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Is Ortho Home Defense Safe for Humans? (Read This First!)

Insect repellents are most effective for a certain time. Moreover, using them frequently does not give a better outcome. Instead, using insect repellents when needed is the best option. 

Ortho home defense is also an insect repellent which repels insects and even deceases the cockroaches in your house.

Following the below tips and information regarding ortho home defense and if it is safe for humans or not would help you to proceed with preparation.  

Is ortho home defense safe for humans? 

Ortho home defense is not exactly safe for humans. You would need to use ortho home defense to repel insects and cockroaches. While spraying it, you need to wear masks, eyeglasses, and gloves. The spray can cause irritation in the skin. Moreover, you should not inhale it as it has toxic components. 

Insects and especially cockroaches are not welcomed at home. The living place should always be clean and tidy. Meanwhile, cockroaches roaming in a house would only scare people off. Apart from that, ants also cause chaos in the house making no place for keeping the feet. 

To repel all insects, using a repellent is worth it. Ortho home defense is an insect repellent which is capable of repelling cockroaches, ants, and even other insects. Well, most repellents work for a certain time. 

Even repellents for cockroaches may lose their ability to repel after a few days.

Meanwhile, ortho home defense can give protection for a long time and repel insects. Though it is helpful to repel insects, it is not good for humans. Repellents mostly have formulas that are not good for humans. Ortho home defense is also toxic to both humans and insects. 

Ortho home defense would only pounce insects but in the case of humans, it would only cause slight harm. If the spray comes in touch with the skin, it can cause skin irritation. There can be allergies or can redden the skin. 

On the other hand, you should never inhale the repellent as it can contain toxic particles.

Inhaling toxic particles would cause breathing problems. You should also wear eyeglasses. It can damage the eye tissues. In the worst case, it can even harm the ability to vision. Better to be protective while using ortho home defense. 

Is ortho home defense toxic?

Yes, ortho home defense is toxic. It can harm both humans and insects. Moreover, any animal can be harmed due to the ortho home defense. The formula of the repellent contains toxic components which can cause harm to skin and eyes and also can cause breathing problems. 

You should always keep the ortho home defense away from the children. If they by chance swallow ortho home defense, it can be fatal. Even it should be kept out of the reach of the animals as well. It is also toxic to animals.

Is ortho home defense max safe to breathe?

No, ortho home defense max is absolutely not safe to breathe. It is applicable to any other repellents or insecticides you are using. The components used in the insecticides are harmful to humans and can cause breathing problems once inhaled.

It can cause irritation in the nose and even in the respiratory tract. People with asthma can feel the impact of ortho home defense more once they inhale it. You should also keep it away from the reach of children and pets to prevent any damage. 

Is ortho home defense safe to use around pets?

Ortho home defense is not safe to use around pets. Indeed you are not going to spray it while keeping the pets around. There can be a big damage to the pets if they ingest the ortho home defense. The same goes for other insecticides. They should not be ingested.

Licking the spray or the formula residues of the spray can cause health problems in pets. You can let them enter the room once the spray is dried. Well, it takes almost 6 to 24 hours depending on the formula to dry. 

After the drying time, you should let the pets and children enter the room. 

2 reasons why ortho home defense is safe for humans 

Ortho home defense is not exactly safe and neither harmful to humans. The application of the ortho home defense can define how much it can affect the person. It is not always causing harm. Certain reasons why ortho home defense is safe for humans are given below.

Does not harm unless in touch:

Ortho home defense is a sprayer so there is a low chance of being exposed to the spray. Though it can cause harm, you can prevent it by wearing gloves, eyeglasses, and even masks. As long as you are out of touch with the ortho home defense, you will be safe.

You should keep it away from the kids and pets as it can harm them. Not keeping it near the sight can prevent trouble. 

Mild harm:

Ortho home defense like other insecticides considered harmful for humans and even pets. But it does not cause major harm. You need to make sure the exposure is not excess. A small amount of ortho home defense can cause hardly any harm.

If you are already having breathing problems, it can increase it more. Apart from that, you can be safe by following proper precautions while applying ortho home defense. 

What happens if you breathe in Ortho Home Defense?

Breathing in ortho home defense can cause nasal problems and irritation in the respiratory tract. Ortho home defense is an insect repellent. Though they are termed as non-fragrance, you can still feel the smell a bit irritating. A slight inhalation might not do harm.

When inhaled rapidly, it can cause irritation in the respiratory tract and you would even sneeze. Well, sneezing is common whenever anything causes irritation in the nasal tract. 

You should always wear a mask while using the spray and prevent yourself from breathing in the ortho home defense. 

How long after spraying Ortho Home Defense Is it safe?

Most probably after 24 hours, the ortho home defense becomes safe though it can dry before 24 hours. When you are applying ortho home defense, you should be applying it throughout the whole house to save time. 

You can enter the rooms when the spray is dried yet better to wait for 24 hours.

The ortho home spray takes almost 6 to 24 hours to dry. As the impact of the insecticide remains for a long time in the room, it is better to wait for 24 hours. It would become completely safe then. 

What are ortho home defense poisoning symptoms?

Ortho home defense has to be applied with proper precautions. Being in touch with the repellents is indeed harmful to humans and even kids and pets. Though it becomes safe after drying, yet better not to be around while spraying unless you are the one who is spraying. 

The following poisoning symptoms might occur if anything goes wrong while handling the ortho home defense. 

Irritation in the eye:

If the ortho home defense enters the eyes, it can cause irritation. Even burning of the eye can occur. If the amount was excess, it can damage the tissues. You should wash your eye right away. 

Burning or irritation in the skin:

A small amount of ortho home defense when coming in contact with the skin does not cause trouble. But sometimes it causes burning of the skin and allergies. 

Breathing problems:

Inhaling the ortho home defense can cause breathing problems. Breathing may become difficult if excess amounts are inhaled. In the worst case, the person might need to be hospitalized. 

Stomach ache, weakness, seizure, and tremors:

Swallowing insecticides is not common unless you have kids and pets at home. When swallowed, it can cause stomach aches and even diarrhea. Moreover, a large amount of insecticide would cause seizures and tremors. Later it would be accompanied by weakness. 

Nausea, vomiting, headache:

Exposure to excess amounts of ortho home defense can cause headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Better to wear safety guards. 

Final thoughts:

Overall, ortho home defense is safe for people as long as you do not inhale it or consume it. Apart from that, it can also cause damage to the eyes if it goes in there. You should rather wear gloves, eyeglasses, and masks while using the ortho home defense. Also, keep it away from kids and pets.