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Is Krylon Paint Oil Based? (All You Need to Know)

Krylon is a type of spray paint that has a stronger adhesive quality and sticks to almost any material such as wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc. 

This type of spray paint is mostly used for DIY, craft, and professional purpose. In today’s article, we will discuss whether the Krylon paint is oil-based or not. 

Is krylon paint oil based?  

The Krylon paint is most likely to be an oil-based paint. It can be used for various purposes. It comes with no peel guarantee because it has a strong adhesive formula that helps the paint to stick to the surface well. In addition to that, this paint can be used on different surfaces.

Currently, in the market, there are different types of paints that are used to color any surface. In most cases, people tend to use water-based or oil-based paints.

Krylon is a type of paint that is considered oil-based acrylic paint and can be applied to different surfaces such as plastic, wood, metal, glass, etc. It is mostly used for DIY projects and professional purposes.

Although the Krylon is available in both water-based and oil-based formulas, the oil-based formula is considered the most efficient version of this paint because it has no peel guarantee.

That means once you paint it to a surface, it will not peel off the paint after a certain period. Below there is a brief discussion on a different version of Krylon paint:

Krylon Farm paint: 

Krylon farm paints are considered oil-based paints because they contain oil-based elements.

 In general, the reason behind making Krylon farm paint oil-based is to effectively prevent rust from the surface. That’s why the Krylon farm paints can be used directly on metal and wood. 

Krylon Camo paint: 

The Krylon camo paint is ultra-flat paint that is effectively nonreflective. The Krylon camo paint is considered an oil-based ultra-flat paint that is an ideal option for the non-reflective finish to provide a perfect camouflage.

Also, the benefit of using Krylon camo paint is it takes less time to get dry.

Krylon Fusion spray paint: 

Krylon Fusion is a premium product that has a five times stronger adhesive bond compared to the other spray paint.

It is an oil-based spray paint that can stick to any type of surface. In addition to that, its application is very simple. You do not need to do any priming or sanding.

Krylon Colormaxx spray paint: 

Krylon colormaxx spray paint is a premium type of paint that has a smooth application with rust protection.

It is also an oil-based paint that has a stronger adhesive formula that works great on any type of surface. It is also known for its easy application use and takes less time to dry.

Krylon Fluorescent paint: 

Krylon fluorescent paint is not an oil-based color. It is a water-based color. It has high visibility of bold fluorescent colors.

The fluorescent paint glows under ultraviolet light or dark light increasing the brilliance of this color up to four times. It is recommended to spray the fluorescent paint over a white base coat.

Krylon Colormaster paint: 

Most of the Krylon spray paints are oil-based, the Krylon color master is an oil-based color spray paint.

Krylon Colormaster paint is a paint and primer which will provide a clear acrylic finish with a glossy shine. This can be applied to any type of surface.

Krylon Farm and Implement paint: 

Krylon Farm and implement paint is considered an oil-based paint because it has an oily element in it. In addition to that, it provides a high gloss finish and dries quicker.

The best thing about using Krylon farm and implement paint is, that this paint is highly resistant to rust. 

Can I use Krylon on oil paint? 

You can use krylon on oil paint. Generally, the Krylon spray paint dries quickly and helps the oxidization process on oil paint.

As a result, the painting will dry faster. In addition to that, the Krylon paint has a strong adhesive formula that helps the paint to stick to any surface strongly for a long time. Moreover, the paint is also helpful to protect any metal surface from rust.

That is why the Krylon paint is best to use on any metal surface apart from wood or plastics for professional or DIY purposes. It is completely fine to use on oil paint to extend the lifespan of the paint. 

What is oil-based paint? 

Generally, oil-based paint is a type of paint that contains natural elements or synthetic oil as a base. Linseed is considered one of the commonly used natural elements to make an oil-based paint.

The oil-based paint is widely used because of its lower price and higher strength. In addition to that, oil paint is considered to be tough and durable.

That is why they are considered ideal for exterior house painting jobs, interior, bathroom, or kitchen cabinets and trim.

The oil-based paints use the mineral to pertain in the makeup of paint solvent and that is why they will provide a strong odor, which is typically the smell of paint.

The paint comes in different types of finishes such as rock-hard finish that leaves no brush, marks, gaps, or bubbles. This is the most commonly used finish for exterior paint jobs. 

Is there any water-based Krylon paint? 

There is one oil based on krylon paint that is known as Krylon professional marking paint. This paint has a wide variety of usage, starting from a football field to home landscaping.

The Krylon professional marking paint adds durable bold lines and marks to the surface. Apart from that, the Krylon also makes aerosol can water-based acrylic liquid spray paint.

The Krylon aerosol can spray paint can be used within a 15 to 20 square feet area and will provide you with a gloss finish. This water-based paint contains propane, butane, acetone, titanium dioxide, and many other water-based elements.

The paint is very effective to use on any type of surface and will provide you with a long-term life span. That is why water-based Krylon spray paint is popular and used in various types of paint jobs.

Is Krylon fusion enamel or acrylic?

Surely the Krylon fusion is a special type of acrylic alkyd type enamel paint. It is also known as a water-based product where the crystal-clear finish is a modified alkyd.

Although the Krylon fusion is and general-purpose enamel paint, it will provide you with a premium quality finish. You can apply the Krylon fusion enamel paint on any type of surface, such as metal, wood, or fiberglass surfaces.

This paint has a rust-protecting formula that will eventually protect the surface from rust and extend its life span of it.

Can you use Krylon spray paint on these?

Generally, oil-based paints are very popular for their low price and availability. That is why most people recommend using oil-based paints because it takes less time to dry and can sit on any type of surface.

The Krylon spray paint is used in professional paint jobs or DIY projects. Below is a brief discussion on whether you can use Krylon spray paint on a different type of surfaces: 


Krylon spray paint can be used on fabric or clothing. This paint is very unique and will allow you to design and decorate the dress and fabric.

Plastic models: 

The Krylon spray paint is especially known for its versatility. As a result, the paint goes well with plastic models as well. You can apply krylon spray paint on plastic surfaces directly. But, for high quality plastics you might need to sand them.


You can try using Krylon colormaxx spray paint which will deliver a premium paint job and shiny-looking paint for the car. It will help to drive the paint quickly. Each coat of spray paint takes around 20 minutes today.


Unlike the wooden surfaces, it is not recommended for the fiberglass surface to spray Krylon spray paint on them. It will not stick to the surface properly.


Although the Krylon spray paint is a great option to paint the polystyrene, there is a drawback of the spray paint that it could eat the Styrofoam slightly.


Yes, you can spray Krylon spray paint on wooden surfaces and it will help you to keep them intact.


The Krylon spray paint can also be used on leather and shoes without reaching harm to that material. So, you can spray and design the shoes all by yourself.


the Krylon spray paint has a rust protection formula that will protect the metal surface from rust. That is why it is completely fine to spray Krylon on the metal surface.

Final thoughts

The Krylon is a multipurpose spray paint that is commonly known for its versatility. This spray has both oil-based and water-based compounds in different variants, that can be applied to a variety of surfaces and will help to stick to the surface for a long time without showing any rusting issue.