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How Long Does It Take to Tile a Bathroom? (Answered)

The bathroom is a part of the house dedicated to bathing, cleanliness, and in special cases, the toilet. It is very important to keep the bathroom clean and well maintained as compared to other rooms in the house. 

This is why it is made of materials that can be easily maintained. Today we talk about using tiles in the bathroom. 

How long does it take to tile a bathroom?  

Generally, a standard size bathroom takes four to six weeks to finish tiling. If customized items or imported items are used, it might take longer than that. It takes around a whole day to lay up tiles in the entire bathroom. Most of the time is spent on grouting and curing the tiles.

A bathroom is a place inside the house that is used for taking showers, washing clothes, and in special cases, it might be used as a lavatory as well. 

So, keeping the bathroom clean is one of the most important things that people need to do besides maintaining their house. The tiles prevent corrosion of the walls due to exposure to water. 

Generally, it takes up to a day when laying tiles in the bathroom. Depending on the different types of tiles, it might take longer to place the tiles on the bathroom properly. Now we will discuss how long it takes to install tiles in any part of the bathroom:  

Bathroom shower: 

If the work is done by a professional tile layer, they can complete it between 6 to 8 hours. Also, when using customized tiles for your bathroom, it takes more than a day to lay them on the shower. 

Bathroom wall: 

When using ceramic tiles, you need to cut them properly and this will take around two days to lay all the tiles on the wall properly. You might need to take care of some gaps as well to make sure you can place the taps.

Bathroom floor: 

Tiling the bathroom floor can be an easy job if proper measurements for each tile are maintained. If you follow the multi-step process, that will typically take one to three days depending on the size of the floor. 

Whole bathroom: 

Considering all the facts it will take around four to six weeks to finish the bathroom tiling project. Depending on the availability of the materials, it might take longer.

How long does it take to tile a large bathroom? 

Apart from keeping the house well maintained, people wish to make the bathroom look more decorative and attractive. That is why people prefer to use tiles on the floors and walls of the bathroom. 

This makes the bathroom look more reflecting and creates a modular look. Tiling a larger bathroom can take a couple of days. You will need to cut the tiles to fit around taps, corners, and angles. 

This will consume a lot of time and effort. Tiling these crucial parts of the bathroom can be hard if you cannot keep the adjustments in place. Tiling the floor is comparatively easier than the other ones.

Also, since a lot of water is used in the bath, the texture of the wall can be damaged by water on the wall. That is why tiles are used in all bathrooms. 

Can you tile a bathroom in one day? How many days does it take to tile a small bathroom? 

It is possible to complete tiling a bathroom in a day. You just need to have the proper elements to complete the work. 

If you want to install tiles on the bathroom and walk on it within a day, you need to use rapid-setting thin-set mortar adhesives for installing the tile. 

Generally, the manufacturer company allows you to grout the bathroom tiles within a few hours of installing if the bathroom was cured at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

But you need to be careful when grouting the tiles. If it’s not done properly, the grout might start staining while it’s curing.

 Just like the way a large bathroom can be tiled within a few days; a smaller bathroom takes a few hours to tile. The most time-consuming part of tiling the bathroom is cutting around the pipes, taps, and corners. 

Also, few things such as the slope height and placement of each tile we need to keep in consideration.

How long does it take to tile a bathroom for professionals? 

Tiling the bathroom is considered professional work because you cannot be able to do that without proper expertise in it. It takes to measure the angles, corners, and slope height for the bathroom to properly install the tiles in it. 

Also, it is the easiest way to tile your bathroom within a short time by hiring a professional. Generally, a standard bathroom tiled by a professional tiler will take around 4 to 8 hours whereas it will take 10 to 16 hours for you to complete the job. 

Although hiring someone professional will not save you money, that work will be precise. 

Also, it is not that expensive for a professional to put tiles on your bathroom since they charge for tiling the bathroom only based on square foot. So, it is pretty convenient.

3 factors that affect the time it takes to tile a bathroom 

Tiling the bathroom is not that easy if you do not have the expertise and proper tools to complete it. Also, it will take a lot of time if done as a DIY project instead of hiring someone professional. 

This is why it is a convenient solution to hire someone who can properly install the tiles in your bathroom. There are a few things that are needed to keep in consideration when tiling in the bathroom. 

These things mostly affect the time that it takes to complete tiling in a bathroom. A few factors that affect the time it takes to tile a bathroom is discussed below: 

Proper cut: 

The first thing that affects the time to dial A bathroom is the cutting of the tiles. If you are using ceramic tiles or any type of style, you need to cut them in proper measurement to adjust the corners. 

Cutting tiles is very time-consuming and can cause you a lot of hassle. 


Is one of the most important parts of completing a bathroom tiling project. This enables them to cover the gaps between the tiles to hold them with the wall strongly. It is a very time-consuming job that needs to be done accurately. 


To stick the tiles to the wall well, you need proper curing. Curing is a very time-consuming job and takes a couple of days to complete.

In addition to that, curing helps to stick the grout in the wall well. That is why curing is important and affects time.

How much should it cost to tile a bathroom? 

Tiling the bathroom is considered an expensive job. Generally, the average cost of tiling in a standard-size bathroom can be between $1000 to $3000. Although many professional tilers consider taking charge on a per square foot. 

Generally, it’s around $8 to $18 per square foot to cover the bathroom with tiles. Depending on the type and design, the expense might vary. If you want to use imported tiles then the cost will be higher than anything. 

Using porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles is the best option to install in your bathroom. Ceramic tiles are considered a cheap option for tiling your bathroom. But in the case of design and quality, the price might go up. 

Also, you can check the tiles available in the market and compare the price. This will be a convenient idea for choosing the right type of tiles and balancing the expense.

How long does it take to lay 100 square feet of tile? 

A 100 square feet bathroom is not considered a large-sized bathroom, so you can complete your tiling project in the bathroom within a few hours of work depending on your expertise, tools, and materials. 

Typically, it takes around 4 hours or less than that to put tiles on the bathroom. When putting tiles in the bathroom, you must consider the corners. Because not all tiles will fit the bathroom properly, you might need to cut them to adjust them with the corner. 

Also make sure to cut the tiles precisely to fit the corners, angles, and taps with them. 

After you are done laying tiles, now you can apply grout to cover the gaps and continue curing the tiles until it’s completely ready for use. This is how you can finish your bathroom tiling project within a few hours. 

Final thoughts 

Depending on the bathroom size, it might take a couple of days to cover a bathroom with tiles. In addition to that, the grouting and curing process might make it longer. When placing tiles, consider covering the angles properly. Remember larger tiles take less time to cover the bathroom.