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27 Magic Eraser Uses That Will Make Your Life Easier

For a long time, I used to think magic erasers are only there to clean the stains from kitchen cabinets or to get rid of any dirt in the walls.

I was surprised to see how a magic eraser can be an ultimate cleaning tool for all-purpose cleaning. I’ll probably get tired of listing all of the magic eraser uses but that’s worth a try.

The best thing about the magic eraser is that it will save a lot of time and energy. Well, I don’t like to spend hours after hours to clean my house.

I’ll be sharing 27 uses of magic eraser that you cannot afford to miss. You will be surprised like me, how a magic eraser alone can do so much work.

Best Magic Eraser Uses You Can Try

1. Remove that sticky grease spatter from your stovetop

You can wipe your magic eraser on the grease spatter on your stovetop. Wiping once or twice should be enough to get rid of the spatter quickly.

2. Get rid of the scuff marks from your wall

Nothing can be more annoying than seeing scuff marks on your white wall. You will not need to spend hours scrubbing your wall to get rid of the marks.

Take a magic eraser and simply wipe the area. The scuff marks will be gone for good.

3. Take out the permanent mark from a marker

We all use permanent markers in glasses once in a while. Well, you no longer need to go bonkers thinking about how you will get rid of it.

Take your magic eraser and wipe the mark from your glass.

4. Clean your computer keyboard

Turn off your computer and take that keyboard out. The magic eraser will work like magic to clean your computer keyboard.

5. No more soap scum on the glass shower doors

Your bathroom will never look clean if there is soap scum on the shower door. Use a magic eraser at least once a week to get rid of all the stains.

6. Make your bathtub go sparkly again

I love looking at my bathtub after wiping it with a magic eraser. Give it a try! Your bathtub will be just like new.

7. Remove crayon marks from your wall

This particular hack will be beneficial for you if you have a kid. My nieces come to my house often, and I don’t prevent them from having fun.

As a result, I always end up with crayon stains on my wall. Luckily, I got the magic erasers to get rid of the crayon marks.

8. Make your white converse white again

I admit, it is quite impossible to keep those white converses clean and all white. Using a magic eraser will keep your white converse new.

9. Remove the coffee stain from your favorite white mug

If you are a coffee lover like me, you might see a round-shaped coffee stain in your mug once a while.

Well, you can get rid of it using the magic eraser easily.

10. Clean your laptop with the magic eraser

Laptops can be quite hard to clean. You can try using a magic eraser to clean the outer part of your laptop. Make sure not to use it to clean your laptop screen.

11. Get rid of the food spatter from your microwave

If you regularly use your microwave, you probably have a lot of food patter here and there. Take your magic eraser and simply give it a wipe.

12. Use your magic eraser to clean your countertop after cooking

I admit I am a messy cooker. If you are like me, you might have oil stain and food particles all over your countertop.

Get rid of the stain using a magic eraser, and your countertop will be just like new.

13. Get rid of the sticker and label residue from glass containers

Have you ever faced the situation when a label or sticker doesn’t want to come off a glass container? Well, we all have been there.

Take your magic eraser and scrub it gently against the glass. The sticker residue will come off easily.

14. Don’t let grime to build up in your flat iron

You need to keep your iron clean as well. After using it for a while, your iron might build up grime.

Turn off your iron, let it cool down for a while. Then wipe away the grime with the magic eraser.

15. Clean your windows with the magic eraser

It is fairly common to get water stains after heavy rain in your window. Take a paper towel to dry your windows.

Then give it a final touch with the magic eraser to get rid of the stains.

16. Get rid of the hairspray residue from your favorite flat iron

I love to style my hair whenever I get the time. I used to get hairspray residue stuck in my flat iron, which would end up in my hair anyway.

After styling your hair, let the hairspray cool down and wipe the surface with a magic eraser.

17. Get rid of the rust from the old artifacts

If you love to collect old artifacts, you probably know how hard they are to maintain.

You can keep those old artifacts clean with the magic eraser. It will help you to get rid of the rust.

18. Remove the hair color from your dressing table after coloring your hair

Coloring hair can be messy; we all have been there. If you get hair color on your dressing table or countertop, don’t worry.

Using a magic eraser on the surface will help to get rid of the hair color easily.

19. Clean mirrors with the magic eraser

Cleaning mirrors can be hard if you haven’t done it in a while. You need a good preparation before cleaning your mirror.

You will no longer need glass cleaners, paper towels anymore. Simply take a magic eraser and remove all the stains from your mirror.

20. Say goodbye to the grease and grime in your kitchen cabinets

It is quite normal to get grease and grime stuck in the kitchen cabinets.

If you use a magic eraser once every week to clean your kitchen cabinets, you will no longer see any grease and grime.

21. Remove ink stain from your skin with the magic eraser

If you accidentally get ink stain in your hand or skin, you can use a magic eraser to get rid of it. Wiping the magic eraser in your skin will remove the hard stain easily.

22. Make your silver spoons and forks look shiny again

If you use silver utensils, you know they can get dirty and rusty over time.

Using a magic eraser to clean these silver utensils will save you a lot of work. Your silver utensils will shine like before.

23. Bring back life to your vinyl fences

Heavy rain and wind can attract all kinds of dirt and dust to get stuck in your vinyl fences.

To make them look clean again, you can use a magic eraser.

24. Get rid of those hard water stain from the faucet

Once you get water stains in the faucet, it is almost impossible to clean them.

I love using my magic eraser to clean those water stains from the faucet. The best thing is, you don’t need even to try hard to get rid of it.

25. Remove burnt marks from your coffee maker

If you regularly use your coffee maker, you will see there are burnt marks in the coffee maker or roast residue.

Wipe your coffee maker with the magic eraser, and it will be just like new.

26. Make your cookware new again by removing the baked-on grease

I love to experiment on new cooking items, which usually require baking.

Your favorite cookware will get sticky grease after baking. Use a magic eraser to wipe away these sticky greases after baking.

27. Don’t let that nail polish stain get stuck in your dressing table

You will dislike it if you need to deal with nail polish stains after getting your nails done. You can easily remove any nail polish stain with the magic eraser.

These are the 27 uses of magic eraser that you should know and try at least one time. I’ve been following these for a while for cleaning almost every part of my house.

I would love to hear your experience using a magic eraser. It has been a great time saver, and I no longer feel tired to clean my house.