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How Long Should Curtains Be for Sliding Glass Door?

In choosing curtains for sliding glass doors, you should consider how long they will need to be so they cover the entire surface. Sliding glass door curtains can vary in length depending on several factors, including the door’s width, the type of curtain, and the climate. 

Check out How long should sliding glass door curtains be.

Curtains length for sliding glass door

Curtains for sliding glass doors are available in two different sizes, 84 inches, and 96 inches. The standard curtain size for sliding glass doors is 96 inches (80 inches door). For small doors (72 inches), 84 is the most suitable option. Additionally, curtains must be 8 inches wider than the door.

After opening a sliding glass door, the curtains should be allowed to retract and prevent heat gain for about half an hour. The curtains should be long for doors up to 96 inches wide – 84 inches are a good length. 

Short curtains can let drafts enter your home when they are open, as they won’t cover all of the glass.

Short curtains won’t block enough sunlight during the day and will cause discomfort while viewing outside at night if there’s a lot of light coming through the glass during the day.

The curtains for sliding glass doors should be long enough to cover the entire door when open so that drafts do not enter your home and you can see outside during the day. 

In addition to not blocking enough sunlight, shorter curtains may also cause discomfort when looking out onto your garden or landscape at night.

It is important to install a sheer curtain panel on the inside of sliding glass doors when curtains are not long enough to cover the door fully when open (84 inches curtains are usually sufficient). 

The sheer panel should be 96 inches long and have a hem on either side so that it covers just less than half of the glass on each side.

Should sliding glass door curtains touch the floor?

Sliding glass door curtains should not touch the floor. There should be a half-inch clearance above the floor. In modern room decoration, door curtains at half an inch above the door look more elegant. 

Curtains for sliding glass doors should generally cover the door when it is open and be at least half an inch high.

It is recommended that sliding glass door curtains be at least half an inch above the ground to prevent drafts from entering a home. Turbulence and noise in the air are reduced near the ground since air currents flow at a slower speed around objects. 

However, if you are looking for a traditional classic look for your room, floor-to-ceiling glass doors are a good choice. Should someone trip over sliding glass door curtains, they may be touching a door handle or other object that could cause damage. 

Additionally, curtains that touch the ground are difficult to clean and require more effort to remove dust and debris than curtains that are kept at least half an inch off the ground.

Sliding glass door curtain length rules

There are a few specific rules that you need to follow when it comes to the curtain length for sliding glass doors when it comes to how long the curtain should be.  In general, curtains should not be shorter than the height of the door. The following are some rules to keep in mind:

Long enough to cover the door when it is open:

Firstly, curtains should be long enough to cover an open door. For this reason, curtains should be at least half an inch above the floor and should extend six inches beyond the door’s edge.

Cover glass when the door is closed:

It is recommended that curtains be long enough to cover the glass when the door is closed. Consequently, curtains should extend two inches past the door on either side, and they should be tucked behind it. 

It is important to keep the curtains away from surfaces on the outside, such as floors and walls.

Wider than the glass door by eight inches:

It is recommended that curtains be 8 inches wider than glass doors. Therefore, if the glass door measures 62 inches, the curtains should measure 70 inches or more. There will be two sides to the wider portion of the door. 

Additionally, curtains should be long enough to cover the door when it is open. Curtains that are shorter than the door can be tucked in behind the door and covered when closed.

Avoid bunching or sticking the curtain:

There should be enough length in the curtains so that they flow smoothly and do not bunch up or get stuck in the tracks. It can be difficult for people to open and close the door if they have to do that every time they use it. 

Furthermore, curtains should be elastic or have a drawstring so that they can be adjusted according to your needs.

Half inches above the floor:

To prevent curtains from getting caught on door handles, they should be half an inch above the floor. 

Furthermore, curtains must be long enough to cover the door when it is open and should be tucked behind the glass to avoid coming into contact with exterior surfaces.

How do you measure a sliding glass door for curtains?

To determine the correct size and style of curtains for your sliding glass door, you can measure a few things. The measurements include the opening width, the curtain rod height, and any hardware that will be used (such as brackets or ties). You should proceed as follows:

Measure the width of the sliding glass door opening:

First of all, you will need to measure the width of the sliding glass door opening before you begin any installation. By standing in front of the door and looking at it from a distance or by using a measuring tape, you can determine how large the door is. 

Measure the height of your curtain rod:

Next, measure the height of your curtain rod- this will help you determine how high up to position your curtains. Using a measuring tape or a distance measurement is the best way to take this measurement.

Calculate the curtains’ length:

Now that you have the width and height of your sliding glass door opening, you can calculate how long your curtains should be. Add 8 inches to the door’s width. That measurement will be the curtain’s width. 

In contrast, the width should be multiplied by two, and the length should be derived from that number.

Choose your curtains’ size:

The last step is to choose the size of the curtains. There are two sizes you can choose from when purchasing sliding glass door curtains: one which is 44 inches wide and 94 inches long, and another one which is larger if you prefer more coverage.

Install curtains:

Now that you’ve got your curtains, it’s time to install them. The long end of the curtains should be tied around one of the sliding glass door brackets. Do the same thing on the other side. 

Next, thread a curtain rod through both loops- be sure to leave enough slack for you to easily adjust or move your curtains.

How many curtain panels for a sliding glass door?

It is recommended to have two curtain panels for a sliding glass door. The fact that there are two curtain panels for sliding glass door curtains is beneficial for several reasons. In the first place, it allows for a greater amount of coverage of the glass. 

Consequently, you can be assured that your curtains will cover all of the glass areas in your home or office, so onlookers will not be able to see inside your property.

Furthermore, having two panels also ensures that if one panel becomes damaged or torn, the other panel will also be spared. It does not matter how small the tear is. 

As long as you have one more panel to fall back on, you will still be able to ensure that your sliding glass door has full protection.

Having two panels also means you can change your curtains for the season or any special occasion without having to buy additional curtains. You can remove one panel and then switch out the fabric for a new design by simply removing one panel.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is recommended that sliding glass door curtains be 96 or 84 inches long. It will provide the most coverage for your glass door and ensure that no one can see into your home. Additionally, for any type or size of sliding glass door, two panels will be sufficient.