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23 Easy and Effective Bathroom Smell Hacks to Apply Today

Who doesn’t love to get a nice and fresh smell from their bathroom? Well, it is not always possible, sometimes because of the lack of proper ventilation and frequent use.

It is also quite annoying to spray air freshener every time you leave the bathroom. Fortunately, I have a few hacks that will help you to keep your bathroom fresh and will provide a nice smell.

You can apply these easy and effective bathroom smell hacks from today. See the difference yourself.

23 Easy and Effective Bathroom Smell Hacks

1. Make sure there is appropriate ventilation in your bathroom

There is no alternative to ventilation when it comes to bathrooms. There will be no odor when you let in the fresh air in the bathroom.

2. Place baking soda and vinegar in a piece of bowl

Take a piece of the bowl and place baking soda and vinegar. You can also add some essential oil as well. This mixture will help to absorb the odor coming from the bathroom.

3. Clean your trash can every other day

It is a good practice to clean your bathroom trash every other day. If you let it stay for more than 2-3 days, the odor will come out of it automatically.

4. Get a scented trash bag from Walmart

If the major reason of odor is that trash can of your bathroom, it is time to get rid of it. You can purchase a scented trash bag which you will find in your nearby Walmart.

5. Keep a scented candle in the countertop of your bathroom

I love scented candles, and I at least have 15 of them. I keep a few scented candles in my bathroom, which provides a nice ambiance and smell in my bathroom. Also, these are quite cheap.

6. Pour some fabric softener in the toilet tank

Pour a generous amount of fabric softener in your toilet tank. As a result, when you will flush the toilet every time, it will remove the bad odor from the toilet.

7. Fill a mason jar with cotton balls soaked in essential oil

If you want an inexpensive air freshener, it is the ultimate solution. Soak a few small cotton balls in your favorite essential oil. Place them in a mason jar and keep the jar in your bathroom.

8. Add a few droplets of essential oil in the bin

If your bin smells bad, you can try adding a few drops of essential oil every day in the bin. That is how it will cut off the bad smell, and you will get a nice and soothing smell.

9. Spray your favorite perfume in the cardboard part of your toilet paper

I find this hack quite effective. I have an old perfume which I don’t use that much nowadays. I have sprayed a small amount in the toilet roll, and my bathroom always smells good.

10. Give your bathroom a natural ambiance by placing fresh mint in the showerhead

To do this, you will need some fresh mint. Hang it with the help of a rubber band in the showerhead. You will get a minty smell while you shower.

11. Place an almost finished toothpaste tube in the toilet tank

When you place a toothpaste tube in the toilet tank, it will provide a fresh smell every time you flush the toilet. It is okay to use almost finished toothpaste tubes.

12. Keep the bathroom rags dry by applying baking soda

Sometimes, the damp rags might be the sole reason for the odor. Sprinkle a substantial amount of baking soda in the rags that will absorb the bad smell and make the rags dry.

13. Kill bacteria from your basin with rubbing alcohol

The drain of your bathroom basin might be another cause of the bad smell. To solve this, pour a good amount of rubbing alcohol into the drain. It will kill bacteria and remove odor.

14. Clean the toilet brush and add essential oil

It is crucial to clean the toilet brushes once in a while. After cleaning the brush, add a few drops of essential oil in the brush to add a nice smell.

15. Pour some dish soap in the toilet bowl before guests arrive

If you have a party in your house, you can pour some dawn dish soap in the toilet bowl. It has a soothing fragrance that will make your bathroom smell nice.

16. Pour orange juice in the toilet tank

Sounds weird, right? Well, it’s effective. Cut a fresh orange in half and squash out the juice from it. Now pour it in the toilet tank. It will also keep your toilet bowl rust free and clean.

17. Make a DIY pomander ball

You will need orange and a few cloves. Stick the cloves in the orange and keep it in your bathroom. It will absorb the bad smell from your bathroom.

18. Keep a few camphor balls in the trash can and the cabinets of your bathroom

It is a classic method of getting rid of bad smell. It will also prevent different kinds of insects from coming into your bathroom.

19. Pour a generous amount of Fabuloso in the toilet tank

You can also use Fabuloso to get rid of the bad smell. You will need to pour a good amount of Fabuloso in the toilet tank of your bathroom.

20. A different smell hack using coffee beans and candles

Make your own scented candle by place coffee beans in a bowl. Place tealight candle there, and whenever you light up the candle, your bathroom will smell like coffee.

21. Pour a few drops of essential oil in the window sheets

It is a great smell hack because when you let fresh air enter your bathroom, you will be able to enjoy the fresh air with a nice fragrance. You can apply some in your bathtub too.

22. Don’t make a mess with your dirty laundry in the bathroom

Make a habit of keeping your dirty laundry basket in the laundry room rather than your bathroom. As your bathroom is an enclosed room, dirty laundry can provide bad odor.

23. Sanitize the toilet brush with rubbing alcohol and baking soda

Place a generous amount of rubbing alcohol in the toilet brush holder. Then, sprinkle some baking soda. Rubbing alcohol will help to kill the bacteria. On the other hand, baking soda will absorb odor.

These are my 23 bathroom smell hacks. The best thing that I love about these hacks is that these are so easy that you can apply any of these today, right now.

I will suggest you follow the ones you feel comfortable with. Let me know what you think regarding this blog.