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How Wide Is a Typical Bedroom Door? (Explained)

Doors were always a part of human civilization. In the stone age, we used to cover our cave opening with boulders, woods, and leaves. We have come along a long way and so did our doors.

The bedroom door is much more than just a wooden piece, just like human civilization the purpose of the door has evolved too. It’s there to protect your privacy along with elevating the aesthetics of your home.

If you are thinking about replacing your plain old door with a new one then you need to know about the length, width, and other necessary dimensions. Let’s find out more.

How wide is a typical bedroom door?

The dimensions of a typical bedroom door, the height is 6 feet 7 inches or 204cm and the width is 2 feet 8 inches or approximately 82 cm. Such a door is designed for an average person with 5 feet 9-inch height. That being said, one may have to look for a custom-made door to fit their requirements.

Bedroom door size may not seem like a big deal but when it comes to setting up furniture or changing your mattress, a small door will only create hurdles.

The previous owner of your house or the carpenter may have designed the door only according to their own convenience, you may have to change or remodel it. Knowing about the basic dimensions is the first step towards remodeling.

That being said, you may not have to do that much work if the existing frame supports a bigger door. You may easily find a door frame supporting an 80 inches ×32 inches (204 cm×82 cm) door.

This door size is the most common and most of the appliances, furniture, and accessories are designed to fit in such doors.

However, the most inconvenience you may face with such doors is that they are designed to be comfortable for an average height person, if you are remarkably taller than the average then it will surely gonna bother you.

That being said, if you are an average height person then a 6 feet 7-inch door will be more than enough for you.

What size is a typical bedroom door? How wide are normal doors?

Usually, typical bedroom doors are available in various sizes, the most common would be 204cm×76cm, 204cm×82cm, 204cm×91cm, 244cm×76cm, 244cm×91cm.

The most common door size is 204cm (6’7″) or 80 inches long. The width may vary but it won’t exceed 91cm (2’8″) or 36 inches. 

Factors to consider when choosing the size of your bedroom door

While choosing a bedroom door, you need to make sure that the door meets all your requirements. Let’s get to know what things you should consider before choosing one.

Choose the correct size:

when it comes to picking a door, size does matter.  If you are looking for just a door to fit your existing frame then you would need to measure the dimensions of the previous door frame and pick the most suitable one.

If you are thinking about installing a complete door frame set the hurdles will increase and the first step would be taking correct measurements.

That being said, if you have shifted into a new home and you have a remarkable height like basketball players then you would need to think about remodeling along with a big size door.

Look for reliable material:

A good quality seasoned door will provide service for a long time along with elevating the overall beauty aspect.

If you are looking for a wooden door then you can rely on cedar, alder, cherry, mahogany, walnut wood. These are known for their durability, longevity, and beauty. Termite will surely have a hard time going through these wooden doors. 

Pick a suitable style:

If you are bored with the hinged style door then you could go for a sliding door. Typically most people use hinged doors as it’s easy to install and maintain.

Your door frame may not be suitable for sliding doors, so you may have to do some extra work if you want to install one, it will be worth it as there are a handful of innovative designs and styles available for sliding doors.

If you are picking a hinge style door then you will have to consider if it’s a right-hand or left-hand swing door. 

Go for a pleasant design:

A bedroom door isn’t just a piece of wood, it could be a beautiful statement for your home.

Having a plane piece of wood as a door may serve the purpose but just adding a design can completely change its outlook. So make sure you are not buying a piece of wood, go for a door with a pleasant design.

Why use a wider bedroom door?

Wider bedroom doors not only ensures space but also gives comfort. But what other things it provides? Let get to know them.

Easier to move your furniture:

If you own a bunch of pre-assembled furniture and want to move them into your bedroom then the first step would be fitting it through the door.

Most of the time the height ain’t an issue but due to the narrow width of the door, most furniture doesn’t fit in. So a wider door will certainly give you ample free passway to move your furniture. 

Dealing with obesity:

In modern times, our eating habit, unhealthy sleeping cycle, lack of exercise has made us alarmingly obese.

Some seek comfort in food to escape their despair, some have developed an eating disorder, life is already hard enough for some of us at least going through the bedroom door should be easy.

A wider door will certainly add on a bit of comfort in some people’s lives.

What about mattress:

Let’s say you buy or have furniture that needs to be assembled or you lead an active life, don’t have difficulty fitting through anything, so the door’s width isn’t going to be an issue but what about your mattress!

It certainly won’t fit in through a narrow door.

Can you fit a mattress through a standard bedroom door?

Yes, a mattress can easily fit through a standard bedroom door. Mattresses are available in various sizes, a queen-size mattress dimensions will be length 203cm and width 152 cm, full-size mattress dimensions are length 190cm & width 137cm, you can easily fit them through a 200cm door.

That being said, it’s going to be pretty hard to fit a king-size mattress through a standard door, king size mattresses are the largest size available, 203cm in length and 190cm in width.

You may have to bend the mattress a little but if the mattress is too rigid to bend or bending might create damage then temporarily removing the door might help.

So aside from king-size, every available mattress size will easily fit through a standard bedroom door.

How to measure a bedroom door properly?

Before choosing the right type, you need to ensure the measurements. Let’s know how to do it properly.

Get rid of molding:

Most doors have protective moulding attached to the sides. These mouldings might add a few more inches to the measurements so it’s necessary to remove them before taking any kind of measurements.

A pry bar would be enough to detach them from the door.

Measure the rough opening:

This is crucial as measuring the rough opening or measuring the door frame structure will certainly make it easier for you to pick a door.

If you provide the right dimensions, an expert carpenter or customer support in a hardware shop will be able to suggest the best fit for you. 

Measure from the floor to header:

you can use a measuring tape to get the length of the door. Make sure to take at least three measurements, one from the middle, one from the opening sides, and the hinged side.

While measuring the width you would need to take one from the middle, one measurement from the top, and the last is the bottom measurement.

If the measurements are constant then you can draw a 2d diagram and put all the measurements on paper.

Jamb depth:

You can call it the thickness of the door. Measure the door thickness also the frame thickness.

Now you are good to go, you have all the required measurement data to look for a replacement door or you can make a DIY door.

Left or right-hand opening:

It may be a small detail but if you miss it then the whole setup might be ruined.

Most people in the world are right-handed so most are designed to be pushed and pulled by the right hand, however, people also set up their door in such a way that it swings towards the wall.

So make sure you note the rotation direction of your door.

Final Thoughts 

The standard size for a bedroom door is 200cm×82cm, where 204cm(6’7″) is the length of the door and 82cm(2’8″) is the width. The average height around the world is less than 6 feet, so the manufacturer and other professionals use that as a benchmark to design the doors.