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Does Steam Get Rid of Smoke Smell? (All You Need to Know)

Smoke smell is not something you want your living space to be occupied with. If your room has been filled with cigarette smell somehow, it is quite understandable that you may want it to go away.

As it is unlikely to get rid of the smoke smell on its own, you need additional effort to reduce it completely. There are lots of options you may find to be effective but not all can reduce it completely. 

If you are considering steam to get rid of the smoke smell, you are yet to explore what will happen next. Let’s explore what may happen if steam is used to remove smoke smell.

Steam to get rid of smoke smell

Steam helps get rid of the smell of smoke. In fact, steam works fine with many types of odors to reduce smells. Many find steam to be the best option to remove unwanted smells. Smells like cigarettes and many bacteria-based smells are easy to remove from walls or clothes or indoors with steam.

Bear with us and find out if steam can remove the smell of smoke from the following things –

From the house: 

House is the last place you may want to be covered with a smoke smell. As a result, it is very unlikely to not find any solution that can reduce the smell or eliminate it completely. 

If you are considering steam to be an answer to the smoke smell removal, you are on the right track. 

From clothes: 

Clothes are the primary sitting target of cigarette smoke and leave very bad odors on it. Anyone who comes near the clothes will feel the existence of a smoke smell. 

If you want to get rid of such a bad smell you can consider steam to be an effective and affordable option.

From car: 

Because of the small interior of the car and being a little spacious it is quite impossible to not feel bad odors from cigarette smoking. To eliminate all bad odors, steam cleaning is considered one of the best and cheapest options. 

In this way, you can remove the smell completely and with little more effort it will also clear any bacterial infections inside the car.

From microwave: 

While smoke is all over after a burnt recipe experiment, it is quite disturbing because the odorous after taste may leave on other dishes prepared in it. 

So it is only surprising if you do not take any initiative to remove the smoke smells immediately after a failed attempt. However, steam is yet to fail to remove smell from the microwave effectively. 

From carpet: 

The smoke has its own way to affect any surface near it and leave a very long lasting smell. As much as the odor is unwanted, it is not a very pleasant Moment when your family and guests have to experience bad odors from the carpet. 

Steam is here to help you get rid of the smell efficiently and it will also not harm your carpet at all.

From basement: 

Basements are the last place you may want smoke to take control of how it smells. As it is very important to ensure air circulation in the basement, smoke smell suggests there might be a problem in the ventilation system. 

However, to reduce bad odors, you can consider steam as it is quite successful to eliminate bad smells from many objects.

Out of walls: 

If there is cigarette smoke in an enclosed space, it is quite common that there will be a bad smell ruling in the space, especially on the surface of the walls. 

Although the smell is very acute and can last up to a long time, you don’t have to worry about removing it as there are many options to make it done easily. Steam can remove the smell of smoke out of walls.

How to get rid of smoke with steam?

Getting caught with smoke smells might not be the best reputation you may want to make in front of your parents. However, it is very unlike that the smell will go away on its own. You need caution and special steps to get rid of cigarette smoke smells.

Steam is one good option to reduce smoke smells. It is quite practical and people found it very effective in any circumstance. What is most important to consider is steam to be an effective option that, in this process you don’t need much time to eliminate odors from your room.

In the following way you can reduce smoke smells with steam.

Shut the doors and windows: 

Although this step comes after if there is smoke in your room, let’s consider shutting all doors and windows to be the first step. You must fill all holes that may allow steam to get passed. 

You may think it will concentrate more smoke odor inside the room, but you have to trust the process.

Allow steam to take control: 

Now let your room be filled with steam. Look for holes that might leak steam outside. Also, steam will fill up inside and will take control over air and walls inside the room.

Add solutions: 

Now it is up to you which solution you will use. The baking soda and vinegar mixture is a very commonly used and often regarded to be the best solution in this case; you can spray the mixture into air. 

Also, you can allow activated carbon to take control of absorbing smoke smells.

Let it rest: 

Now allow the mixture to rest for a few hours. Do not let air pass.

Open windows: 

Open all the windows and doors after a few hours. Let air circulate through the room and in this way fresh air will replace the odorous Smokey smells.

Deodorizer for cigarette smoke

Although smoking cigarettes is terrible for human health, we are not here for lecturing about that. We respect your choice and can help you get rid of cigarette smoke.

Eliminating cigarette smoke is not something that requires knowledge of rocket science. You may find several options to get the odors that cigarette smoke leaves on your body, cloth, or room. Smokes that make the most odors are secondary smokes from cigarettes.

Charcoal is found to be the most useful, in terms of removing cigarette smells from a house. Sandalwood is another popular ingredient you can use to reduce smells. Sprinkling baking soda can also help to reduce the odors.

Spraying vinegar and lemon juice mix is also very effective against cigarette smoke. In fact, it is found to be the most trusted solution to deodorize the cigarette produced odors. 

What removes smoke odor?

Smoke odors have no reputation to be liked by people. As a result it is obvious that people would prefer reducing such smell from their living space. However, it is not very difficult to eliminate such odors from the house.

You may find several options and processes that are very effective in terms of reducing smoke smell. Some of them are very popular because they are cheap and yet super effective. Let’s explore some of the options you may want to try for removing smoke odors.

Activated charcoal:

It may not sound promising but activated charcoal is the most effective solution in this list. While carbon has many successful applications in various life problems, reducing smoke smells is one of its most successful ventures. 

You need quite no labor to remove the smell with activated carbon. Just place a few charcoal inside the room, and it will absorb the odor from air.


With many other successful applications of vinegar, eliminating smoke odors is pulled off by it also with great prestige.  The operation takes no procedure other than a few simple steps.

Spray a few vinegar or lemon juice mix into the air. It is very effective to eliminate the smell from a congested space like rooms.

Baking soda:

Another home remedy for removing bad smells of cigarette smoke is baking soda. You may require lemon juice or vinegar to mix baking soda and turn it to a solution that can be sprayed into air. 

This solution is very absorbent and can reduce smell completely within a few minutes.


Yes! Steam is very effective in terms of eliminating smoke odors from indoor spaces. It will allow you to freshen up the surface of the walls and air inside. You may need a few hours for it to affect the air completely. 

Air circulation:

In terms of natural solution for reducing smoke smells, air circulation comes first. You need no extra effort other than opening all doors and windows to pass air through it. Although it will take some time, you require no hard work.

Final Thoughts

Smoke smells are not particularly preferred in any circumstances. As a result, they are constantly looking for affordable and effective options to get rid of them. Steam is found to be cheap and yet very effective against different odors and to remove them. It is used against other smells easily.