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How Long Does KT Tape Last? (Read This First!)

Kinesiology Therapeutic tape or KT tape is a medically used pain tape to heal your joint pain. If you have any joint fracture or tissue related pain, you may go to your doctor and start using the kt tape. It will stick to your skin to create pressure and warm that area.

That’s how KT tape will relieve joint pain. You cannot overuse your KT tape since it might damage your skin. So, follow the doctor’s advice and remove the tape after a specific time. 

How long does KT tape last?

KT tape does last for 3-4 days, depending on the temperature. This tape is heat sensitive, and it will only last for 24-hours when the weather and your body temperature are high. It might come off your skin within a few hours. But in suitable condition they will remain on your skin for half a week.

Also, you must use KT tape on your joint fracture or pain skin. But the lasting time will depend on your tape’s quality and usage. Using the highest quality tape might give you more than four days of lasting time. In contrast, the low-quality kt tape will come off the skin quickly.

Maybe you will only get one or two days of using or lasting time from an average quality kt tape. When you apply this tape to your joint pain, it will stick to the skin firmly, but the lifetime or the lasting time will be determined by your movement & tape quality. 

It will come off your skin if you move that pain part too often or sweat a lot.

You can only expect to use your kt tape for four days if you can keep it without sweat or movement. Changing your tape after a single use isn’t necessary, but you should replace the tape once it loses its stickiness. Considering these factors, you may use the KT pro tape.

Kt pro tape:

Your kt pro tape will last for 4-7 days if you can ensure the best environment. The kt pro tape is a better version of this tape with high stickiness to stick on your body’s skin firmly. 

Consequently, it will last for one week if you don’t use any heat or don’t mourn from a fever.

If your joint or muscle pain gets longer, the doctor may advise you to use the kt pro tape. It will stock for a long time and help your tissue recover soon. But you must choose the best brand’s kt pro tape to enjoy better pain relief.

Can you take a shower with KT Tape on?

Since the KT tape is not water sensitive, you can take a shower with your KT tape on your pained area. It doesn’t concern your swimming or using water on its surface. You can swim using your KT tape on your body, but you should dry the tape after the shower.

You can use a soft towel to dry your wet KT tape, but you cannot use direct sunlight to dry your wet KT tape because the KT tape cannot bear the heat or direct sunlight. You need to softly dry it or remove it and replace it with a dry KT tape. 

If you use any heater or direct sunlight to dry your KT tape, it may come off your skin.

So, avoid using direct sunlight or a heater to dry your KT pro or regular tape. They will damage the tape quality and ruin the adhesive components. So, if you still shower or swim having your KT tape on, you must dry it using a soft towel or anything else.

Can you use KT Tape long term?

You cannot use KT tape long term since it may create an allergic reaction on your skin. Anything adhesive is not suitable for the human body because it can ruin the upper layer of your skin and create an allergic reaction there. It’s the only reason you cannot use KT tape long term.

You may use your KT tape while running or playing. But you must remove it after playing and relieve your skin for a long time to let the air go through and soothe that area. If you keep them for a long time, it will damage your skin quality and might create allergic issues.

So, it’s better to use KT Tape for emergencies or according to your doctor’s advice. You cannot use it for a long time and expect not to damage your skin. Remove your KT tape once your pain is gone and you no longer need it.

“3” factors that affect the lasting of the kt tape

You can only count three factors that affect the lasting of the KT Tape. If you can count or find more, let others know. It will help us become more aware of using KT Tape and avoid it for unnecessary reasons.

Heat/Direct Sunlight:

Heat or direct sunlight becomes the first factor that will directly affect the lasting time of your KT tape. You cannot use this tape under direct sun and expect to get this tape’s longest lifetime. 

You must use natural sunlight or live in a heated atmosphere bearing KT tape.

Sometimes, you may need or want to swim using KT tape; if you do that, you must avoid direct sunlight to dry the tape again. You can use a soft towel or tissue to prevent damaging the tape. 

Frequent Movement:

Although the frequent movement is not a concerning factor for using KT tape for a long time. Let’s say you have LT tape on your hand, but you keep moving or using it for a long time. Unfortunately, it comes off your skin.

You can move freely, but you must be careful about your movement & KT tape adhesiveness. If it comes off, you cannot reuse it for a long time.

Tape Quality:

The third factor that affects the lasting time directly is tape quality. You may find many types of KT tape, including regular KT tape, KT pro tape, and more. 

You should purchase the best quality KT pro tape if you don’t have budget constraints; it will give you the best lasting time.

Can you reuse KT Tape?

You cannot reuse KT tape since it may contain affected or damaged bacteria or diseases. Applying fresh KT tape to your pain area will create pressure on your damaged tissue to give it some relief and heat. It will keep doing so for three to four days.

After that time, the KT Tape will be of no use, and you must replace it with a new one. What if you swim, bathe, and use it for a long day? You don’t need to remove your KT tape to take a shower since it’s waterproof tape. It will remain fresh and not allow any water to penetrate.

But the thing is, you should never reuse your KT tape. When you open the bandage, your KT tape will have some bacteria and might contain other harmful diseases.

How to make kt tape last longer?

You can make KT tape last longer by following our tips. They will be effective and let you enjoy your KT Tape for 3-4 days without changing or replacing it with a new one. 

If you have a badly injured body part and mourn from severe pain, you should use KT tape until your pain disappears.

Avoid Heat/High Temperature:

If you want to get the best use of your KT tape, you must ensure to avoid the heat or high temperature. Since your KT tape is heat-sensitive, it will come off your skin under high heat. 

You cannot use it for a long time under direct sunlight.

It’s our first trip to avoid using direct sunlight or high temperature to apply KT tape. You may use it under snowfall or drastic weather, but you must avoid using it under high temperatures.  

Careful Movement:

Sometimes, your excessive movement of the adage area might damage your KT tape and help it to come off your skin. 

Therefore, you must avoid moving unnecessarily; especially, the pain area should get some relief by little movement.

You can stop the excessive movement of your KT tape to enhance its lifetime. It will be better to move carefully and allow the tape to come off your body.

Don’t Remove Tape:

If you take a shower wearing KT tape, don’t remove the tape before or after the shower. It will ruin the adhesive ingredients and don’t allow the tape to stick to your skin again firmly.

Final Thoughts

The KT tape will last for 3-4 days, depending on the quality and usage area. Using the KT pro tape may last for a week if you don’t use any heat or don’t allow the sunlight to penetrate that area. You can even take a bath or go swimming wearing KT tape since it’s waterproof.