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10+ Back to School Organization Ideas

You need to stay calm and organized during your kid’s entire school year. If you have a kid and they go to school, you should know how many things you need to cover at a time.

Every day there are morning routines, preparing breakfast and lunch, buying all the crafts and supplies your kid is required to have, and so on. The list, unfortunately, never ends.

Luckily, I have a few backs to school organization ideas for you and your kid. It will help you to be organized every single day of the year.

Also, it will keep you from getting frustrated with so much going around. Let’s see what these back to school organization ideas are.

10+ Back to School Organization Ideas

1. Make a snack basket to store after school snacks 

It is not always possible to prepare snacks after your kid comes home from school. Also, if you work outside, that is impossible.

I keep my kid’s favorite cereal, biscuits in the basket so that he can grab anything anytime.

That is why get a few ziplock bags and store after school snacks. Your kid can easily grab something after they come back from school.

2. Keep your kid’s clothes organized for one week in a separate cabinet 

 Make a separate cabinet for your kid and keep all the clothes he/she will wear for the whole week.

Keep 5 sets of clothes in the cabinet and let them decide which one they will wear on what day. That is how you will not waste any time finding clothes every morning.

3. Make a file to store your kid’s school paperwork 

 Don’t let your kid make a mess on the table with all the paperwork. Let them organize the papers subject wise in a file.

Help them for the first few days and encourage them to do it from later on. Also, you can store the paperwork based on years as your kid grows up.

That is how your house will not become cluttered with papers. Also, your kid will find the papers easily.

4. Hang a to-do-list board in your kid’s room 

Teach your kid to be organized from their early childhood. Hang a to-do-list board in your kid’s room.

Teach them to write down their everyday to-do list on the board you have made for them. As a result, they will do their homework regularly and won’t ever miss a task.

5. Prepare dinner beforehand 

I always make dinner beforehand. As a result, it helps me to save a lot of time. I will also recommend you not to hurry for preparing dinner on Sundays because it eventually makes you call for takeout.

Instead, prepare dinner beforehand to keep your family healthy as well as save time. You can also make sandwiches and keep them in a ziplock bag in your refrigerator.

That is how you will not need to prepare food every day. It will help you a lot if you work outside.

6. Use sticky notes 

 Do you remember the old days at school when we used to be fascinated with sticky notes? Well, don’t change the habit and be more organized with sticky notes.

Use sticky notes to keep you reminded of the little tasks you need to complete. Keep these sticky notes somewhere you will be able to see easily.

You can place these sticky notes in the refrigerator or in front of the table as well. I always keep a few sticky notes in my bedroom because I tend to forget things very easily.

7. Purchase a small bag to store your kid’s every day go-to craft supplies 

If your kid tends to lose crafting items, you can help them with a small bag. Store the colorful pens, sticky notes, erasers, markers, and pencils in the bag.

As a result, they will be able to take the small bag with them in school and find everything in one bag.

You can follow this hack for yourself as well. Keep your pens, notepad, pencils, in a small bag and carry it with you in your handbag.

8. Hang your kid’s backpacks and coats with hooks in the wall 

Not finding enough space to store your kid’s backpacks? You can use that empty wall in your kid’s room to hang the backpacks and coats.

Simply, install a few hooks and hang the items.

9. Make a homework station for your kid 

How about making a homework station? Keep the pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and scales on the table.

Write a quote that will inspire your kid and place it in a frame. You can also use small containers to store paper clips and binder clips in the area.

Also, keep a file folder where your kid will be able to store their paperwork.

10. Get a school supplier organizer 

I have recently purchased a small shelf that is made of plastic. It has six drawers in total. I have kept each drawer to store specific items.

So, I store the colored pencils, crayons, acrylic paints, glues, paperwork, and old items in the six drawers.

It helps me so much to keep my kid’s things organized. You can find such shelves online or your nearby superstore.

11. Hang an over the door organizer to store crafts 

If your kid loves art and crafts, this is a must for you. I use hanging shoe racks to store my kid’s art and craft supplies.

I have purchased one and hung in the backside door of my kid’s room. I keep different kinds of items in the over the door organizer.

You can keep it in your kid’s closet as well if there is enough space.

These are the 10+ back to school organization ideas that I have come across so far. I am sure that if you have a kid, these hacks will help you in one way or another.

It can be quite overwhelming to manage so many things at a time. I will suggest you take one step at a time.

Let me know if you like these ideas and suggestions to me if something pops into your mind.