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22 Astonishing Dusting Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

I can understand why your least favorite cleaning task is dusting your house. I have been there, and I know how messy your house can get when you start dusting.

Unfortunately, if you are allergenic towards dust, it can be quite a hard task for you. I have a few effective dusting hacks that will probably make your life a lot easier when you start dusting your house.

An important fact before going to the dusting hacks is that you should regularly clean your house. That is how you will never have a pile of dust on your shelves or countertops.

As a result, your dusting process will be a lot easier. Without further ado, let’s see what a few dusting hacks to make your life easier are.

22 Dusting Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

1. The most important hack – Always start dusting from the ceiling of your room

Why? Because if you start dusting from the floor, the dust from the ceiling will fall and you will need to come back again.

That is why make sure you are dusting from the top.

2. Use a microfiber cloth to dust your house, if possible

Microfiber cloths are great in terms of attracting dust and keeping them in the right place.

If you use regular cloths, dust will be flying away, and unfortunately, your furniture will be dusty no matter how much you clean.

3. How about you purchase a dust mop slipper?

Yes, there are dust mop slippers available in many superstores. These dust mop slippers will remove all the dust while you walk and clean. You will not need to sweep or mop your house when you are busy.

4. Always use a lint roller to remove dust from the lampshades and sofa

I have been using lint rollers to remove dust from my sofa, and it works like magic. You will no longer complain about those tiny little corners filled with dust.

5. Use a pillowcase to remove dust from your ceiling fan

You can try using a simple pillowcase to remove all the dust from your ceiling fan. When you use the pillowcase, it will make sure that no dust falls below and make a complete mess.

After collecting the dust, throw away the pillowcase in the washing machine.

6. Carefully get rid of the dust from your exhaust fan with a vacuum cleaner

You will no longer be covered with dust and dirt while cleaning your exhaust fans. Take the vacuum cleaner and use that brush head to get rid of all the dust.

7. Be innovative when it comes to clean blind dust

I usually use a piece of tong and microfiber cloth to clean the blind dust. What you will need to do is to tie a microfiber cloth with the tong. It will help to make your cleaning process easier.

8. Don’t forget to change the air filter of your house once every month

If you want to keep your house dust-free and clean, you must not forget to change the air filters of your house.

I do it once every month, which is enough to keep my house dust-free.

9. A simple hack – Make sure to vacuum your house regularly

When it comes to dusting hacks, you can keep your house dust-free by following classic rules of cleaning. Simply vacuum your house regularly to keep it dust-free.

10. Stop using that feather duster

Yes, it is time to throw away that feather duster. I never understood why people love to use these feather dusters.

These only make dusting more messier. That is why it is always better to use microfiber cloths.

11. Bathe and groom your pets regularly

If you have a dog or a cat, it is quite obvious that you will have their body hair all over your house. That is why it is important to give them a proper bath regularly.

Make sure to clean their feet after visiting the park.

12. Get rid off dust from your window screens with a lint roller

It can be really hard and annoying to clean window screens. Get a lint roller and use it to get rid of the trapped dust from the window screens.

13. Remove dust from the bulbs at least once a month

Have a look at your bulb right now. I am sure that there is a pile of dust on it. Make sure to clean them once a month with a microfiber cloth carefully.

14. Get your tiny makeup brush to clean your computer keyboard

It is quite hard to clean the dust from the keyboards. You can use tiny makeup brushes that will reach out easily on the keyboard.

You can use the brushes to clean dust from other small detailed furniture as well.

15. Purchase a dry spin mop if you don’t have one already

These dry spin mops will help you to clean all the dust from your baseboards. It can be quite tough to sit and clean around the baseboard.

That is when you will love the dry spin mops.

16. Get rid of dust from the dashboard of your car with coffee filters

It is not possible to reach the corners of the dashboard with your hand. That is why I keep those coffee filters and use them to clean my car’s dashboard.

17. Don’t use any liquid cleaner to remove the sticky dust from your TV

You can also use a coffee filter in this case as well. Coffee filters will work great in terms of cleaning all the dust from your TV.

You can also use coffee filters to clean your laptop screen.

18. Don’t forget the tiny space between the door frame

These are the few uncommon places where dust stays, and we often forget to clean these areas. Get a microfiber cloth and use it to clean in between the door frames.

19. To dust the ceiling, attach a piece of a microfiber cloth with a broom

You can easily dust the top part of your ceiling by attaching a piece of a microfiber cloth with your broom. Make sure to wear a mask if you are allergenic to dust.

Also, cover the furniture underneath before starting to clean the ceiling.

20. Use a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of dust in your house

It will help you to reduce humidity in your house, and as a result, there will be less dust. If you are comfortable with dehumidifiers, you should definitely have one.

21. Purchase an air purifier

Well, it another way you can keep the amount of dust low in your house. Place the air purifier close to your windows.

Make sure you take proper care of the purifier as well and don’t let dust pile in top of it.

22. Get a few effective dusting tools

I will always recommend you not to use a duster, which usually makes a mess. You can purchase microfiber cloths, cleaning gloves, a broom, and bristle brush to thoroughly clean your house.

These are the most effective dusting hacks I have come across so far. I no longer feel annoyed whenever I need to dust my house.

Please let me know if you have used a few of these hacks and if you were successful or not. I would love to hear from your side.