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20 Easy and Simple Fridge Organization Ideas

It can be quite annoying to see your foods and vegetables all messy when you open your fridge door. Also, it is not an easy job to keep a refrigerator organized with so much going on.

Fortunately, I have come up with 20 easy and effective fridge organization ideas. It will not only save your time and energy but will keep your fridge all neat and clean.

If you can commit some amount of time to follow these organization ideas, you will never feel annoyed after opening the fridge door.

Let’s see what these 20 easy and simple fried organization ideas are.

20 Brilliant Fridge Organization Ideas

1. Get rid off the out-of-date items from your fridge

The very first thing you will require to do is to get rid of the out-of-date items. These items are the core reason why your fridge looks so cluttered and messy.

Throw the empty milk carton and empty jelly jar.

2. Use a separate container to keep your everyday breakfast items

I always keep a separate container to keep my breakfast items like butter, mayonnaise, cheese, salami dressing, mustard, and sandwiches.

As a result, you will not need to find the items when you are in a hurry in the morning.

3. Keep containers filled with snacks in the front

Don’t keep your snacks in the back of the fridge. You should be able to grab the snacks whenever you want to.

Keep the snacks in easy to open containers.

4. Use can help dispenser to store your soda cans

Soda cans can take a significant amount of space in your fridge. I always use a can dispenser to stack these soda cans.

You can also store bottles this way. It will save you a lot of areas.

5. Purchase a few small baskets to organize your items

I have more than 5 mini baskets in my fridge. I use them to keep my fresh vegetables, fruits, canned foods, etc. The baskets save me a lot of space as they are almost square in size.

That is how I utilize every corner of my fridge.

6. Don’t forget to label your baskets

After storing the items in different baskets, you should always remember to label them. You can use small cards and attach them to the containers.

I have separate baskets for meats, vegetables, and fruits. I labeled all of them accordingly.

7. Place a few mats in the shelves of your fridge

The fridge can be really hard to clean. You need to bring out all of the items, and the process usually takes more than 1 hour.

The good idea is to use mats on the shelve. You can easily bring out these mats and clean them.

8. Keep milk and dairy in the shelves rather than the door

It is an additional hack that you should always remember. You should keep your dairy on the shelves.

The reason is that temperature fluctuates in the doors, and it might ruin your milk. Get an extra container and keep dairy and milk in it.

9. Purchase a bottle organizer from the dollar store

You will find different sized bottle organizers. Don’t keep your bottles unorganized in the fridge that will take a lot of space.

10. Store your salads in mason jars

You might be thinking that I have gone totally crazy. But you should know that mason jars can keep salads fresh as well as save a lot of space in your fridge.

Get a few mason jars and store all the salads in them.

11. Use the bottom shelf to keep meat and fish

If you keep your meats and fishes on the top shelf, there is a good chance of dripping from the top. That is why you should always keep them on the bottom shelf of your fridge.

12. Place a binder clip in the middle of the shelf to stack beer

Don’t make a mess with beer bottles in your fridge. When you put a binder clip in the middle of the shelf, it helps to hold the beer bottles so that you can stack 5-6 beers together.

13. Keep your desserts and chocolates on a specific shelf of the fridge

I always love to categorize food items. For example, I use my second shelf of the fridge to keep all the chocolates and dessert items.

As a result, my family members find them right away whenever they need something sweet.

14. Make full use of those magazine holders

Plastic magazine holders can be found in any dollar store. You can use these magazine holders to separate your food items and make different sections.

15. Make a box of food items that will expire soon

You can keep a separate container and keep all the food items that will expire soon. For example, if your mayonnaise is going to expire soon, you should keep it in the container.

That is how you will not open the new one without finishing it.

16. Store all the cut-up vegetables in the crystal light containers

These containers have such a shape that they can fit easily in the door of your fridge. That is how you will be able to save a lot of space as well as keep your vegetables organized.

17. Don’t throw away the six-pack beer containers

Keep them in the door of your fridge to store bottles and beer cans. I use a separate six-pack beer container store sauce, mustard, and other drinks.

18. Keep a mini container to store your leftover foods

I usually order a lot of food every week from the restaurants, and often I don’t end up eating them all. As a result, I need to keep them in the refrigerator.

I have a separate mini container where I keep all of the leftover food. It reminds me to eat them the next day.

19. Purchase an egg holder if your fridge doesn’t have one

You cannot afford to miss buying an egg holder if your fridge doesn’t have one. Egg holders can save a lot of space in your fridge.

20. Add small baskets in the bottom drawer of your fridge

The bottom drawer is usually the messiest part of my refrigerator. No matter how hard I try, this part always looks cluttered.

That is why I decided to add a few small baskets in the bottom drawer. Now, it looks way better and stays organized.

Organizing can be really fun when you save yourself from taking too much pressure. Tell yourself that you don’t need to be perfect.

It is completely fine to be messy sometimes as long as you try to keep things organized. Let me know if you have any additional suggestions for me.