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18 Life-Changing Garage Declutter and Organization Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

When it comes to decluttering, we find a hard time to get rid of the things even if we do not use them any longer. Also, organizing can be a time-consuming task as well as it is hard to maintain once you get organized.

My garage is the one place which is the most unorganized part of my house. I keep all the unnecessary things there, and it often turns into a storeroom.

Again, organizing and decluttering become tougher when you will need to deal with heavy and bulky items – for example, the items in your garage.

I have finally been successful in saving my garage from turning into a storeroom. I will share these 18 life-changing garage declutter and organization hacks with you.

I hope these revolutionary hacks will come in great use to you.

18 Garage Declutter and Organization Hacks You Must try

1. Throw away the unnecessary items in the trash can

You will find a lot of stuff in your garage that is of no use to you. When I decided to declutter my garage, I found a lot of cartons, plastic bags, gears that I don’t need anymore.

Get rid of this stuff confidently.

2. Recycle those empty cans of paint

Most of us love to store those empty cans of paints that we will never use. I guess it’s a psychological issue.

I found 4 paint cans, and I thought, why did I store them in the first place? The best idea is to recycle these.

3. Make a shelve at one corner of your garage

You can make a shelf to organize all the tools and gears. You can use the shelve and put little baskets on them.

Place small repairing tools and testers. That is how you will find everything very quickly.

4. Try out a pegboard wall to hang items

You can make a pegboard wall as well. You can hang your gloves, chisel, broom, mope, ropes, etc.

I recently made a pegboard wall for my garage, and I keep almost 60% of the items there.

5. Get rid of all the rusted and broken tools

What’s the point of keeping those rusted and broken tools? My husband has this habit of keeping every tool that he has ever bought, in his garage.

Recently, I almost had a fight with him to get rid of those broken tools. Well, it was worth it!

6. Don’t wait for those gadget boxes to become useful

Do you also have a habit of saving gadget boxes? You might think that those will come in use someday.

Sadly, they never will. Unless it is one of your most favorite gadget boxes, I will suggest you get rid of them. Your garage will look a lot cleaner.

7. Finish that DIY wood project you have started months ago or get rid of it

There is often this case when my husband or I start doing a DIY project, but do not finish it for the lack of time.

It is okay to get rid of the unfinished DIY project.

8. Purchase a Wall Mount Garage Organizer

One of my friends made a wall mount garage organizer himself by doing his excellent woodwork. If you don’t have the time, another idea is to purchase one from Amazon.

I use my wall mount garage organizer to hang tools, brooms, mops, ropes, etc.

9. Donate the gardening equipment you don’t need any longer

I have had a few unused gardening equipments that I haven’t used for a long time. I finally had the guts to ger rid of them.

I donated them to a nearby charity who might need them.

10. Gift those old sports equipment if you don’t play anymore

Sadly, we don’t find enough time to play any sports like before. Having a kid and work has made us busy.

If you have the same situation, it is better to donate or gift someone those old sports equipment.

11. Get rid of those extra paints you bought for later use

Last year, we decided to paint our living room and bought a few paint cans. But we didn’t need all of them.

Last month, I saw one of those paint cans sitting idle in my garage. Get rid of the paint cans if you don’t need them.

12. Mount a magnetic tool holder

If you can make a magnetic tool holder, you will never have trouble finding any tools. It is quite normal to become annoyed, seeing a drawer filled with small tools like drill bits, nails, screws, etc.

Make a magnetic tool holder get rid of this problem.

13. Make a DIY screwdriver rack

If you use different types of screwdrivers and have multiple, you can make a DIY screwdriver rack.

I have made one and placed it on the right wall sidewall of my garage. You can make this using scrap wood.

14. Build a screw organizer

It is quite hard to organize little tools like screws, nails, etc. You can build one yourself so that you find all the tools in one place.

You can also use small baskets to store these tools.

15. Screw a paper towel holder on the wall

If you have a paper towel holder, you can mount it in one of the walls in your garage. Screw the holder properly with the wall.

You can use it to hold garbage bags or other items.

16. Build a wall grid with wire to hang the gardening tools

What about making a wall grid to hang all the gardening tools? Gardening tools can take quite a space if you don’t keep them organized.

Hang the spade, shovel, gardening gloves in the wall grid made with wire.

17. Store products on the corner shelve of your garage

If you don’t have a shelve in the corner of your garage, it is time to make one. I have made one for my garage with scrap plywood.

It has three sections. I store all the glues, wax, cleaning products there.

18. Make the most use of the large space

If your garage is big enough, you can make a small cabinet to store your shoes and bags.

My husband made me two separate cabinets where we keep our old shoes and travel bags.


These are pretty much all the garage declutter and organization hacks that I follow. You will be surprised to see how effective these hacks are once you try to apply them.

I wanted to introduce these amazing hacks to you so that you can get benefited like me as well. Let me know what do you think about these hacks.