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20 Easy Pantry Organization Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Perfectly Systematized

If you think that it is quite impossible to achieve your desired pantry, you are probably wrong. Those pantry organization pictures and guides you see in Pinterest and Instagram are easy to implement.

The good news is, you will not need to invest a lot of money. You can achieve a perfectly organized pantry in a day with a few hacks.

These 20 pantry organization ideas are easy and simple. Allow me to introduce these amazing and easy pantry organization ideas with you.

20 Easy Pantry Organization Ideas

1. Store snacks and pasta in glass jars with lids

It will make your pantry more organized. The reason I recommend using glass jars is that you will be able to see which jar holds what item.

Your pantry will be full of different things that will enhance the beauty of it.

2. Don’t forget to add a label to the glass jars

Nowadays, almost everyone uses chalkboard labels to label their food items in the pantry. You should do this as well if you haven’t.

These cute labels will look flawless in your pantry. And you will be able to find the right ones at the right time.

3. Use metal wire baskets to keep things separated and organized

Grab a few metal wire baskets from a dollar store. You can use them to store onions, potatoes, fruits, etc. The wire baskets are usually small in size.

As a result, they will fit easily in the pantry.

4. Get a few wicker baskets to store ketchup, mayonnaise, and packaged foods

These wicker baskets are so cute; it will be impossible for you not to buy them once you see them. I bought a few for my pantry as well as a closet.

These work best in terms of categorizing and organizing things.

5. Install a few spice racks in your pantry

There is no alternative to having spice racks. Why? Because it is the best way, you can organize all of your spices and herbs.

Also, these spice racks are not that big. As a result, it won’t take too much space in your pantry.

6. Take advantage of your old magazine holders to store cutting boards

Attach a magazine holder in your pantry wall vertically. You can store the cutting boards in it.

I will suggest you not to store these in the cabinets as they will take a significant amount of space in your kitchen.

7. Don’t miss out on buying a cereal dispenser

How can you not purchase a cereal dispenser? These are too cute to resist buying. I got a cereal dispenser, and I keep two different kinds of similar in the spate compartments.

I no longer need to open that cereal box, and my pantry looks great.

8. The ultimate hack – Group the similar items and categorize them

You can always use wire baskets or wicker baskets to store similar things. For example, keep a separate basket to store different types of biscuits. Label it as – BISCUITS.

Get another basket to store your day to day ingredients like salt, pepper, sugar, few spices, etc. As easy as that.

9. Let the canned foods rest on a magazine holder

I never thought about how a magazine holder can be of so many uses. Get a magazine holder and keep it in your pantry to store your canned foods.

The funny thing is, the size of the magazine holder will perfectly fit your canned foods. That is why they are so great.

10. Keep a separate basket filled with baking tools and ingredients

If you love to bake, this hack is a must for you. As I love to bake, I keep all of my baking items and ingredients in a separate basket.

It takes me a lot less time for preparation before baking.

11. Store any type of food in plastic containers and label them

If you do not want to spend a single penny, it is a great hack for you. Use your old plastic containers with lids to store your food items in the pantry.

For example, you can store oats, popcorn, almonds, peanuts in separate containers.

12. Hang your measuring cups with command hooks and label them

You can install a few command hooks to hang your measuring cups. The funny thing about measuring cups, they usually get lost whenever I need them.

That’s why I hung the cups in the door of my pantry with command hooks. I also wrote the numbers above each one.

13. Place the cookie sheets vertically in the pantry

Cookies sheets are the type of kitchen tools that take a great amount of space to store. You can place the cookie sheets vertically in the pantry, and you will see you have been able to save a lot of space.

14. Hang a wire basket in your pantry to store oven mitts and gloves

You should find the oven mitts at once you need them. I often used to lose them, and that is when I decided to store them in the pantry, in front of my eyes.

I hung a wire basket in the door where I keep the oven mitts and gloves.

15. Make your own canned food organizer

If you are a canned food lover, you will probably need a lot of space to store canned foods. Install small racks in your pantry.

Keep one side of the pantry to store all of your canned foods.

16. Store the frequently used items in the lower rack of your pantry

It is always a good idea to store items that you frequently use in the lower rack of the pantry. On the other hand, keep the items that you hardly use, in the upper rack of the pantry.

17. Get a mason jar to store different colored cupcake liners

Have you have been in the situation where you store your cupcake liners at the right place, but they got ruined anyway?

Well, when you will keep them in a mason jar, they will not move an inch.

18. Don’t throw away that wine cellar crate

Keep it in the lowest compartment of your pantry. Store all the heavy bottles and extra cereals there. I will recommend you not to use large baskets in your pantry as they will take a lot of space.

19. Reuse the Lysol wipes container

I used to throw away these containers until I came to know how useful these can be. Get an old Lysol wipes container and insert all of your grocery backs in it.

That is how you can easily pull out one when you will need to.

20. Keep all of your snacks in a fishbowl

You probably can’t imagine how cute it will look if you store all of your snacks in a round fishbowl.

I used to have fishes when I was living in a studio apartment. After I moved, I kept the bowl and used it to store snacks.

These are a few of the easiest and cheapest pantry organization ideas I have come so far. I have implemented a few of them in my own kitchen, as well as got a few from my friends’ suggestions.

You can follow the classic pantry hacks as well, like storing all different types of nuts in these containers. For example, use one to store almonds, another one to store hazelnuts.

However, let me know if these pantry organization ideas were helpful to you or not.