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21 Amazing Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Hacks For Organized Kitchen

If you are looking for a cheap and effective way to organize your kitchen, you should pay a visit to your local dollar store.

Organizing is one of my favorite things to do, whether it is my kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. I’ve been spending quite a time on this, and I’m not sure if I will ever get tired of this.

These 21 dollar store hacks will make your kitchen more organized than before. These will save you enough money as well as your kitchen will look neat and clean than ever.

Amazing Dollar Store Organization Ideas for Kitchen You Can Use

1. Store your spices in the spice cupboard

You will probably find a set of 30 to 35 jars, which will only cost you one dollar. There is no need to spend 10 to 20 dollars just to purchase a few jars.

These transparent jars will organize all of the spices you have. You can label them as well.

2. Store your spoons and forks in the DIY tins

You will find DIY tins and various shapes. Use these to store your spoons and forks. You can use them for other purposes as well.

3. Purchase a chest figure organizer

You will find different chest figure organizers for your refrigerator. These organizers will help you to keep all the items separately.

I’ve been using them for years and can’t get enough of them.

4. Store all of the bakeware in a dollar store basket

You will find different sized baskets. You can use them to store your bakeware. Bakeware usually takes a lot of space when they are put casually in the kitchen cabinet.

Use a basket and put it in one corner of your countertop.

5. Hang a few plastic baskets on the wall of your kitchen

You will find plastic baskets that are very small in size in the dollar store. You can hang these in the corner of your kitchen wall.

You can store spices, herbs, etc. on these plastic baskets.

6. Keep the lids near your reach with the Tupperware lid storage

I always lose the lids of my pans and bowls. After purchasing the Tupperware lid storage, I never suffer from lost lids anymore.

There are usually 12-14 sections in one Tupperware lid storage. It should be enough to hold all of the lids.

7. Place a Tupperware storage on one corner of the kitchen

You can use it to store your dishes. I use two Tupperware storage – one for the plates and another one for all the glass utensils.

8. Place a sliding kitchen drawer

If you don’t want your plates to be shown from outside, you can use a sliding kitchen drawer. These will fit properly in your kitchen cabinet.

9. Don’t miss out the roll organizer

Keep this roll organizer in your kitchen to place the foil papers and tissue papers.

It comes in great help because I have a tough time organizing my foil papers. The roll organizer will let you have them in front of your eyes.

10. Under the sink organizers to store the towels and cleaning products

Make a space underneath your kitchen sink so that you can place the sink organizer here.

They have separate sections that will let you organize different items.

11. Hang your brooms and mops in the zip ties

You should find a corner of the kitchen wall to hang the brooms and mops.

The zip ties that I have worked great. I have 3 of them in one corner of my kitchen.

12. Place a sponge holder in your sink

Purchase a sponge holder and place it in the corner of your sink. It is quite normal to lose sponges.

I find it annoying when I need to open another cabinet to find a sponge while cleaning. It is always a good idea to use a sponge holder.

13. Organizer your water bottles in the Water Bottle Rack

You will find a water bottle rack in any local dollar store. These water bottle racks usually have 7-8 sections.

I have two of them. I keep one in my dining area and another in my kitchen to store the bottles.

14. Store the wine bottles in a wire basket

The top cabinets are quite hard to reach. As a result, I use my top cabinets to store all the old wine bottles in wire baskets.

I have a few wire baskets I purchased from the dollar store, and I love them.

15. Purchase a packet organizer to put it in the cabinets

Use a packet organizer that will help you to organizer all the packaged food items in the cabinet.

I’ve one cabinet which I have separately made for my nephew and nieces. It helps them to find their favorite snacks anytime when they visit me.

16. Get a few transparent pantry labels

You will find pantry labels that are already printed. You will be able to use them as stickers in your jars.

I don’t print any of the labels; rather, I bought 10-12 labels from the dollar store to label my pantry.

17. Hang your coffee sashes in the clip racks

You can hang your coffee sashes in a dollar store clip rack. These clip racks will help you to store packaged foods as well.

18. Purchase a plastic cutlery tray

You will find cutlery trays made of plastic in the dollar store. You can keep them in any of your kitchen cabinets.

19. Store your spatulas and whiskers in the kitchen utensils organizer

I have 4 of these, and I never need to spend a single minute to find my whisker or tong.

Keep the utensils organizer in the corner of your kitchen, where you will be able to reach them.

20. Purchase a few dollar store bins

You can use these bins anyway you want to. I use some of these beans to store food items.

I use other ones to store canned foods. There is no alternative to these dollar store bins, and you must have these.

21. Place two hooks in your kitchen cabinet to store the oven mitts

I used to lose my oven mitts all the time. What is the point of having oven mitts if you can’t find them at the right time?

Place the oven mitts in the corner of your kitchen cabinet door.

These are a few of the dollar store organization hacks that I have been using for a while. I can never stop myself from purchasing almost everything whenever I visit my nearby local dollar store.

I’m sure you have purchased a lot of things from dollar stores, but you should give these a try as well. These dollar store hacks will make your kitchen more organized than before.

Let me know if you find something more interesting so that I can purchase that in the future as well.