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25 Genius Dollar Store Organization Hacks that Will Blow Your Mind

You will be surprised to know how much you can be benefited in terms of organizing your house by visiting a dollar store.

I used to purchase organizing tools from online and other superstores, but they used to cost me a fortune. On the other hand, you can buy hundreds of different things with a little amount of money.

I always find myself visiting the dollar store at least once a month because I literally love the place. The DIY projects, the handcrafts, recycled products come in very handy more than you realize.

I have purchased a lot of different products from my local dollar store, which enabled me to organize my house. It looks way more ordered and flawless than before.

I am really happy that I finally get to share these amazing hacks with you.

25 Genius Dollar Store Organization Hacks

1. Make a DIY bathroom towel storage with dollar store baskets

You can purchase a few dollar store baskets and hang them in your bathroom wall vertically. The baskets are strong enough to hold your towels.

You can use two baskets, one for smaller towels and another one for bigger towels.

2. Purchase a mesh file box and attach it in the cabinet of your bathroom

You will find mesh file boxes in your local dollar store of different sizes. Attach it in the cabinet.

You will no longer need to make a mess in your countertop with the straightener, hairdryer, or curler. Keep these in the file box after using it.

3. Purchase a few bottle holders made from suction cups

These DIY bottle holders come in great use to hold shampoos, conditioners, cleansers. These are simply made with rubber bands and suction cups. You will find these in the dollar store.

4. Put plastic baskets in bathroom drawers to separate items

I’m sure you always see small plastic baskets in the dollar store. You can use them to organize your makeup kits and toiletries.

Place them in the drawers of your bathroom cabinet. It will help you to make separate sections for separate items.

5. Hang a few hooks in your bathroom to hang items

You will find hundreds of different sorts of hooks in the dollar store. Purchase as much as you can as they come in great use.

You can hang your facewash, cleanser, towel, washer, etc. in with the hooks.

6. Store floss and Q-tips in the pallet wood bathroom organizer

Can’t find your floss and Q-tips? Well, I face this situation every other day. I found a beautiful pallet wood bathroom organize with glass jars and decided to buy it.

I store my floss, cotton buds, and Q-tips there. It looks beautiful as well as is very handy.

7. Bring some glamour to your bathroom

There are many products in the dollar store that will help you to bring glamour to your bathroom. I have found a few beautiful glass decanters, and I keep them on my countertop.

You can fill it with mouthwash or any other product as well.

8. Purchase a toothbrush organizer with only one dollar

You will find different types of toothbrush organizer in the dollar store. Recently, I have purchased one for my bathroom.

It has 4 separate sections to store toothbrushes. There is another section for keeping toothpaste.

9. Use transparent glass jars to store food items

I have recently purchased three more jars to store cocoa powder, almond flour, and nuts. I also have a paint pen. I use it to label the glass jars, which look beautiful at the end.

10. Make full use of the space under your sink

I use the under sink organization I got from the dollar store. It has three separate sections. I store the sponge, powder, liquid soap, etc. in it.

You can also keep a few small kitchen utensils in it.

11. Organize your kitchen drawers with small baskets

You can purchase a similar type of baskets that I have mentioned before to organize your bathroom drawers.

I use the same baskets, but the size is a bit larger in this case. It easily holds a few bowls and kitchen utensils.

12. Mount a towel bar in the cabinet to hang the pans

Storing those pans can be quite annoying because of their sizes. You can mount a towel bar at a corner of your cabinet or kitchen wall to store these pans.

13. Install a wire holder in your cabinet door to store cutting boards

You can find many wire holders in the dollar store. Purchase one and install it in the kitchen cabinet.

These wire holders will work perfectly to store the cutting boards.

14. Use small baskets to store items in your freezer

When you use small baskets in the freezer, your food items will never get cluttered. Also, it will support you to make the proper use of the space in your freezer.

Keep a few baskets to store the glass containers so that these are out of reach from your child.

15. Use a cake stand to keep the regular kitchen cleaning products

I have purchased a cake stand with only one dollar, and I keep it beside my sink.

There are a sponge and two liquid soap that I need every day to clean dishes. It looks cute as well as is very convenient.

16. Purchase a DIY Mason jar organizers

You will find these mason jar organizers in the dollar store along with other stores. Pick a few colorful ones and add labels.

I use these mason jars to store my whisks, spatulas, and tongs.

17. Purchase dollar store containers to store tea bags and coffee sachets

I have been using these containers for a long time. I keep four containers in one of the drawers of my kitchen.

I store tea bags, coffee sachets, candies, and sugar in it.

18. Keep your measuring spoons and cups organized by attaching hooks in the cabinets

You will find a few hooks that are specially made to hang the measuring spoons and cups in your kitchen cabinets.

These also come with stickers with labels like 1 teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, etc. You can stick them in the cabinet.

19. Purchase a few magazine holders to organize your pantry

It can be quite a hassle to organize canned foods and jars. I use magazine holders for this purpose.

The magazine holders fit the canned foods perfectly and come if great use.

20. Make a jewelry holder with a wire rack

There are different sizes of wire racks available in the dollar store. I have two small wire racks that I have attached in my closet.

I use one of these to hang my bracelets and another one for my rubber bands.

21. Get an earring organizer

It is a must if you are an earring lover like me. I have a beautiful collection of earrings, and I keep these in my earring organizer.

I have three in total that I purchased from the dollar store. Each one has 10-12 sections.

22. Install a DIY sunglass holder in your closet

If you have a lot of sunglasses like me, you need this DIY sunglass holder. I purchased one from the dollar store.

It can hold 9 sunglasses and also comes with a mirror.

23. Use a shoe organizer to store brushes and makeup products

You can easily organize all of your makeup items with shoe organizers. Hang the organizer on the door of your bathroom.

You can keep any item o toiletries in it.

24. Install a few command hooks in your closet to store hair tools

I have installed three command hooks on the right door of my closet. I use them to store my hairdryer, straightener, and curler.

I also keep them in the mesh file box in my bathroom often. It depends on my mood.

25. Organize your jewelry using the glass jars from the dollar store

I have recently found a few glass jars with DIY labels. I keep my pendants, bracelets, other jewelry items in the glass jars.

The great thing is, they come with these cute labels that can’t be ignored.


These dollar store hacks have changed the entire look of my house. I no longer have a cluttered area in my house.

Also, I feel great whenever I can come up with a new idea regarding organizing my house. You can follow these ideas and implement them for your home as well.

I’m sure all of these organizing hacks will come in great use of you.