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25 Decluttering Tips for Your Home That You Can Apply Today

When it comes to decluttering, it is quite normal to become overwhelmed. We often don’t want to get rid of things even though they are of no use to use anymore.

Recently, I have decluttered my home, and I love it. Although it was quite hard for me as I had to say goodbye to a lot of my old things, it was worth it.

Also, decluttering doesn’t mean that you will need to throw away your most precious things even if you don’t use them.

You should always declutter the things you no longer use and no longer feel you need it. You will be surprised to know how decluttering can make so much space in your house.

Also, I donated a few things as well as sold a few items so that they don’t go into total waste. You always have the option to donate your items rather than throwing them away.

Let’s see how you can declutter your house and get rid of all the mess.

Home Decluttering Tips That You Can Apply Today

1. Donate the DVDs you will never watch again

It is an old habit of mine. I don’t keep any DVD that I have watched already unless it is one of my favorite movies.

Recently, I have donated around 20 DVDs that my partner and I will never watch again.

2. Get rid of a few magnets from your refrigerator door

Well, most of us have at least 10-15 magnets in our refrigerator doors. What about getting rid of some of them?

I gifted a few of them to one of my friends and kept the important ones with meaning.

3. Donate the toys your kid no longer plays with

Kids lose interest over toys fast; if you are a parent, you probably know it already. My kid is no different.

So, I always donate some of the toys he no longer plays with.

4. Organize the chords

Well, you cannot get rid of the chords even if you want to. Chords can make a huge mess.

I use cable clips to hold my chords in one place. You can also use cord twist ties.

5. Throw away the pillows you don’t need

Don’t pile up your bed with 8-9 pillows. I only keep 4 pillows in my bed like me, and my partner needs them.

We do not have any extra cushion or pillow, which creates more space in our bedroom.

6. Remove one or two pieces of furniture in your room

Furniture can make a room look cramped and full. I don’t like a lot of furniture. As a result, I only keep the furniture that I need.

I have recently donated a chair that was sitting in the corner of my room and was of no use.

7. Use a simple doormat

Using heavy doormats with designs and patterns can make your room look occupied.

I use a simple navy blue doormat in my bedroom.

8. Use a basket to keep your remote

Don’t put your TV remote or AC remote in your bed or the dressing table. Rather, use a cute little basket to place them.

Your room will look more organized with these little changes.

9. Recycle the shampoo and conditioner bottles

You should always recycle shampoo and conditioner bottles. I have been doing it for years.

Also, if you can, purchase matching dispensers to store shampoo, facewash, and conditioner.

10. Use separate boxes to store your stationaries

Don’t pile up the stationaries in your workspace. Use one basket to store the pins, stapler, scissors, etc.

Get another basket to store sticky notes, markers, pens, etc.

11. Declutter your bathroom by getting rid of extra towels

There is no need to put 6 or 7 towels in your bathroom if you don’t need them. I have 5 white towels of different sizes, which makes my bathroom more organized and clean.

Keep separate baskets to store the towels.

12. Shred all the papers you don’t need any more with personal information

I’m sure there are lots of papers in your cupboard that you don’t need anymore. Shred these papers if they have personal information like bank account numbers, social security numbers, etc.

13. Recycle the papers with no important information

You can always recycle paper. Make sure that there is no personal information on the papers.

I recently recycled a bunch of paper that I didn’t need anymore.

14. Keep separate files to store important papers

I have separate files for my husband and me. There is also a file where we keep the papers of our taxes, wills, mortgages, etc.

15. Donate the clothes you will never wear again

I’m sure there are at least 15 pieces of clothes in your wardrobe that you will never wear again. But you feel overwhelmed to donate them.

I have also been there. But donating clothes have made a lot of space in my wardrobe, and I don’t regret it.

16. Make separate baskets for the clothes you will not wear but don’t want to donate

Get a basket and store the clothes you don’t want to wear, as well as donate. Give yourself one month.

See if you will ever wear these clothes again. It will make your decision easier.

17. Make a separate basket for the things you will sell

Whenever I decide to declutter my house, I always keep a separate basket for the items that I will sell later.

For example, keep the clothes that you will be able to sell in the basket.

18. Get rid of the clothes that don’t fit you anymore

Even if it is your most favorite piece of dress, you should get rid of it when it doesn’t fit you anymore. I had a beautiful black dress which I loved more than anything.

But after getting pregnant with my child, I knew it would not fit me anymore. So, I decided to sell it online.

19. Sell the extra coffee mugs

If you have 3 persons in your family, there is no need to keep 6-7 coffee mugs. I used to purchase coffee mugs, and honestly, they would just sit in my kitchen cabinet.

Sell the mugs if you don’t need them.

20. Declutter the silverware you don’t use any longer

I purchase silverware all the time. So, what happens to the older ones?

I prefer to donate all the silverware that I don’t use any longer.

21. Don’t use more than 2 perfumes at a time

If your dressing table is filled with 5 to 6 perfumes, it is time to change the habit. I sold two perfumes recently, and I only have one right now, which is my favorite.

I’ll only purchase another one after I am done using it.

22. Declutter your laundry room by throwing away the old cleaning products

The laundry room is the one space we put the least effort into keeping it organized. I am sure you will find many cleaning products and supplies you don’t use any longer.

Get rid of these products and recycle the bottles.

23. Donate the old blankets who sit idle in your bedroom

I had a few blankets that I haven’t used for months. I donated them last month to the people who need the blankets.

24. Make a donation box and keep it in your closet

If you find any cloth that you don’t fit you or any item that you will not use anymore, throw it in the donation box.

Follow this method, and you will not need to declutter your house all at once.

25. Don’t take too much pressure while decluttering

Decluttering means to get rid of the items you don’t use or need anymore. That doesn’t mean that I am suggesting you throw away your favorite piece of cloth or item.

Don’t worry too much while decluttering. Be confident about the things you are going to donate.


Decluttering can be quite fun if you are confident about what you are doing. Always ask yourself these few questions –

  • Do I need it any longer?
  • Does it provide me any benefit?
  • What was the last time I used it?

Answering these questions will make your decluttering process a lot easier than you think. Let me know if you have been successful or not.

Let’s work together and share each other’s problems if you haven’t been successful.