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15 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, no one can beat me at being the laziest person. I never like cleaning those dishes after having a nice dinner with my partner.

If you are my type, you should definitely follow some kitchen cleaning hacks like me. These kitchen cleaning tips will help you to become efficient and less annoyed.

I’ve been searching the web for a long time to get innovative and quick kitchen cleaning tips. I have been following some of these for a while.

The best thing about these cleaning hacks is that it will save your time. It is not at all worth it to spend hours after hours in cleaning. Let’s see what the few kitchen cleaning tips are.

Get rid of that smell from garbage disposal with lemon and vinegar

You will need white vinegar and lemon to get rid of the bad smell coming from your garbage disposal.

Cut a lemon and slice it in several pieces. Take an ice cube tray and place the pieces in it. now, fill the ice cube tray with vinegar. Place it in the freezer.

You can store the pieces in a plastic bag. If you throw one piece of cube every day in the garbage disposal, there will be no odor.

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Use baking soda to clean stainless steel sink

I have been using baking soda to clean my stainless steel sink for a while. It helps me to get rid of the hard stains as well as grease.

Make a mixture of water and baking soda. Then, you can apply the mixture to the sink.

After that, it is time to wait. Leave it for around 10-15 minutes. You can also use olive oil in the sink for a shinier finish.

Wash the kitchen floor with vinegar and dish soap

I always find it difficult to clean the kitchen floor. The first reason is that it takes a lot of time and energy.

To make your life easier, you will need one cup of vinegar and one tablespoon of dish soap. Pour the mixture in a gallon of water.

Then, mop the floor in the normal way that you usually do. Your kitchen floor will never feel greasy and oily.

Clean the kitchen sponge regularly

Have you ever wondered that the sponges you use to clean the dishes can bring bacteria? When you use a dirty sponge, it transfers bacteria from one plate to another.

After using the sponge for 2 days, make sure you clean the sponge. You can try microwaving the sponge placing in the water.

Turn on the microwave and microwave the sponge for 2 minutes.

It will terminate all the bacteria and germ from the sponge, and your kitchen will be clean.

Shine your kitchen faucet with vinegar and soda

Are you tired of seeing the kitchen faucet dirty and cloudy? You can make your kitchen faucet shiner again.

To do this, you will need a plastic bag, vinegar, and soda. Adjust the plastic bag with the faucet. Pour vinegar and soda in the bag.

Leave it for an hour and wipe your faucet with a clean brush. If there is any stain, you can use a toothbrush as well.

Make your wooden cutting board new with salt and lemon

I always find it hard to clean my wooden cutting board. These cutting boards become so hard to clean when you keep them dirty for a long time.

Also, it is crucial to disinfect cutting boards. A very easy way is to use a lemon and a pinch of salt.

If the stain has become sticky, you can use a sponge to rub against the cutting board. Using salt and lemon will make your wooden cutting board completely clean and new.

Wash the containers before using them to store items

We all use jelly jars and ketchup bottles to store items like sugar and salt, etc. Well, it is crucial to wash them before you use them.

Otherwise, these jars become greasy and sticky over time. As a result, if you want to clean the jars after months, you won’t be able to clean them properly.

Washing these jars before storing any item can be a great habit in terms of saving yourself from the extra hassle.

Recycle those sheet pans

You can use sheet pans to use as trays. These sheet pans come in great help while preparing a meal.

To become efficient in cooking, you can take advantage of these sheet pans to use them separating the ingredients before cooking.

Clear the countertop before going to bed

If you can make a habit of cleaning your countertop every day before going to bed, nothing can stop you anymore.

Keeping the kitchen clean is all about following little habits. When you clear the countertop before going to bed, you see a clean kitchen the next morning.

Use lemon oil and vinegar to clean your microwave

Cleaning microwaves can be quite hard. The food particles and grease become hard and do not want to come off easily.

Take a bowl and pour 1 part of vinegar and 1 part of the water in it. you can also add a few drops of essential oil for a good smell.

Place a toothpick in the bowl and microwave the mixture for 5 minutes. Don’t open the door and let it sit for another 3 minutes.

The steam will help to soften the dirt inside the microwave. After that, take a piece of cloth and wipe the area well.

Clean your toaster at least once a month

Have you ever been successful in cleaning your toaster? Well, I go all crazy when it comes to cleaning my toaster.

It is almost impossible to reach those tiny sections and clean the toaster. So, what to do?

After plugging off the toaster, you will need to bring out the crumb tray. Get rid of the crumbs. Wash it with soapy water and let it dry,

If the toaster is made with stainless steel, you can use vinegar to make it shinier.

Don’t become crazy like me if you can’t reach all the corners of the toaster. Clean as much as possible.

Get rid of that bad smell from the trash can with a cotton ball

No one likes it when that awful smell comes from their trash can. One of the easiest methods to get a nice smell is to use a cotton ball.

Every morning, I dip a cotton ball with essential oil. Then, I simply drop it in my trash can. Yes, it’s as easy as that. There will be no bad smell coming from your bin ever again.

Don’t leave the dirty dishes for tomorrow

It is one of those habits which took me a long time to get used to. I used to leave my dirty dishes after having a nice dinner.

I used to promise myself that I will do the dishes the next morning. Well, it is never easy to clean the dishes as the first thing you do after waking up.

If you want to keep your kitchen neat and clean, you should make a habit of doing the dishes right away. It doesn’t matter whether there is only one plate. Clean your dishes before going to sleep.

Use ammonia to clean stove burners

I dislike it when my hands become dirty while cleaning the stove burner. Fortunately, I came up with the idea that works pretty fine to clean stove burners.

You will not even need to touch the stove burner. You will need a Ziploc bag. Fill the bag with ¼ cup of ammonia.

Place the stove burner inside. After that, lock the bag. Then, you will need to keep it overnight like that. The next morning, simply clean it with a wet towel.

Clean your blender by turning it on

Well, you will no longer need to place your hand inside the blender to clean it.

There is a simple solution that I have been using for years. I simply fill my blender with hot water and a few drops of liquid soap.

Then I close the lid and turn on the blender.

The rest of the work will be done automatically. Go for another session with clean water.

That is how you can clean your blender without even touching it.

These are the most effective and quickest kitchen cleaning tips. I have been following for years. I will suggest you try a few of these methods at least once to see if they actually work for you as well or not.

Let me know what you think regarding these cleaning tips. I hope it will make your life easier than before.