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Is Ortho Home Defense Safe for Dogs, Cats & Other Animals?

Ortho home defense is a reliable name if you want to get rid of pests and bugs in the house. It’s much more effective to repel insects indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s cockroaches, ants, fleas, or spiders, Ortho home defense deters and eliminates all these unwanted guests. 

It also gives protection against bugs and pests for up to 1 year.

One of the reasons Ortho home defense is loved by many is it contains no toxic ingredients. As a pesticide, it surely has many chemicals but all are used in the perfect quantity so this is a safe product to use around your family members including kids. 

But for families that have an extra member to take care of, a pet may be a dog or cat, it can get a bit confusing to use Ortho home defense. Since pets are sensitive, it’s normal to think hundred times whether Ortho home defense is safe for such animals. 

We’ll clear all your doubts here so read further!

Is Ortho home defense safe for dogs, Cats & other animals?

Ortho home defense is safe to use around dogs, cats, and other animals since it’s free of toxic chemicals like permethrin. Ortho home defense will not harm cats, dogs, or any animals if they don’t come close to the place until it’s dried. After 6-8 hours of application, this product is safe.

Ortho home defense is a renowned pesticide that repels harmful bugs, and pests from indoors or outdoors. Not only does it make your house insect-free it also creates an effective blockade around the house so that the bugs don’t come back soon. 

This fast-acting pesticide repels insects and pests without causing any harm to humans and nature. It’s free of any toxic chemical thus children too are safe when used around. 

However, pet owners don’t need to worry much before using Ortho home defense since this amazing insect eliminator contains no poison for animals.

Having Bifenthrin and Zeta-Cypermethrin as active ingredients, Ortho home defense has launched a variety of products for the different bug problems. 

Let’s take a look at whether these products mentioned below are safe for animals:

Ortho home defense insect spray: 

Ortho home defense insect spray is safe for humans as well as pets because it contains zero permethrin. But to ensure the proper safety of your pets the direction must be followed. 

If you use this spray to keep your pets away and wait for the pesticide to dry after applying, Ortho home defense insect spray will spread no toxicity.

Ortho home defense max spray: 

Ortho home defense max spray is a fast-acting insect remover. This spray can be used without any doubt if you are a dog mommy or have kittens at home. 

Because using this pesticide will not affect animals if you keep them away from the affected area while spraying Ortho home defense max. It also suggests waiting till the pesticide is dried.

Ortho home defense bed bug spray: 

Ortho home defense bed bug spray is specially made to target annoying bed bugs. But it’s not as poisonous as the other insecticides for animals. If used as instructed it will not cause any harm to cats or dogs. 

Is Ortho home defense safe for cats?

Ortho home defense is safe for cats when being used accordingly. Cats should be kept out of the area when spraying this pest repellent and till it’s dried. Though Ortho home defense is free of permethrin, a toxic ingredient for cats, instructions should be followed to avoid any risk.  

Witnessing insects taking over your house isn’t something you’d bear. They are destructive and carriers of many diseases. When it comes to insect repellent Ortho home defense has many effective products in the collection to keep insects out of your area. 

As animal-safe, cat owners can apply this repellent without any second thought. 

Ortho home defense is cat-safe. Most importantly it’s free of permethrin, that’s dangerous for any animal. If you’re to use these Ortho home products below, you can know from here whether they are safe for cats:

Ortho home defense: 

Ortho home defense is an animal-safe product. It has effective pesticides as active ingredients but doesn’t contain any permethrin, that’s unsafe for cats. It will not irritate your cat unless you keep it close to being sprayed with Ortho home defense. 

You have to wait for 6-8 hours before letting your cat go in. 

Ortho home defense max: 

Ortho home defense max is a super-fast bug repellent. It removes insects quickly but doesn’t let cats mourn because of it. However, cats should be kept far from the application area and wait for the pesticide to dry before going in. 

What if my dog or cat licks Ortho Home Defense?

Ingesting any pesticide is dangerous but fortunately, Ortho Home Defense is free of the toxic chemicals that cause serious harm with a tiny consumption. It contains no DEET or permethrin, so if your dog or cat has just licked a bit, there is nothing serious.

But since Ortho home defense is not an edible product, you have to clean your dog or cat’s lips, and mouth properly and feed it with enough water. If the ingested amount is mild, the animal may face drooling or vomiting. 

How long after spraying Ortho is it safe for pets?

Generally, after 6 hours to 8 hours, it’s safe for pets to live in the area Ortho home defense is sprayed. Depending on the weather, temperature, and air, it may take 24 hours at maximum to be a safe place. 

Pets aren’t allowed to stay where the pesticide is being used. But they can re-enter when Ortho is dried properly. Usually, it takes 6 to 8 hours for this insecticide to dry. So your pet can use the area after this time.

But depending on the situation, you may have to wait a day to ensure the safety of your pets.

How long does Ortho home defense take to dry?

Ortho home defense is an effective insect remover. When applied generally it takes 6 hours to a day to completely dry. Depending on where it’s sprayed the time may vary. 


In indoor areas, such as inside a house, or some closed places, any type of product from Ortho home defense take at least 6 hours to dry completely. 

Though it has a fast-drying formula, depending on the temperature, and air-passing facilities of an indoor place the time may vary. But maximum it will take 24 hours to dry completely in indoor areas. 


Ortho home defense can be applied outside areas such as in gardens, and grasses to repel pests. When applied outside or in open places, Ortho home defense dries quickly. 

It may take around 40 minutes minimum to 8 hours at highest for any variant of Ortho home defense products.   

Is Ortho home defense safe for pets & other animals?

Ortho home defense is a safe pesticide if you want to use it around your delicate pets. People who own a dog or cat already know this specific insecticide is free of any chemical that has a chance to harm their animals. 

But is Ortho home defense insect repellent safe for other pets and animals as well?

To make you clear what animals or pets are safe around Ortho home defense products, here is a short list:


Whether it’s Ortho home defense max or Ortho home defense bed bug spray, your rabbit will not mourn because of it. It’s a safe product for bunnies. The rule of using Ortho home defense is to maintain a distance while being sprayed in a place. 

If your rabbit is not near the application area, it’s not having direct interaction with chemicals. Also after this material dries, there is no risk for rabbits to re-enter. 


Birds are delicate pets. If they are kept locked in a cage in the area where Ortho home defense is being applied, birds may mourn. Otherwise, keeping them far from the newly applied insect repellent will not cause any harm to birds.


Since Ortho home defense can defend against bugs in gardens and yards too, it’s normal reptiles will get in touch with this pesticide. 

If mistakenly applied directly on any replies’ skin or sensitive part, Ortho home defense may irritate. But using it around them is safe.


Ortho home defense is safe for both birds and animals. Ortho home defense is permethrin free, so if not sprayed over the chickens, using this insect removing elements around chickens is undoubtedly safe.

Final Thoughts

Ortho home defense is safe for animals. It contains no toxic ingredients such as permethrin or DEET so can be used whether you have a pet dog or cat. However, it’s suggested to keep animals away while applying this pesticide and wait at least 6 hours to let it dry. Then it’s safe for animals.