexiglass from turning yellow?

The following tips will help you to keep plexiglass from turning yellow –

Keep Away from Direct Sunlight:

Sometimes the heat coming from the sunlight impacts the acrylic or plexiglass sheets. It bends the surface as plexiglass or acrylic is a kind of plastic. With overheating, plastic surfaces bend. 

Also, plastic surfaces lose their color when they are left under direct sunlight.

Clean the Plexiglass sheet with Dishwashing Soap:

Cleaning with dishwashing soap and a soft scrubber is the best way of keeping your plexiglass out of yellow hue. Use a few drops of dishwashing soap and clean it with a scrubber and rinse it well.

Avoid Ammonia Glass Cleaner:

Ammonia is not harsh for regular glasses. Generally, glass cleaners have ammonia as a cleaning agent. But when you use ammonia over the plexiglass sheet, it starts to react with the surface. It blurs the plexiglass gradually.

Frequently Rinse Your Plexiglass Sheet:

By rinsing your plexiglass sheet, you just put all the dirt particles from the plexiglass sheet. Clean them two times a day. By that, you can avoid your plexiglass turning yellow.

Scrub your plexiglass Sheet with Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is quite powerful. So, before using them, make sure you do not put too much hydrogen peroxide over the sheet. Use a little bit of it, to cover the whole plexiglass, to avoid UV radiation.

Use UV protected Plexiglass:

If you want to buy UV-protected, yellowing-proof plexiglass, they can buy it. You need to use more of your cash to have a durable and UV-protected sheet. It is recommended to buy UV-protected plexiglass.

How to get yellow out of plexiglass?

The following steps will help you to get yellow out of plexiglass –

Wet the plexiglass surface with water:

Wet the dry surface, so that you can perfectly complete the second step. Pour a good amount of water. Or use a wet cloth to cover your plexiglass surface. And it will clean the unwanted dirt or dust from the sheet.

Put some dishwashing soap on the surface:

Dishwashing soap is the best cleaning agent for plexiglass sheets. Put some drops of liquid dishwashing soap. Or use a bar of dishwashing soap and spread with a scrubber. As the surface was wet before, it will be an easy task.

Brush the surface with a soft Scrubber & make a thick lather:

Brushing the surface with a soft scrubber will make a thick lather all over the sheet. And scrub it over and over. Ensure every corner of the sheet is clean. 

Scrub the Surface fully and frequently clean the scrubber:

During scrubbing, frequently clean the scrubber, so that the scrubber stays clean. Scrub it until you feel that you have scrubbed your sheet enough.

Rinse the plexiglass with a good amount of water:

Pour or spray a good amount of water on the plexiglass. Ensure your plexiglass sheet is out of all the soap. Use a soft cotton cloth to clean the extra water from the plexiglass.

Final Thoughts

Plexiglass becomes yellow over time. If you put plexiglass under the sun or under UV rays, it will yellow faster. There are some cleaning procedures to keep your plexiglass from yellowing. Generally, plexiglass can stay clean for up to 10 to 50 years. So buy a good plexiglass sheet.