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Does Smoke Get Rid of Gnats? (Quick Answers)

Gnats are one of the painful insects. They sit in the foods, fruits and can cause stomach disturbance. They lay eggs in the house and various objects. If people can get contact with these, they go through skin allergies. So, get rid of these gnats is a must.

Smoke to get rid of gnats

Smoke can temporarily work to get rid of gnats. Actually, the reason is, gnats badly dislike the smell of smoke as it’s too powerful for them to hold. They can hardly breathe in the smoke. In fact, it’s quite difficult for them to fly in the smoky area so they try to leave the place soon.

Gnats can be easily gotten rid of with smoke. It may not be an environmentally friendly solution, but as a natural remedy procedure, it works well. Smoke can be used in combination with other fragrant components to increase its effectiveness. For instance, using sage leaves to make smoke can quickly produce a strong aroma that repels gnats.

Gnats are typically turned off by the scent of smoke gas, so this is a cheap and simple approach to attract them. Gnats can cause a lot of harm and commotion and are difficult to ride away. It is crucial to keep them at a distance because gnats typically become agitated by strong odors like smoke or other elements, and they will flee upon sensing them.

Gnats can be temporarily kept out of the house, kitchen, and garden area by using smoke, which can deflect them from their course. Some individuals use smoke bombs to get rid of gnats. Smoke bombs, which are quite successful at keeping gnats away, combine smoke and pesticide. To get rid of gnats, some people use dry pesticide smoke generator cans; these cans emit smoke and are typically used inside homes and other enclosed spaces.

In house:

Gnats can be eliminated from homes by using smoke. A well-liked and very efficient method to get rid of them is to use gnat fogger. Put any clothing into a pot or can bottle with gasoline or car rosin to start a fire before trying to get rid of gnats inside your home. Then permit the smoke to fill the space. This will drive away gnats.

In plant:

The small gnat can be removed from plant regions by creating smoke, which will drive the pests away but not the small gnat eggs. Gnats will stay away from an area when smoke is being produced. Gnats may return after that, but it will still work for a set amount of time.

In the Sink:

Gnats can be put in the sink and will also get rid of gnats. To get rid of gnats, you must make sure the smoke is producing enough smoke in the sink area, and you must place the smoke in a secure part of the sink.

In the bathroom:

Gnats are commonly detected in the bathroom regions. To get rid of them, one can use smoke to disperse them for a little time by placing some fragrant ingredients in any jar with smoke.

In soil:

Gnats are seen in the soil areas. Gnats can be managed to get rid of them in soil regions by creating smoke with the use of aromatic sage leaves or rags. The spread of gnats in soil regions can also be stopped by utilizing gnat foggers.

How to get rid of gnats with smoke?

Gnat control is a difficult process. In this situation, smoking is a cost-effective process. In order to effectively get rid of gnats, some preparation is required. Gnats are temporarily driven away by smoke. Gnats are typically found in dirty regions, such as around dustbins in the home or in moist soil in garden areas, so putting smoke in these areas will assist in getting rid of gnats.

But there is no alternative to keeping the areas clean on a daily basis to reduce the presence of gnats. Although smoking is bad for the environment, gnats are difficult to get rid of, so smoking might be helpful in this situation.

Prior to placing the smoke, choose a location: 

You must pick a secure location where gnats are most prevalent because that’s where the smoke will be turned on. These gnats typically irritate people in the kitchen and other nooks and crannies of the house. The smoke must be placed in these regions, and the door must be kept shut once the gnats have left.

Fill the kerosene smoke jar with a cloth:

Gnats can be eliminated more successfully by using a piece of cloth, scented items, and a fire to create smoke. Gnats will be scared away for a while by the smoke’s potent scent.

Add sage leaves to fire smoke:

Sage leaves can be used to make smoke, and the smoke can be used to get rid of gnats because of the pungent smell the leaves emit. The gnats in the areas where the smoke is kept distracted by the fog of smoke, which aids in gnat control.

What is the fastest way to get rid of gnats?

The homemade sprays using essential oil can be the fastest way to get rid of gnats. Essential oils are extracted from the leaves of some particular plants that are great in naturally deterring gnats, flies or bugs. There are so many essential oils like peppermint, spearmint, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, citronella, cedarwood etc. There are many antibacterial chemical compounds in those essential oils which produce an incentive smell that can actively keep gnats away.

By using some different kinds of essential oils, mixing them with water and dish soap or detergent, you can make a gnats deterrent spray. The smell will distract the gnats and send them a danger signal not to enter the area. However, another way can be using baking soda, and vinegar with dish soap and water which can help you to get rid from the gnats from a long time.

How long does smoke take to get rid of gnats?

As a natural home remedy, smoke can work pretty well. This is a really cheap and simple process to get rid of gnats faster. Though it works fast in making an effective barrier against gnats, it works for a short period of time. Gnats can’t breathe and fly because of smoke and so they don’t enter the area. Therefore, putting smoke in the gnats prone areas can actively deter gnats from the house area.

Though the smoke can be a temporary effective way to get rid of the gnats, it can work quite fast. After tickling fire in the leaves give it some time so that all the leaves catch fire well and produce smoke. Within 8 to 9 minutes, you’ll find gnats are leaving the place as they are not able to breathe and fly. Though it’s not a permanent solution, using smoke continuously for at least 2 weeks in the gnats prone area can eliminate gnats to some extent from your house area. 

What smell keeps gnats away?

There are many natural smells that can work so well to keep gnats away. Planting them in the yard is a useful way not to enter them in the house.


The strong fragrance of lavender is really helpful in deterring gnats. Both the smell of actual lavender and lavender essential oil works effectively. The reason is, the chemical compound linalool which produces the acute and distracting smell and as a result gnats leave the place. You can crush some lavender and keep them in the house or mix lavender essential oil, water and dish soap together and spray it in the gnats prone areas.


One of the active all- natural smells that can keep gnats is the smell of peppermint. The smell is quite spicy, breath mints comparable to menthol. The main ingredient of peppermint is mint that contains antibacterial properties and can become an effective barrier against gnats. Extracting oil from the peppermint leaves, you can use it mixing with lemon oil to deter gnats or just the leaves can work pretty well.


There are many active chemical properties like geraniol 28.6%, citronellol 17% and citronellal 23.7% in citronella oil that togetherly produce an incentive smell that gnats highly dislike. The smell is quite distracting and unbearable for gnats and so they try to not enter the place. Though citronella doesn’t deter gnats but it can actively work against gnats. The success rate of deterring gnats by citronella is 66%-77%. Nowadays, citronella torches and candles can be found in the market to keep mosquitoes away.

Final Thoughts

Using smoke to eliminate gnats is not an environmentally friendly solution. But it works really fast to deter gnats from the house or garden area. Gnats find the acute smell of smoke alarming for them, so they try to avoid the area. In fact, it’s quite difficult for them to breathe and fly in smoke.