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How Long Does a Mist Coat Take to Dry? (Answered)

While renovating a wall or decorating it in a new color, it’s important to make the base of the surface flawless. Otherwise, in a few months, your walls will lose their charm and color as paints will fall off if the walls are not adhesive enough. 

That’s why you need to apply a mist coat on plastered walls and let it dry properly before applying paint.

But how long does a mist coat take to dry is a question a user must know the answer to.  

How long does a mist coat take to dry?

Mist coats don’t take many days to dry. Usually, after 2 hours the coat becomes touch-dry. But a 12-hour of gap after applying mist coat on new plaster is considered satisfactory. The best is to let it dry for 24 hours. However, depending on the room temperature, ventilation drying time may vary.

A mist coat is a good pick to pamper the base if you are looking for one to make your new plaster wall smooth and flawless.

It’s actually a thinner or watered-down paint. As it is layered over a wall that’s plastered, it seals the porous surface. You can use a mist coat on non-plastered walls too.

A mist coat in general can be called a primer. it seals and primes walls so that the paint can seat well. Mist coat also prevents the paint from peeling and brightens the color. 

Besides, mist coat smoothens the wall texture. Some mist coats also help to blur out imperfections. 

How well-finished wall you are going to have depended on the correct process of using a mist coat. And when we say the right process, the time a mist coat takes to dry is very important to know. Because you can’t go to the next step unless the most coat is dried.

Let’s learn how long mist coat takes to dry on new plaster:

On new plaster:

Mist coat will touch-dry after 1 to 2 hours of application on a newly plastered wall. But technically it’s not dried until 12 hours. Even this duration is not encouraged to apply paint since the paint can peel off.

So on new plaster, it’s said to wait for 24 hours after using mist coat. However, the drying time of mist coat varies due to the temperature, airflow, etc. But mostly it takes a day which means 24 hours to fully dry. 

Does a mist coat dry quickly?

A mist coat is a quick-drying coating. It touch-dries faster than any other primer, usually within 1 to 2 hours. But it’s doesn’t get ready for a paint coat unless 24 hours are passed. 

Mist coat is used on the plastered wall as sealing. When applied on a plastered surface it creates a strong bond with the wall surface and thus makes it adhesive. Mist coat helps the wall to hold paint while giving it a smooth finish.

Mist coat dries very fast. It looks dry if you touch it after a few hours of applying. But that touch-dry situation of the wall is not suitable for painting. 

Mist coat is perfectly dried and ready for the next step after 12 to 24 hours of application. This duration is much shorter than any other sealer or primer, so it can be said mist coat dries quickly. 

How soon after mist coat can I paint?

You have to wait for 24 hours after using mist coat and after that, you can paint over it. 

A mist coat is a watered-down paint, that’s used to create a perfect base on plastered walls. It is meant to be applied after the plaster is dried and before putting paint.

If applied and maintained in the right way mist coat seals the porous surface, correct spots, and bumps and enhances the adhesive power of the wall. Thus the paint sticks to the wall nicely and evenly. 

But to get the desired result, you have to wait for 24 hours after using the mist layer on walls. So that it dried completely. Depending on the temperature and airflow of the place, the time may vary from 12 hours to 2 days even. 

But generally you can paint after 24 hours of applying a mist coat. 

Three factors that affect the dry time of mist coat

Mist coat is fast-drying thinner. It takes less time to dry and prepare the wall for the next step. Usually mist coat dries within 24 hours. But not always and everywhere.

Because there are few factors that control the drying time of the mist coat. Being affected by those mist coats on a surface may take a shorter or longer time to completely dry.

Here we’ve explained three factors that control the dry time of mist coat:

Temperature of the area:

The temperature of the place that’s being coated with mist coat plays a vital role in its drying time of it. In high temperatures, around 35-50 degrees and more mist coats will dry faster.

But when the weather is humid and below the above temperature mist coat will take more time to dry.

Ventilation condition:

Airflow has a big effect on mist coat’s drying time. A good airflow that can go in and out also has access to pass fastens the dry time of mist coat. 

On the opposite, a room that has a poor ventilation system will not let the mist coat dry sooner. 

Uneven surface:

Many people often complain in spite of ensuring proper airflow and temperature their mist coat takes longer to dry, it’s because the surface they have applied coat on, is not even. 

Uneven wall leads to an uneven layer of mist coat. So you may find some areas dried and other still newly coated. 

How do I know if mist coat dried and worked?

Mist coat has a power to create an illusion of a dried layer. Since it dries fast and mostly after 1 or 2 hours of application you find it touch-dry, it becomes hard to know whether mist coat is properly dried and worked on the surface. 

But by noticing some details on the application area, you can be sure of that too. Here’s how you can find out if mist coat dried and worked:

Wait for at least 12 hours:

This is the most common way. No matter how dry your mist-coated wall looks, you have to wait till 12 hours at least. Because earlier this duration mist coat becomes only touch-dry. 

Notice its color:

The color of mist coat changes as it dries. When applying you’ll find it darker, you will notice the shade of the coating is getting lighter in different spots. When all the area is evenly light in color, you will know it’s dried and worked. 

Use masking tape:

Stick masking tape in a few spots. If the coat is still wet, you’ll see it coming off in thin layers with the tape. A completely dried mist coat won’t peel. 

Paint in some spots:

If you’re still not sure, we’d ask to paint the surface. Not the whole wall, but lightly brush some paint on a few areas.

After drying if you find the paint is cracked, you’ll know mist hasn’t worked. 

How to make mist coat dry faster?

If you’re struggling with your mist coating that’s not drying faster, you will need to put in some effort. Here are a few steps you can follow to make mist coat dry quickly:

Ensure an even layer:

The first step is to apply a thin and even layer all over the surface. An even and thinner layer helps the surface absorb it faster. You’ll see the coating drying soon following this step.

Let the air pass:

A well ventilated place fastens the drying period of any coatings. The same goes for a mist coat. You have to make sure the application area has a proper airflow so that the air can pass and help the mist coat to dry.

Ensure standard temperature:

Temperature is a big deal when it comes to drying mist coats. If the place is hotter than 90 degrees, using a cooler take the temperature down. If it’s less than 30 degrees, do the opposite.

Don’t overdo it:

Many people put a couple of layers over mist coatings, which is not needed always. If you put more coatings the surface won’t be able to soak and it will not dry faster. To apply one or two coats maximum. 

Final Thoughts

A mist coat is quick drying. But the drying time can be different due to the airflow and temperature. Mostly, it is touch-dry after 2 hours but until 12 hours it is not considered dry. According to the experts, you should wait for 24 hours after applying a mist coat to prevent paint failure.