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31 Incredible Ways to Make your House Organized and Clutter-Free with Magazine Holders

If you ask me what is the cheapest and most effective organizer out there, I will probably answer “The Magazine Holders.” You will find magazine holders in different sizes in your local dollar store, which only cost around 1 dollar.

You will be surprised to know these innovative and remarkable use of magazine holders to make your house more organized and clutter-free than ever before.

I have at least one magazine holder in every room – my living room, bedroom, kid’s room, dining, bathroom, and kitchen.

If you are wondering how I make full use out of these magazine holders, bear with me and see these 31 ways to organize your house with magazine holders.

31 Amazing Magazine Holders Organization Hacks

1. Store your gift wrapping supplies in a magazine holder

Keep all of your gift bags and wrapping papers in a magazine holder. Also, keep other necessary equipment and accessories related to gift wrapping.

2. Place fresh fruits and vegetables in a magazine holder

I have mounted two magazine holders in my kitchen, where I keep fresh fruits and vegetables. It provides my kitchen a nice look and helps me to keep things organized.

3. Purchase a few small baskets to store your makeup kits and place them in the magazine holder

Yes, I use magazine holders to store my makeup kits as well. I have purchased a few small baskets to store my every day go-to makeup kits. I keep those baskets in the magazine holder.

4. Store new stationeries in a magazine holder for your kid

I always keep a few extra stationery items like paper, pen, coloring pencils, erasers for my kid. I don’t let him use until he is finished with his older ones, and I store the new items in a separate magazine holder.

5. Make an extra shelf in your washroom with a magazine holder to store shampoo and conditioner

Unfortunately. I don’t have a lot of cabinets in my washroom, and installing new cabinets can be quite expensive.

That is why I have mounted one magazine holder near my showering area, which holds the shampoos and conditioners.

6. Place a magazine holder in your bathroom to store extra toilet rolls

It is always a good idea to keep extra toilet rolls in your bathroom. So that you can use them just in case. You will be able to store at least three extra toilet rolls in these magazine holders.

7. Mount a magazine holder in the corner of your room and use it as a shelf

Take one magazine holder and mount it in the corner of your room. You can place your necessary items like a remote, a clock, paper works, etc.

8. Make a DIY trash can for recycled papers

I always keep my unused papers for recycling. That is why I have a separate magazine holder where I keep all of my unused papers, which I will recycle later on.

9. Use plastic magazine organizers to organize your kitchen drawers

You will find plastic magazine holders in your local dollar store. Place this inside the drawer of your kitchen cabinets. That is how you will be able to stay more organized.

10. Store your craft supplies in the magazine holders

I use 3 sperate magazine holders to store my craft supplies. I have so many of these supplies, I often used to lose them. The magazine holder is a perfect place to store these items.

11. Organize your hair styling tools

Don’t make a mess in your bathroom with your hair styling tools. Mount a magazine holder in the corner of your bathroom and store all of your hair styling tools there.

12. Make a proper space for your cutting boards

Cutting boards can take a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet because of their size. If you can install a magazine holder on the door of your kitchen cabinet, you will be able to store your cutting boards there.

13. Use magazine holders to store and organize your shoes

I visited one of my friend’s house recently and saw that she uses 10 magazine holders only to store her shoes. She said it helps her to keep the shoes separated from one another and more organized.

14. Store canned foods easily in magazine holders

You should always store canned foods in a particular place. I have 2 magazine holders in one of my kitchen cabinets. I keep all of my canned foods there.

15. Make a separate food section in the refrigerator for your kid

You can make a cute and easy food section with a magazine holder in the refrigerator for your kid. Store all the candies, chocolates, and your kid’s favorite food items there.

16. Use magazine holder as a pantry organizer

Don’t make a mess in your kitchen cabinet with pantry. Place a few magazine holders and categorize them properly. That is how you will see no mess when you will open the cabinets.

17. Store and organize your kitchen appliances

Magazine holders can also help to organizer small kitchen appliances. You can keep a separate magazine holder in your kitchen countertop to store the appliances.

18. Mount three separate magazine holders to store mails and bills

I have three magazine holders, which I mounted on a wall of my living room. I have labeled them as Mails, Bills, Receipts. The magazine holders help me to organize other paper works as well.

19. Store all the tea bags and coffee pods in the magazine holder

As I am a coffee person, I always use coffee pods. That is why I keep a magazine holder beside my coffee machine where I keep the coffee pods and sachets.

20. Don’t lose the foil paper and cling wrap ever again

The magazine holders are made in such a shape; they can hold the foil papers and cling wraps perfectly. Keep these in the magazine holder so that you don’t lose them ever again.

21. Store your undergarments in the magazine holder

I love how I can find my undergarments whenever I need them, unlike before. I keep one magazine holder in my closet where I keep my undergarments.

22. Organize all of your water bottles in the magazine holder

If you have more than 3 members in your family, you will probably have a lot of water bottles. Rather than creating clutter by placing them in the kitchen cabinets, organize the bottles in a magazine holder.

23. Make your own DIY lid storage

Once you use a magazine holder to organize your lids, you will never lose them. I have mounted a magazine holder in one of my kitchen cabinets where I store all the lids.

24. Store the baking pans in an innovative way

I will never suggest you to store your baking pans in your kitchen cabinets. Because they take a lot of space because of their size. That is why I use a magazine holder to store my baking pans.

25. Store your washcloths by storing them in magazine holders

Get one magazine holder and keep it in the countertop of your bathroom. Store all of the washcloths in the magazine holder.

26. How about storing all of your eyeshadow and contouring palettes in the magazine holder?

It is a great idea because I have been storing my eyeshadow palettes and contouring palettes in magazine holders for a long time. It helps me to keep my makeup kits organized.

27. Organize your purse in the magazine holder

I love buying different kinds of purse even though I hardly use them without any occasion. I keep all my purses in a magazine holder in my closet.

28. Make a DIY organizer for your kid’s toys

I have attached 3 magazine holders together to store my kid’s toys. I have made him practice to keep all the toys in the holder after he is done playing with them.

The separate sections in the holder easily organize all of the toys.

29. Make your paper works more organized and less clutter-free

I personally like to categorize my paper works and keep them in separate magazine holders. For example, I use one magazine holder to keep all the paper works related to our house and car.

And another one for our personal information like passports, marriage certificates, etc.

30. Store all of your favorite art and craft supplies in the magazine holder

I made a separate magazine holder in my closet to keep all of the art and craft supplies. My niece loves to art whenever she comes. I made this separate magazine holder for her.

31. Last but not least – Organize your magazines in the magazine holder

Well, duh! Use your magazine holder for the actual reason it is made of. I keep a magazine holder in my drawing-room, where I store all of my favorite magazines.


As I said earlier, I have at least one magazine holder in every room of my house. I mostly love the separate sections, which let me store different things at a time.

Use some of these easy magazine organization hacks – starting from today!