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Flies in Bathroom Sink: Why and How to Get Rid of Them?

A bathroom is a private place that you must keep safe from different bugs, worms, and flies. You should clean the bathroom properly if you find flies and other bugs. Otherwise, it will not allow you to enjoy your bathroom and might create health problems.

You must have a routine cleaning time for your bathroom. You should include the bathroom sink and bathroom tapes, and other areas. We will show you the reasons for getting flies in your bathroom.

Flies in the bathroom sink

Moisture, damaged sewage pipes, and standby water are some reasons why there are flies in your bathroom sink. If your bathroom sink is broken, there might be some standby water. This water will attract both fruit flies & drain flies since they love moisture. That’s why you find flies on the sink.

There are two different types of flies you will find in your bathroom sink; one is fruit flies & another one is drained flies. If you have all the flies in your bathroom, you should have eliminated tips to remove these flies from your bathroom sink. 

You can use vinegar & baking soda to remove the flies.

We will get through all the reasons why the fruit flies are on your bathroom sink. I found three reasons for each fly in my bathroom that I will share with you. After explaining all the reasons, you will get the solution to eliminate them from your bathroom sink.

Fruit flies

If your sink is always moist, broken sink and standby water are the main reasons for having fruit flies in your bathroom sink.


If your bathroom sink always gets moisture, it will attract the fruit flies and allow them to live here. They will enjoy the sink moisture and leave their larvae and eggs to increase their number.

If you find fruit flies in your bathroom sink, you should check the sink moisture and keep it dry to eliminate fruit flies.

You should ensure that your bathroom sink is dry and that there is no standby water. Otherwise, the fruit flies will come there and start occupying the bathroom sink. 

You can use a vinegar solution to clean & dry your bathroom sink, which will ultimately help to get fruit flies in the free bathroom sink. 

Broken Sink:

If your bathroom sink is damaged or broken, it will have some moisture, and the broken pipes will allow the fruit flies to come. The broken sink will attract fruit flies and will enable them to come through the broken sink and the damaged pipes. 

So, check the broken sink & repair it accordingly. 

Standby Water:

If your bathroom sink or any other areas have standby water, it will attract the fruit flies from outside and inside. If there is any broken pipe and your bathroom has standby water, it will easily attract the flies to come and breed. 

You cannot stop them from coming unless you spray something string and remove that water. 

Drain flies: 

Apart from fruit flies, you may also get some drain flies if your drainage system is poor and attracts the regular flies. Drain flies are the most dangerous bugs that contain different bacteria since they live in the drain and get through dirt & debris regularly.

Unused Water:

If you keep unused water in your bathroom, it will attract drain flies. Sometimes, we leave some water in our water bucket or sink and forget to clean them before going for a few weeks or days. 

We get lots of drain flies after returning to our home, which will be an annoying issue.

So, never keep unused water in your bathroom sink or any bucket since they can easily attract drain water. If you have standby water, try to remove them or clean the entire bathroom after getting back to the house. 

It will help you to eliminate drain flies from your bathroom. Otherwise, the drain flies will remain there in your bathroom sink.

Poor Drain:

If your drain system gets poor and damaged, it will allow the drain to enter your bathroom sink. You may find some drain flies out of nowhere; in that case, you should check the drainage system of your bathroom and try to repair it. 

Maybe the drain system has some leakages, or the drain pipes are broken.

Broken Sewage Line:

The broken sewage line is another reason the drain flies into your bathroom sink. They love the sewage line and pipes; if any of your sewage lines are broken, they will get their entry pass and come to your bathroom. 

You must repair the sewage line and stop them from coming through that area.

Will drain flies go away on their own?

Drain flies will not go away on their own since they love to live on standby water. If you don’t remove the water and clean your bathroom correctly, the drain flies will be on your bathroom sink. 

So, you must take proper steps and spray different solutions on drain flies to eliminate them.

You can use vinegar & baking soda solution to get rid of drain flies and force them to leave the bathroom. To eliminate these drain flies from your bathroom sink, apply them with boiled or heated water. 

The combination of different vinegar, baking soda, and hot water will ruin the drain flies life.

So, never rely on drain flies and hope they will leave on their own. You must take proper steps and go for different solutions that I already explained above. You will love to follow my tips and solve the problem within a short time by using home cleaning components.

Where do fly larvae come from?

The larvae of the common house fly are often seen feeding on decaying plant or animal matter. Maggots are prone to consume the carcass of an animal once it has passed. 

These larvae are consumed by a wide variety of other animals, such as birds, reptiles, and even different kinds of insects. It is known that certain species of wasps will lay their eggs inside of maggots. 

These eggs will eventually hatch into juvenile wasps that consume the maggot from the inside out. White larvae are characterized by developing tough, dark exoskeletons before entering the pupal stage. 

After only a few hours after emerging from their pupal cases, females are ready to begin the reproductive process.

How do I get rid of little flies in my bathroom sink?

You can get rid of little flies in your bathroom sink with the following tips. They are:


Using a pipe brush or a drain snake, manually clean your drain if you can. The food source of the drain flies can be removed along with their ability to lay further eggs if the muck trapped inside your drain and pipes is cleaned out. 

After pouring some hot water down the drain, use a pipe brush or snake to get as far as possible into the drain to loosen any eggs, larvae, or deposits that may be stuck there.

Hot Water:

You should flush the toilet with hot water. This is the most straightforward approach to eliminating drain flies and cleaning your pipes simultaneously. 

For one week, boil a pot of water, and then carefully pour the water down and surrounding your drain. 

If your initial pour didn’t eliminate all of the organic buildups on the interior, the subsequent pours would ensure that the flies do not return.

Baking Soda & Vinegar:

The baking soda, salt, and vinegar mixture should be used to clean your drain. This all-natural cleaner will eliminate the organic buildup accumulated in your pipes and eliminate any larvae or flies that become trapped. 

Put one part baking soda, one part salt, and two parts vinegar down the drain after you’ve mixed them. Give the mixture some time to develop foam, preferably overnight.

Pouring boiling water down the drain in the morning can eliminate any remaining froth and buildup removed overnight.

Why are there maggots in my bathroom?

Maggots can come to your bathroom in search of food utensils. The larvae of a fly are known as maggots. The fly will lay eggs, and those eggs will hatch into maggots. Flies emerge from maggots after they have completed the pupal stage. 

It may look as though the maggots appeared out of nowhere at times, but in reality, you missed seeing the fly that laid the eggs or the fly itself. The fly will lay its eggs wherever it believes the maggots will be protected and have access to plenty of food. 

Final Thoughts 

A broken sink, standby water, and a damaged sewage line are reasons why there are flies in your bathroom sink. You will get drain flies, and fruit flies through the damaged drain lines. You should deep clean your bathroom sink, repair every damaged pipeline, and stop flies from coming.