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How Long Do Tea Lights Last? (Read This First!)

We often decorate our house with small candles. Maybe to celebrate our beloved person’s birthday, or any special anniversary we use candles. Here come the tea lights. They are metal or plastic made candles that help us decorate the house and other areas within a while.

Tea lights help us in various ways. We can go for a candle light dinner and enjoy the delightful decorations. Moreover, the tea lights can be used on water. It’s an afloat candle that you can use to decorate a small lake or any watery place.

But how long do they last? Stick with us to know all the details.

How long do tea lights last?

Tea lights last for about three hours. But the time will depend on the uses and environment. If you use many lights and the space between two lights is very little, the lights will burn soon. You can expect to get 2 ½ hours of burning time, or the tea lights will last for two hours. 

Since there are different types of tea lights available, they have different lifetimes. Some may last for 2 hours; others may burn for more than 3 hours. Let’s see what’s the exact lasting time for different tea lights.

LED tea lights: 

The lifetime of LED tea lights is the highest. They can give you hours after hours and several days of lasting time. If you want to decorate your room or the entire building and hope to get the longest-lasting time, you should choose LED tea lights.

The LED tea lights will generally last for 48 to 50 hours because they have battery backup.

Electric tea lights: 

Electric tea lights can last for 6 hours without any intermediate break. If you use it for a long time, they might go out for 18 hours. It’s the nature of electric tea lights, and you have to make a loop or create a plant to use the electric tea lights accordingly.

You need electricity to run these tea lights for a long time. Using electric tea lights can be costly from both sides. They will increase electric bills, and the price of lights is also high.

Fake tea lights: 

The fake tea light will last for 3 hours if it’s a regular fake tea light. In contrast, the fake LED tea lights will last for more than 24 hours; they can go for 48 hours if you buy high-quality fake tea lights. 

Since the fake tea lights are different from the other general lights, it’s difficult to predict their lasting time. 

Ashland tea lights: 

The Ashland tea lights last for 6 hours. You will find them at candlelight dinners. However, the time will depend on the wax used. If the candles or tea lights are closed, they will last for a short time. 

It will last for the maximum time if you use them separately, maintaining the standard distance.

Ikea tea lights: 

Since Ikea tea lights use wax, they will last for 4 hours. It’s the highest time you can expect from any Ikea tea lights. But the time might change if you closely burn the tea lights. They will produce more heat and will melt the wax soon. 

So, you need to decide how you decorate the tea lights.

Submersible tea lights: 

You will get 64 hours of service from your submersible tea lights if you continuously use them. Since they are LED lights, they can last longer than their average lifetime. In the worst scenario, the submersible tea lights will last 48 hours. 

In most cases, you will get more than 64 hours of lighting from them. They are excessively durable and will ensure the best decoration through their lighting.

Yankee candle tea lights: 

The Yankee candle tea lights will last for 4 to 6 hours. It’s not constant. The burning capacity will ensure the rest. Since Yankee or any unscented candle lights have different variations, you can expect them to give you more burning time.

Will tea lights burn out? 

Tea lights should ideally be burned in a single session, but they should be burned in two-hour sessions at the very least. Allow tea light to burn out on its own as it approaches the end of its life.

Votive candles are frequently made with tea lights. Additionally, they are ideal for accent lighting and heating scented oils. Tea lights can be floated on water for decorative purposes. 

Multiple tea lights are frequently burned concurrently due to their tiny size and low quality of light.

Tea light candles burn too quickly; regardless of the environment, do not leave tea light candles lit while away from home or asleep. There are several potential dangers associated with lighting a light tea candle all night:

However, if you place numerous lights close together, they will burn out more quickly. However, if you submerge the light in water, the wax closest to the water will remain too cold to melt.

How long do tealight candles last? How long do flameless tea lights last?

Tea lights are intended to burn for between 2 and 5 hours. On the other hand, Votive candles can burn for up to ten hours. Many tea light adverts claim that the tea lights will burn for up to 6 hours. However, the average wait time is 2 hours.

Furthermore, the length of time a tea light will burn is mainly determined by the height and width of the tea light. The more the size and width, the greater the length of time they will burn.

The LED in a flameless candle has a lifespan of around 100,000 hours. If you utilize it four hours per day, it will continue to function for 68 years! Unfortunately, the four AA batteries cannot keep up with the demands of the game.

How long do batteries last in led tea lights?

These candles may be powered by Lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries. One pair of LED tea light candles will generally last 48 to 50 hours on a single set of batteries. Taper candles have a longer burn time, approximately 250 hours. 

Pillars appear to be able to run for approximately 180 hours on a single battery charge. Home décor, fragrance, and glow/flicker of natural candlelight can be achieved with battery-operated flameless candles without the danger of a fire.

What are tea lights made of?

Tea lights are made of three things. They have different roles to play. If you want to make the tea lights, you must use them wisely.

White Wax:

You cannot expect a tea light without white wax. So, wax is the primary material for tea lights. You will find a rounded white wax inside every tea light covered with a cup. 

However, the wax generally comes in white color, but you may find different colors of wax. Colorful wax is used to make the decoration more animated.

Metal Cup:

The metal cup is another best ingredient or inevitable part of a tea light. You will find pretty much every tea light that will hold the wax and the wick. When you burn the tea lights, it will burn the wax. 

The burned wax will be there in the cup, and the wick will continue burning the floated wax.


You cannot use only the wax and the cup; you need something light. That’s where the third part or material of the tea light comes in. You have to use a wick in the middle of the wax to create light. 

The wick is inserted through the wax and the bottom lines in the metal cup. 

How do you calculate burn time for tealight candles?

You can calculate the burn time for light tea candles by following a simple formula. You will need to know about the weight of the wax, burned wax, and the burning time. Let’s get the estimated burn time for your tea light candles.

Total Wax Weight:

You need to find out the total weight of the wax to calculate the burn time. Here, you cannot include the container weight. Only the amount of wax that is used in the container.

Burned Wax:

After getting the total wax weight, you need to determine the burned wax weight. Let’s say you burn the tea light for 30 minutes. You need to weigh the amount of the burned wax.

Divide and Multiply:

Now, you need to divide the total wax by the burned wax weight. You will find a result. Then, multiply the result by the burned time. 

Final Thoughts

Tea lights last for about 3 hours to a couple of days. If you buy the regular candle tea lights, it will give you 3 to 4 hours of burning time. But if you buy the LED tea light, it will give you 48 hours. So, the exact time of the tea light is challenging to define. You can calculate burned time.