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25 Dollar Store Organization Hacks for Home That Will Save Money

It can be really hard to keep your home organized and clutter-free when you have so many other responsibilities.

Shape your house in such a way that organizing and cleaning don’t become your full-time job on the weekends.

I used to go all crazy with my messy house, and I couldn’t be satisfied no matter what I did. That’s when I decided to go to my nearby local dollar store to purchase as many organizers as I can.

The good news is, I got a few ideas from the dollar store that I implemented myself by DIY projects. If you have a limited budget to organize your house, a dollar store is an ultimate destination for you.

Let’s see what these dollar store organization hacks for home are that will save your money as well as energy.

Dollar Store Organization Hacks for Bedroom and Closet

1. Keep a dollar store basket for your laundry in one corner of your bedroom

Don’t keep those dirty laundries here and there. Get a small dollar store basket and keep it in the corner of your room.

You can also place it inside your closet if you have enough space.

2. Take full advantage of those dollar store acrylic containers

You will find mini acrylic containers that will hold your clips, safety pins, nail polishes, easily. Purchase a few so that you can organize these little things and make your dressing area clutter-free.

3. Place a few baskets in your closet

Closets can be quite hard to keep organized if you are a messy person like me. I changed my habit by placing a few baskets in my closet.

I keep my regular shirts and tops in one basket, whereas keeping all my jeans and formal pants in another one.

4. Don’t forget to get that beautiful plastic organizer to store your lipsticks

I am quite sure that you already have this on in your dressing table or closet. However, if you do not have one, it is time to go to the dollar store and purchase one.

These are available in different sizes as well, with many compartments.

5. Purchase magazine holders and mount them in the corner of your room

I have a few magazine holders that I use as shelves. If you don’t want to devote too much to make cabinets or shelves, it is the ultimate solution for you to store items.

6. Use metal spice racks as your nail polish organizer

Can’t find a proper place to store your nail polishes? Get a metal spice rack from the dollar store and use it to store all of your beautiful nail polishes.

7. Get a magnetic pen and utensils holder

I was so surprised to see that such products actually exist. I have purchased one, and I keep it in the corner of my fridge.

I keep a few pens and mini note pads there.

8. Get a few command hooks and install them in your closet

There is no alternative to using command hooks. You can attach a few of them inside your closet. You can hang your scarves, belts, and shirts in the hooks.

Dollar Store Organization Hacks for Kitchen

9. Get a few plastic containers for your kitchen

You can buy a few plastic containers of different sizes for your kitchen cabinets. When you place them in the cabinets, you will be able to store your spoons, spatulas, etc. separately.

10. Don’t forget about that beautiful spice rack

You will find spice racks in almost every dollar store. Purchase at least two spice racks, which should be enough to store all of your spices and herbs.

11. Hang wire baskets in the kitchen to store fresh fruits

You will find cheap wire baskets in the dollar store. Purchase one or two and use it to store the fresh fruits.

12. How about getting a paper towel holder?

It can be quite annoying to open your cabinet every time you need a piece of paper towel. That is why I purchased a paper towel holder from the dollar store.

It saves me a lot of time, and the holder can be used in versatile ways.

13. Install a pan organizer in your kitchen wall

I will always recommend you not to store your pans in the kitchen cabinets. Pans can take a lot of space in the kitchen cabinets because of their weird structure, I must say.

That is why. Install a pan organizer or rack in the wall where you can easily store them.

14. Place a few small dollar store baskets in your freezer

It is completely okay to be overwhelmed when you see your messy freezer with all the packaged items, vegetables, and meet.

You can purchase a few small plastic baskets and keep them in the freezer to hold each type of item separately.

15. Keep your kitchen cleaning products underneath the sink in a TRAY

You will find such trays in the dollar store. They have separate compartments to store sponges, cleaning products like dish soap and detergent, brushes and sprays.

You will no longer need to spend another extra minute to find these items.

16. Get another magazine holder to store cutting boards

Another thing that you should never store in your cabinet is a cutting board. Cutting boards can also take a significant amount of space in your kitchen cabinet.

Instead, install a magazine holder in the back of your cabinet and use it to hold the cutting boards.

17. Use mason jars to store salt and sugar and DO NOT FORGET to label them

I love those mason jars that can always be seen in the dollar stores. I have purchased a few to store salt, paper, sugar, etc.

I also label them with the cute labels that my kid made for me with paper and markers.

Dollar Store Organization Hacks for Bathroom

18. Get a toothbrush organizer already!

It is high time you get a toothbrush organizer if you don’t have one. I got a toothbrush organizer that costs only 1 dollar from the dollar store.

The organizer is quite simple and has separate sections to store toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss.

19. Place a few dollar store baskets in the bathroom cabinets

You will be happy when you open the bathroom cabinets seeing all the items organized. So, how to do that?

Purchase a few dollar store baskets and place them in the bathroom cabinets. You can store your mouthwash, combs, floss, lens holder, etc.

20. Make full use of the space beneath your sink of the bathroom

I am sure that there is plenty of space underneath the sink of your bathroom. You can purchase a few plastic containers and store items in these.

For example, you can keep your lotions, shaving items, extra soaps and bath bombs, etc.

21. Hang a wire basket in your bathroom to store hair styling tools

Don’t make a mess at your countertop with all of your hair styling tools. Also, when you store them in the bathroom cabinets, they usually take a lot of space.

22. Mount two wicker baskets vertically in the bathroom wall to store towels

You will find cheap wicker baskets in the dollar store. Purchase a big one and a small one to mount in your bathroom walls.

Store the regular towels in the bigger one. And keep the new ones in the smaller basket.

23. Get a laundry basket and hang it with command hooks near your shower area

You can use these mini laundry baskets to store your shampoos, lotions, and conditioners. That is how you will not need to reach out to the cabinet to get your necessary items while getting a shower.

24. Stack extra toilet paper rolls in a magazine holder

Magazine holders, aren’t they a fascination? Well, you can use them to keep a few extra toilet paper rolls in your bathroom, just in case you need them.

25. Decorate your bathroom with the beautiful mason jars

You can keep cotton buds, cotton swabs, and extra pieces of cotton in the mason jars. They look beautiful in my bathroom countertop, as well as keep these items organized.

It has become a bad habit mine to go to dollar stores whenever I can. The items are so cheap and handy; you will never regret a single thing you buy from there.

I usually don’t have that much time to make DIY organizers and other things. As a result, dollar stores are the ultimate best option for me.

Let me know if any of these hacks helped you.