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16 Desk Organization Hacks To Increase Your Productivity

I can never work efficiently when my office desk is all messy and uncleaned. Keeping everything organized in my office, desks have made me more productive than before.

Managing hundreds of files every day has made me go through and research all the possible organization hacks. My partner has suggested a few of these which he has been following for years.

You will be surprised to know how a few office organization hacks can make you more efficient and productive towards your work. I have 16 desk organization hacks for you.

Also, I use a few of them for the workspace at my house. Let’s see what these 16 desk organization hacks are.

1. Make a To-Do List

The first thing I do once I go to my office is to make a to-do list. Once you make your to-do list, you will have a proper scenario of the things you will need to do in the next few hours.

The to-do list helps me to divide my work based on time. I always keep a fixed time for a specific task.

2. Get a pencil holder

Sounds quite simple, right? Yes, it is simple and quite efficient as well. You will never lose your pen or pencil again while taking notes, ever again.

Keep the pencil holder on one corner of your desk. It will help you to reach out to the pens and pencils whenever you need them.

3. Purchase a desk corner organizer

You will find different types of desk corner organizers online or office supplies stores.

My desk corner organizer helps me to keep my stapler, calculator, papers, all necessary things in one place.

As a result, I don’t need to spend any time looking for these.

4. Label your chords with tapes

Among the hundreds of things going on at the office, it is quite normal to lose the chords.

I label my chords so that I don’t face any such problems.

5. Don’t forget to make a bulletin board

I made my own bulletin board where I keep my to-do list, a few pictures of my family members, upcoming events, etc.

You will never forget anything if you keep your bulletin board updated.

6. Use sticky notes to be more efficient and productive

Who doesn’t use sticky notes? Well, I have been using them since I was in my school.

Using sticky notes helps me to stay organized in my workplace, and I never mess up the important papers.

7. Place a paper holder in one corner of your desk

I have two paper holders on my desk, and I love them. I was thinking about purchasing another as I need to work with a lot of papers at a time.

These paper holders are big enough to hold a huge number of papers. It will surely make you more efficient and organized.

8. Get a multi-pocket wall organizer

I use two multi-pocket wall organizers – one for my office and another for my workspace at my home.

This cute little organizer helps me to place the little things that I lose easily. I keep my stapler pins, eraser, sticky notes, etc. in the organizer.

9. Place a mini drawer in your office desk

You can also use a mini drawer organizer to keep the little things organized. These mini drawers come with a label so that you know what you have stored in which drawer.

10. Keep a cardholder in the desk

Well, I get a lot of business cards from my clients, and I need to store them properly.

I keep two cardholders in my desk – one for my clients and another for my colleagues and other employees.

11. Don’t forget to keep a small calendar in your desk

Most of us don’t use calendars anymore. Because all of us have one in our phone.

I prefer to use a calendar because I write down the upcoming events on my calendar. You can also use the reminder on your phone if you don’t want to keep a calendar on your desk.

12. Purchase a few divider trays and place them in your drawer

I love the divider trays that I have purchased recently. It enabled me to keep my things organized in separate sections.

I never like to see any mess when I open my drawer to look for a particular item. That is why these divider trays come in great help for me.

13. Store old files in the transparent plastic boxes

You might need a lot of paper works that is old. I store these papers and files in transparent plastic boxes.

I use separate boxes based on different categories.

14. Use paper tray organizers to deal with daily paper works

I love it because it helps me to deal with a lot of paper at a time. As I know what kind of papers I will be dealing with regularly, I label my tray organizers.

As a result, my papers are always in the right place.

15. Use a hanging memo board

I love all the memos that I hang on one side of the desk. You can also use these to hang pictures of your family.

My memo board is filled with inspirational quotes and pictures that help me to keep motivated all day long.

16. Get a Dollar Tree office supply organizer

If you are looking for something cheap to make your desk organized, a Dollar Tree office supply organizer is the answer.

It will help you to keep all those little things in the right place, and you will never lose anything.

These are all the desk organization hacks that I’ve been using for months. I realized over time, how greatly these hacks had increased my efficiency and time management in the office.

Also, finding things at the right moment is crucial when you work in a dynamic environment. I would love to know more office desk organization hacks.

Let me know if any of these hacks have helped you; I am quite sure it will do!