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Does Vinegar Get Rid of Gnats? (All You Need to Know)

Vinegar is an excellent home ingredient that you can use for different purposes. It can be used as the best natural repellent and cleaning material. If you know some tricks of using different vinegar versions, you will never look for other chemical-based repellents. 

You can use regular and distilled vinegar as the best repellent to eliminate your garden insects and other flies. In most cases, you need to mix vinegar and other soaps to make a trap.

Vinegar to get rid of gnats

Vinegar doesn’t get rid of gnats; instead, it will attract the gnats and make a trap to repel them and other flies. Since vinegar has a sweet smell, it will attract gnats. So, you can make a mixture of vinegar, detergent soap, or dish soap and make a repellent that will get rid of gnats.

You might be worried that vinegar is not the best or perfect gnats repellent, but you need to use this home ingredient to attract them and get them into your trap. 

I talked about the trap that can be made with detergent or any dish soap that will work to terminate and keep away gnats from your garden.

If you use regular vinegar to get rid of gnats, it will disappoint you from every angle. You should make a mixture of different ingredients and then expect to have a perfect gnats repellent. 

I will share some tips for using three different kinds of vinegar to repel the gnats from your garden. Unfortunately, you cannot use them directly; instead, you must use them separately with some other ingredients. 

Let’s see if these kinds of vinegar can get rid of gnats and other garden bugs.

White vinegar:

White vinegar can attract gnats but will not get rid of them. This ingredient will repel or deter the gnats from your garden permanently. 

Apple cider vinegar:

If you use some drops of apple cider vinegar with some dish soap, it will get rid of the gnats and other garden flies. But the apple cider vinegar will fail to terminate or repel the gnats with its natural ingredients. 

Since it has a sweet smell and taste, the gnats will get attracted to it. 

Red wine vinegar:

The red wine vinegar trap can repel or terminate the gnats and other flies from the garden since it will have both attractive and destructive components. 

If you use regular red wine vinegar, it only attracts the gnats and other flies with its sweet taste.

However, the red wine vinegar trap will repel the gnats entirely. You will make this trap by following the next sections. I will explain how you can use red wine vinegar to deter gnats and other flies. 

How to get rid of gnats fast with vinegar?

If you want to get rid of gnats fast with vinegar, you must know how to use vinegar traps and the making process. It will be easier to know all the tips and repel the gnats and other flies accordingly. 

Vinegar Trap:

You can get rid of gnats fast with vinegar if you can make a trap of it. The vinegar mixture will need extra ingredients, including soap and sugar, to attract the gnats and get them into your trap. 

You can use this trap to terminate and permanently get gnats away from your garden per will not take too much time to deter gnats from the entire garden.

You may also use the vinegar or apple cider vinegar to attract them and then use the trap to terminate them. Preparing the trap will take ten minutes, and then getting rid of the gnats quickly. Thus, you can get rid of gnats fast with vinegar traps, not only vinegar.

Attract Gnats & Terminate them:

If you try to get rid of gnats fast with vinegar, you should use a gnats repellent. Before that, you need to attract gnats with some vinegar and then spray the repellent over them to terminate them in a minute. 

In this process, your vinegar will play a crucial role in attracting them, and then you will spray it on them.

The spray should come with strong chemicals and a bitter taste that can work against gnats within a second. So that when you spray on gnats, they will not get enough time or space to leave vinegar. It will help you to get rid of gnats fast with vinegar permanently.

Use White Vinegar:

If you only want to get rid of gnats fast with vinegar, you must use white or distilled vinegar. You can make a spray using some hot or boiled water and a tablespoon of white vinegar. 

This mixture will work against the gnats and help you terminate them for a long time. 

You can apply this formula to attract and terminate gnats like the previous tips. First, use regular sweet vinegar and sugar to attract flies and gnats. Then, spray the white vinegar mixture on them to get rid of them faster than ever. 

It will be done in thirty seconds, and you will get the fastest solution to get rid of your gnats.

How long does it take to get rid of gnats with vinegar?

If you use a regular trap, it will take 24 hours to get rid of gnats with vinegar. The time may vary due to the intensity of your vinegar trap and the used ingredients. 

It will only take a few hours if you use an intense vinegar trap with strong chemicals that can terminate the gnats within a minute. So, you should take it seriously and make a perfect, workable gear trap.

Once your trap is ready, you may place it in different corners or near the gnats living place. Mainly, the detergent or dish soap will repel gnats, whereas the vinegar and sugar will only attract the gnats and other flies.

Using a regular vinegar trap might take two days or 48 hours to attract and get rid of gnats. You will find all the gnats are on your vinegar traps and fail to survive for a long time. They will leave this earth and will give you a gnats-free garden. 

You may use some repellent or chemical-based flies controller to repel them in a short time. 

Is vinegar harmful for plants?

Vinegar, at times, can be harmful for plants. Because vinegar is nonselective, it burns whatever vegetation it comes into touch with. It includes acetic acid, which terminates living beings by destroying their cell membranes. 

Except for acid-loving plants like hydrangeas and azaleas, your plants will eventually pass away. 

You cannot apply excessive amounts of vinegar over a lengthy time. Spraying any vinegar-containing solution directly on the stems and leaves of your plants should be done with caution because it will remove the protective layer from them.

“5” Ways to get rid of gnats

In order to get rid of gnats, you can take help of the measures below; 

Fly Paper:

There is no more reliable or satisfying solution than fly paper, which traps flying insects on its sticky surface. Window fly paper will cover an open window in an adhesive sheet, or you can hang “ribbon fly paper” from gnat-prone spots in your home.

Bug Zapper:

A bug zapper is usually a good choice, even though it works best with larger insects (like mosquitoes). Several modern brands and styles are suitable for indoor use. 

These silent devices should capture the majority of gnats and flies in your home, and the most significant part is that you won’t have to do anything to make it happen.

Boiling Water:

Gnats frequently lay their eggs in kitchen sink drains, especially in garbage disposals. They adore the warm, humid surroundings and any food or bacterial buildup. Pour boiling water into the sink to destroy any eggs that may be stuck there.

Bleach Solution:

Drain flies might be to blame if you’ve seen gnats gathering around your sink drains in your home. Bleach is the most effective treatment for drain flies. 

After taking all necessary precautions to protect your lungs and yourself, dilute one and a half cups of bleach with around one gallon of water before pouring it down the afflicted drain.


The classic apple cider vinegar solution using sugar and dish soap is one of the most effective ways to eliminate gnats. The sugary concoction will draw gnats in, but once they dive in for a drink, the tacky dish soap will catch them. 

Place the bowl containing the solution where you’ve seen the most gnats, then watch the effects.

Final Thoughts

Vinegar has no chemicals, strong smell, or taste to repel gnats, but the vinegar trap can eliminate gnats. It will have soap, white vinegar, and some sugar to attract the gnats first. Then, it will work against them and terminate them for a long time. That’s how you can repel gnats.