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40 Best House Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Keeping your house clean all the time can be a hard task to do if you are a lazy person like me. Also, you need to invest an ample amount of time when you commit yourself to this.

To live a healthy life, I believe that it is crucial to keep your house clean all the time. Especially if you have a kid, it is a must for you.

You might think that cleaning a house can be tiring and a long term process, well you are right, but there are a few easy ways out. You just need to know some easy tips and tricks related to house cleaning.

I have the best house cleaning tips for you that will save you time, energy, and money. You will be able to do all the chores in a shorter time as well as you won’t need to invest that much.

Let’s see what these 40 easy and effective house cleaning tips are.

40 Best House Cleaning Tips for Your Home

1. Make your carpet new again with baking soda and vinegar

Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda in your carpet and add vinegar. Let it sit on the carpet for around one hour.

The vacuum the carpet and you will see the magic.

2. Use old newspaper to clean your windows

You will not need to buying any expensive cleaning product to clean your windows. Use soapy water to clean the window and then use the newspaper to wipe away the dirt.

3. Remove ketchup or oil stain with WD 40

To be honest, WD 40 is one of the most effective cleaning solutions I have come across. If you have accidentally spilled oil or ketchup in your cloth, spray WD 30 and let it sit for 4 minutes.

Then clean the area with a piece of cloth.

4. Use olive oil in your fridge handle

The fridge handle is that one thing we continuously tough every day. To keep it clean, you can try applying olive oil.

Take a clean cloth with a few drops of olive oil and give your fridge handle a few wipes once every week.

5. Spray WD 40 on a sticky glue to remove it

While doing a crafting project, it is very common to spill some glue in your cloth. Don’t make a mess by rubbing it. Let it dry and spray some WD 40 in the glue.

6. Apply chalk in the oily stain of your cloth before washing

Removing oil and grease from clothes can be a tough job. Take a few pieces of chalks and let it sit on the greasy stain for around 10 minutes.

Then wash the cloth, and you will see the magic.

7. Make your glasses sparkly again with vinegar and cornstarch

Make a combination of one teaspoon of cornstarch, one cup of vinegar, and one cup of water. Clean your wine glasses with it.

Your glasses will become shinier than ever.

8. Get rid of sticker residue with vinegar

Vinegar is the ultimate cleaning solution, isn’t it? Spray a generous amount of vinegar on the glass with sticker residue.

Let it sit for 30 seconds and scrub with an old toothbrush.

9. Remove crayon marks from walls with a magic eraser

Don’t prevent your kid from having fun. Remove all the crayon marks from your wall with a magic eraser.

Wipe the magic eraser, and all the marks will be gone.

10. Make your clothes cleaner than ever with borax

If your clothes need a deep clean, you can use 5 tablespoons of borax while washing your clothes. Borax will clean all the stains as well as provide a natural and nice fragrance.

11. Remove water stains from the bathtub with borax

If your bathtub has become old, it probably has invited those rusty water stains. You can use a minor amount of borax in a cloth and scrub the area.

It will work like magic, trust me.

12. Clean your silverware with vinegar and dish soap

Make a mixture of 1 tablespoon of water, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, and 3 drops of dish soap. Take your piece silver jewelry and let it sit in the paste for 20 minutes.

With a soft bristle brush, scrub the silverware and rinse properly.

13. Make your showerhead shiny with vinegar

Take a plastic bag and fill it with white vinegar. Now, place it around the showerhead and tie with a rubber band.

Let it sit for 6-7 hours and rinse properly.

14. Scrub your glass shower door with a brillo pad

I recently started using a brillo pad to scrub my shower door to get rid of water and soap scum. Also, it doesn’t scratch the glass.

You can add a few drops of dish soap if you want.

15. Use a pumice stone and baking soda to clean toilet bowl

At first, place a good amount of baking soda in the toilet bowl and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then brush and use the pumice stone.

Your toilet bowl will be cleaner than ever before.

16. Get rid of burnt-on grease

Apply a thick paste of water and baking soda in the area. Then apply a small amount of vinegar in it. Wait for 15 minutes and use a sponge to scrub.

Voila! All the burnt grease will be gone.

17. Clean the bathroom tiles with vinegar once a month

This process is very simple. Spray a good amount of vinegar in your bathroom tiles and use a sponge for thorough cleaning.

Your tiles will never get dirty.

18. Prevent unwanted water stain from occurring again with Rain X

You can use Rain X to prevent water stain and soap scum from occurring again. Clean your glass door at first and then use Rain X.

19. Remove dirt from the oven glass with a magic eraser

Take a magic eraser and give your oven glass a wipe to get rid of the dirt. Doing this every now and then will keep the glass clean.

20. Clean your blender in the easiest way

Take 3 cups of warm water and pour in the blender and add a small amount of dish soap. Turn on the blender and run it or 10 seconds.

21. Use coca-cola to clean your electric kettle

Open a can of coca-cola and pour it in the electric cattle. Boil it, and after 5 minutes, get rid of the soda, and you will see that the kettle has become shiny again.

22. Clean the bottles with rice and detergent

Fill your bottle with detergent and warm water. Then use a handful of rice and give the bottle a few good shakes with the lid on.

23. Unclog any sink with vinegar and baking soda

Dump one cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda in the sink. Let it sit for some moment and turn on the water.

24. Use bleach to sanitize washing machine

Run a cycle with bleach and run another cycle with vinegar. Cleaning washing machine is also important as it can form germ and bacteria over time.

Using bleach and vinegar is effective in this case.

25. Clean the grouts of your bathroom tiles

You can use an effective chemical like hydrogen peroxide to clean the grouts of your bathroom tiles. Take an old toothbrush and scrub well after applying hydrogen peroxide.

26. Use an old toothbrush to clean your toaster

Turn your toaster upside down and use an old toothbrush to scrub the area. If you want to clean the steel part, you can use vinegar as well.

27. Make your own DIY cleaner for hardwood floors

Take half a cup of vinegar, few drops of essential oil, one-fourth cup of rubbing alcohol, and castile soap. Spray the mixture and mop your hardwood floor thoroughly.

28. Get rid of that sticky grime from your fridge with a baby wipe

As you constantly touch your fridge, it is normal for it to get easily dirty. Take a baby wipe and rub the stained area. The grime will be gone in no time.

29. Clean your glass stove top with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and scrub it with an old brush. After waiting for 5 minutes, clean with a piece of microfiber cloth.

30. Make the faucets shiny again with dryer sheets

Take a few dryer sheets and wipe the faucets of your kitchen and bathroom. You will see that the soap scum and water stain has gone for good.

31. Scrub your window tracks with baking soda and vinegar

Window tracks easily get filled with dust and dirt. You can make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and scrub the tracks with a brush. It will be cleaned like before.

32. Apply a few drops of essential oil in the garbage can

If your garbage can smell bad and you do not know the reason, you can use essential oil to get rid of the bad smell. Apply one or two drops of essential oil every other day in the garbage can.

33. Use a pledge lemon cleaner to clean the stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances need a bit more special care than regular appliances and kitchen tools. That is why I use pledge lemon cleaner to clean my stainless steel appliances.

34. Get rid of the dirt from window blinds with a tong and a microfiber cloth

Take a tong and tie a piece of microfiber cloth around it. It will be easier to reach the window blinds, and they will be cleaned in no time.

35. Get rid of the rust from old tools with coca-cola

Old metal and wooden tools can easily get rusted. Place the tools in a large container and use one bottle of coca-cola to clean them. The acid works magically in getting rid of the rust.

36. Make the cloudy glasses shiny again

Fill your sink with water and a small amount of white vinegar. Place the glasses in the mixture and wait for 15 minutes. After that, rinse well.

37. Use lemon and oil to make the cast iron skillets shinier

Get rid of the rusty parts from a cast-iron skillet by cleaning it with lemon and oil. I do not use harsh chemical products for the sensitivity of the cast iron.

38. Use lime to clean wooden utensils

When you use too much soap to clean wooden utensils, they get dry over time. That is why using lime can help in a great way.

Scrub the wooden utensils with lime and see the magic.

39. Sanitize the barbeque grills with spraying vinegar mixture

Make a mixture of water and vinegar and spray on the barbeque grills. It will sanitize and clean the grills for good.

40. Get rid of mold from garage walls with borax and vinegar

If you need something strong to get rid of mold, you can use a mixture of borax and vinegar. Mix them with warm water and spray on the mold directly.

These are all the best house cleaning tips that I personally have been applying for a long time. I will suggest you to try out at least a few of them to see the effectiveness.

I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Let me know if you have any other queries related to this.

These are my 40 best house cleaning tips that have become my life way easier than before. I no longer feel lazy or annoyed while cleaning my house because I apply these little tricks, which save me a lot of time.

Let me know what you feel about these tips.