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How Do You Get Rid of Rat Holes in the Yard? (Answered)

Rats are one of the main rodents among those that cause different types of diseases as well as infest houses, damage crops or even threaten public health. 

It is not unknown to anyone that rodents can damage your crops fully and also it can destroy your home totally. People always look for better solutions in order to decrease the rodent population. 

Also, in many countries, there are companies that provide the service of removing rats from people’s houses to their backyard as well as other sorts of places where rats can make their home. 

In this article, we are also going to discuss the solution to a major problem which is how you can get rid of rat holes in the yard.

4 tips to get rid of rat holes in the yard:

You can get rid of rat holes by blocking the holes through wires which will prevent rats from getting back to their holes. Also, you will need to eliminate all the food sources from your yard where rats can find their food. You will also need to keep your yard neat and clean and free from trash.

The rats can make holes in your yard if they find enough food sources inside your yard. They will stock up on the food in those holes and will make them their permanent home by producing their offspring.

You just cannot simply remove the rats and think of getting rid of those rat holes if your yard is not clean and free of food sources.

Because after a few days the new population of rats will start to dig into your yard and make new holes as well as start to pile up food in the holes from the possible food sources you left out in your yard.

Therefore, in order to fully get rid of the rat holes from your yard, you will need to keep your yard clean and remove the food sources to which the rats get attracted to return to your yard.

However, there are possible solutions you can follow in order to remove rat holes from your yard. We have listed those solutions accordingly down below:

Food sources:

In order to get rid of rat holes in your yard the first thing to do is to remove all the food sources which attract the rats to rush down to your yard.

As a result, they will start digging those holes in order to stock the foods they are collecting from your yard.

In this way, even if you remove the rat holes from your yard, the rats will come again and make holes in your yard. Therefore, you should always clean up the food sources that attract the rats in your yard.

Get rid of rats from the holes:

The most humane way you can get rid of rats from the holes is by flushing out the hole.

Rats do not like a disturbance in their surroundings which is why if you flush water into their holes this will shock them and instantly they will leave the holes.

Also, the water will not let them return to their hole but you have to make sure that they don’t dig up new holes in your yard.

Apply a strong scent consisting of deterrents around the hole:

If you want to repel rats from their holes then the best way to do it is by applying deterrents around their holes.

As rats have a powerful sense of smell, therefore, you can repel them by putting on a strong scent. They highly dislike deterrents like peppermint, onion, hot peppers, garlic, white vinegar etc.

Block the holes:

You can block the holes of the rodents if you don’t want them to re-enter their house. But you have to make sure that there are no rats inside those holes by flushing out the holes before blocking them.

You can use chicken wire or mesh in order to block the holes of the rats. In addition, if you block the holes with caulk or paper then there is a high possibility that the rodents will chew them off.

Signs of rat holes in the yard:

In order to spot the signs of rat holes in the yard, you will need to investigate your yard properly. However, spotting the signs of rat holes in the yard is very easy. However, if you can’t spot the signs then it is recommended to contact pest control.

But below we have discussed all the most noticeable signs of rat holes from which you can be sure that there are rats in your yard:

Diameter of holes:

Well, you can easily identify the rat holes because mostly they are medium in size. The average diameter of the entrance of the rat holes can be 5 to 6 inches.

In addition, the entrance has a shape as well as dirt around it and the way to the entrance is smooth.

Characteristics of the holes:

Rats use a variety of resources to build their homes, using branches and fibres from plants, as well as insulation, fur, newspaper, and other manufactured items.

The conventional holes may have a dedicated space for holding meals as well as other chambers. In addition, the entrance track is one important component of a rat’s hole.

Normally free of obstructions like dirt and webbing, this passage immediately leads into and out of the holes.

Things that confirm that there are rat holes:

There can be a variety of rat belongings in your yard which confirms that there are rat holes in your yard.

Rat droppings are the most common sign that confirms that there are rat holes in your yard. Also, rats that go out from their holes following a path return to their holes following the same path.

If you can follow that track you might find the rat holes. Also, If there is an infestation in your yard then you will be able to sense a strong smell that comes from the rat. This will surely indicate that there are rat burrows near you.

What brings rats to your yard?

As we have discussed earlier, rats can be attracted to your yard mainly because of food sources. Also, there are plants and different sorts of smells that attract the rats highly.

However, one of the most important thing to remember that if you want get rid of rat holes from your yard then you must find out what things from your yard attracts the rats the most. Below we have listed all sort of things that attracts the rats the most:

Food sources:

The first step in getting rid of rat holes in your yard is to eliminate all food sources that tempt rats to congregate in your yard. They’ll begin digging those holes as a result in order to store the food they’re gathering from your yard.

In this manner, even if you fill in the rat holes in your yard, the rats will return and dig new ones there. Therefore, you should constantly remove the food sources in your yard that attract rats.


Most rats gets attracted by the sweet smell that comes from the fruits and vegetables from your yard. Also, the smell of waste, pet food or garbage containers attracts the rodents most.

Overgrown spaces:

Most rats prefer to build their nests in overgrown areas. They prefer spaces that have compost piles, shrubbery, woods, etc. because it will provide them with shelter and a place to hide from predators.

How harmful are rat holes?

Rat holes can be very harmful because the rats pile up different sorts of things in their holes. Basically, the rats’ stocks start from dirt, wood, food, waste, pet food to even electrical wires.

As they stock up on different electrical wires which is why there is a high chance that it will lead to a fire caused by a short circuit.

In addition, rats carry different diseases, therefore, it will not be a wise option to be around the rat holes. Also, rats can be very aggressive if disturbed and sometimes they can bite you if you get very close to them.

In addition, a bite can be very dangerous as they can transfer sorts of germs or harmful bacteria through one bite.

Also, different chemical particles are present in the pile of waste that the rat stocks up in their hole. Therefore, it won’t be safe to be close to any rat’s hole in your yard.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get rid of rat holes from your yard then you have to find out the things from your yard that attract the rat. Remove any sort of food waste or food source from which the rats get attracted and dig up fresh holes or else use deterrents or wires in order to block the holes.