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22 Ways to Organize Small Bedroom Closet That You Must Try

My closet is medium size, but I still find it small as I have so much to put in there. The vast amount of things I have, the more difficult it gets for me to stay organized.

Whenever I open the doors, things fall out automatically. That’s when I decided that I should do something about it, and the ideas popped into my mind.

So sharing with you 22 ways to organize a small bedroom closet that you can try as well.

22 Ways to Organize Small Bedroom Closet

1. Make a checklist

Before starting to organize your closet, first figure out what things you will use and whatnot. Go through your clothing and accessories to find out the trend in your wardrobe.

Make a donation box of what things you want to move out of your closet. That can help you with the organization process.

Then make a checklist for the rest of your stuff which things you want to keep near and which things you want to put behind based on usability.

2. Plan out the organization

Take appropriate measurements of your closet to fill it with rods, shelves, boxes, and other stuff. You can search online for the things you need or go out shopping.

I asked a friend of mine to help me organize my closet, which made the job easier and fun. Because doing it all by yourself will take a lot of time.

3. Add extra hanging rod

Though your closet is small, you can still use extra hanging rods to save your clothes from creasing in a basket and hang them in a hanger.

You can color coordinate your clothes to find any desired dress of yours easily.

4. Use a soda tab

It’s a brilliant way to double your hanging space, which I learned from my friend.

Just put a soda tab in your hanger and hang another hanger from the whole of the soda tab. As simple as that.

5. Use the doors

Don’t use only the closet space. Use the doors of the closet too. It will increase closet space.

You can hang a shelf on the door to keep your accessories in them.

6. Add storage under clothes

Use every corner of your closet well. If you have enough space after putting your dresses on the hanger, you can fit a small dresser under your clothes.

You can keep your jewelry, headbands, or other valuables in there.

7. Get shelf divider

To keep the heavy material clothing like a sweater or jeans folded in a stack, you can use a shelf divider. That will help you to maintain a separate section of clothing.

8. Use shower rings

Shower rings are beneficial for hanging scarves. Knotting all of your scarves in one hanger will make them creased.

You can put shower rings anywhere in your closet as it does not occupy much space.

9. DIY drawer organizer

Do you have a drawer in your closet jam-packed with things? Do you have a hard time opening or closing it? Do you get lost finding a specific item in that messy drawer of yours?

No need to panic. Just take everything out, take your time to sort things out. Make a drawer organizer with a cardboard box with the help of your friend.

Put everything in its place and tell yourself that you did an outstanding job.

10. Fit some hooks

Many people overlook the usability of hooks as they are not that eye-catchy. But their economic and convenient storage facility is beyond my explanation.

You can fit hooks anywhere you like to hang bags, hats, jewelry, or other things.

11. Label your boxes

If you are keeping things in boxes that you use only once in a while, then make sure to label those boxes properly.

Maybe you’re thinking, why need labeling when you can remember what you’ve kept in the boxes. But trust me after some time you’ll forget and will have to open all the boxes to find a thing.

12. Make your suitcase a storage space

If you keep empty suitcases on the top shelf of your closet, then you’re not utilizing the maximum area of your closet. You can put your traveling stuff or other things in the suitcase.

13. Hanging shelf basket

To create instant additional storage, you can try using a hanging shelf basket. It is not very difficult to fit and does not need any extra hardware. Just hook it directly to your shelf.

Enjoy the extra storage facility by putting anything of your choice in the basket.

14. Hang strategically

Sort out your long and short dresses. Keep the long dresses together and the short ones to the other corner to make space under. You can put shoe racks or other boxes there.

15. Seasonal shuffle

Give your closet a seasonal shuffle every time the weather changes. In hot weather, keep your summer wears nearer and in cold weather hang your jackets close by.

16. Add see-through boxes

Keeping things in transparent boxes will give you the perfect idea of which type of things are there so that you don’t need to open the box when you are in a rush to go out.

17. Use pull down closet rod

If you have a huge collection of clothes like me and don’t know how to manage the lot, you can simply use a pull-down closet rod.

Don’t worry if you are a short person. The whole purpose of a pull-down closet rod is to use the above space of your closet.

18. Use matching hanger

Different hanger type will make your closet look clumsy. Also, a different type of hangers won’t match perfectly together.

So, use a matching hanger for all your clothes to keep your closet neat and to make enough space to fit all your dresses.

19. Use stacking shoe organizers

Shoes take up a lot of space in your closet. Whether its high heels or sneakers, a pair of shoes kept, side by side, takes an unbelievable amount of storage space.

And you can’t just stash your shoes anywhere because that will ruin the shoes quickly.

To solve that problem, use a stacking shoe organizer to help you save a lot of space. You can also stack a lot of shoes in one corner. So don’t be afraid if you are a shoe lover like me. Go on with your shoe shopping.

20. Boot storing idea

Boots are love but the worst kind of shoes to keep in the closet. As it needs special care and takes up a lot of space.

So, how to keep boots from folding over and having creases on them? A simple trick is to place a rolled-up magazine or newspaper to store your boots properly.

If you have only one or two boots, this trick will work. But if you have a collection of boots, then it is better to buy a boot hanger to hang up all your boots.

21. Apply One in one out rule

After doing all the hard work of organizing your closet, if you keep taking out things from your closet and do not put it back timely, then you’re sure to face a mess.

To keep yourself from doing it, apply the one in one out rule to keep your organization in check.

22. Maintain the sequence

Lastly, always remember to maintain the habit of putting things back where it belongs and not to put things back after use randomly.

That will make your closet be as it is.

These organization tricks surely helped me in my condition. Let me know if these have helped you too.