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How Big Is a Sectional Couch? (Quick Answers)

The best part about a sectional couch is its customizability. You can customize a sectional according to your preference and that’s what makes it so unique and different from other sofas and couches. 

If you’re planning to get yourself a sectional couch, you might be wondering about its size and whether it will be the right fit for your room or not.

How big is a sectional couch?

Commonly, the length of an individual seat of a sectional couch ranges between 30-36 inches. A full-size sectional couch can measure 94-156 inches in length and 94-168 inches in width. Since sectionals are rearrangeable, it’s hard to give out a standard size.

Sectionals are widely customizable. Therefore, it can be tricky to give an exact measurement of the standard length and width of a sectional. 

But since sectionals are a compilation of three or more one-seater chairs, if you have the dimension of an individual chair, you can estimate the dimension of a full-size sectional from that. 


Usually, a sectional couch is quite long. This is why it is considered as furniture for a room with a large area. With the introduction of a small sectional couch, people can now set them up in their smaller rooms as well.

The general length of the single-seat of a sectional couch is 30-36 inches. Whereas, a full-size sectional couch can measure 94-156 inches in length. The length is measured from the longest side of a sectional couch. 


A sectional couch can measure 94-168 inches in width. The width is measured from the back of the couch and includes everything between the two ends. The overall width of a full-size sectional couch is usually longer than the overall length. 

This is exactly why it’s so important to measure the area beforehand as you plan to purchase a sectional couch.

What is the average size for a sectional couch? What is considered a small sectional? 

Since sectionals are very customizable, a customer has the capability of moving and rearranging the couch. Hence, it gets difficult to define a standard size for a sectional couch. An individual seat most often measures somewhere between 30-36 inches long

So with this idea, you can count the number of seats and get a rough idea of the size of your sectional couch. 

These days, a lot of brands are bringing out small sectional couches that can easily fit in a small room. A simple three-seater chaise sectional can be as small as 78″ X 61″, so you don’t need to worry about your small rooms anymore.

What are the different sizes of sectionals? What are the dimensions? 

The size of a sectional can vary with type and purpose. There are small sectional, mid-sized sectional, and large sectional. The measuring of a sectional is a bit different and more complex than the regular sofas.

Overall length:

The overall length of a sectional is measured from the longest side of the sofa. It combines the right-hand or left-hand loveseat and the corner chair. The overall length of a sectional couch is somewhere between 94-156 inches. 

Overall width:

The overall width of a sectional includes everything on the back of the couch. The measuring starts from one end and stops on the other end including everything in the middle. 

In most cases, the overall width is higher than the overall length and it is somewhere in between 94-168 inches. 

Other measurements:

Apart from the length and width, some other measurements can come to your help, like the measurements of the inner side of the sectional. This measurement is essential if you plan to purchase a coffee table, center table, centerpiece, or ottoman.

Curved sectional measurements:

The measurements of a curved sectional are quite different from others. Since it is curved, it can’t be just measured from one end. In this case, an imaginary rectangle is used. The method is to consider the smallest imaginary rectangle that could fit the sofa within it.

The long side of the rectangle represents the width, while the short side represents the depth. You can measure the dimension by considering the measurements of this imaginary rectangle.

How to measure for a sectional sofa?

The following steps will help you to measure your sectional sofa –

Measure the space of the room: 

The first step to choosing the right sectional sofa is measuring the space you want to set it up in. You should use a tape measure to do the job as it gives the most accurate results compared to any measuring app. 

You can use this to measure the length, width, and height of the room.

You should not leave the hallway and the doorway. As you bring the sofa inside, it has to travel through the hallway and the doorway. So it is very important that you tape measure them as well. 

All these measurements will act as the baseline for choosing the right size of the sectional.

Choose a spot and tape the area:

Once you finish measuring the size of your room, you should choose a spot in the room where the sectional will look good. Make sure that the area is free of any disturbance so you don’t bump into something trying to reach the couch. 

Use painter’s tape or masking tape to mark the area.

This will help you visualize the couch and understand if the area you chose is convenient enough. You can move around and see if you bump into the marked zone or if the position is right and adjust the tape if necessary. 

Don’t forget to spare some area for any outlet access if needed.

Measure for multiple arrangements:

Since sectionals are made for making rearrangements easier and more enjoyable, you should keep your options open if you plan to relocate them sometime in the future. 

Therefore, it may come as a great help if you choose one or more areas where you might want to relocate the sofa later and measure those areas beforehand. This step will save you both time and effort and help you choose the right sectional. 

How big should a room be for a sectional?

Sectional couches are generally designed for spacious rooms. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a sectional couch for smaller rooms. Most modern home decor ideas include sectional couches as they look stylish and gorgeous. 

Therefore, designers came up with many small-size sectional couch designs that you can fit in your small room. 

The most important thing to consider is that you choose the size according to the size and space of your room. Also, don’t forget to measure the size of your doorway. Even if you can fit a sectional in your room, you may not be able to fit it through the doorway. 

And lastly, if you are not using an L-shaped sectional, make sure that each side leaves at least 18 inches of a gap

What should you look for when shopping for a sectional?

You should consider the following aspects when shopping for a sectional –

The shape of the sectional:

The shape is the most important thing to consider when you are shopping for a sectional. The top designs of sectional couches include U-shaped, L-shaped, chaise, and curved shapes. You should choose the right design that fits both your taste and your space. 

If you are a new user, you should start by checking out the L-shaped and chaise designs since these two are the most space-savvy of all. 

The U-shaped and curved sectionals usually take up a lot of space in the room and if the size of your room is not that big, they can make it too congested. 

Fabric and color of the sectional:

The next most important thing is the fabric. The right fabric is very crucial as it will ensure that you have a comfortable experience using the couch. While there are luxurious fabrics like leather, you can also opt for other more durable fabrics. 

If you have pets in your home, durable fabric for the sectional can save them from scratches.

Another affordable option can be polyester. A good tip while purchasing sectionals is to make sure the fabric comes pre-treated with sealant. This can be very helpful if you have small kids. 

Once you’re done picking the right fabric, you should now look for the right color that will complement your room as well as the design of the sectional.

Any other special features:

You can also check for some special features in the sectional. Many new sectionals offer additional features like cupholders, recliners, and USB chargers. And not only that, some sectional couches can be doubled as makeshift mattresses. 

These unique features can make your experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Final Thoughts 

It is hard to give a clear idea of how long a sectional can be. Generally, a full-size sectional couch can measure 94″-156″ in length and 94″-168″ in width. An individual seat of a sectional can measure 30″-36″ in length. You must measure your room and area before choosing a sectional.