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Is Rustoleum Paint Waterproof? (Read This First!)

Rustoleum! Rustoleum is basically a protective paint. It is used to coat various materials. This paint is used both for industrial and home usage. 

However, do you wonder whether rustoleum is waterproof or not? If you do, then you are at the right place. Today we are going to discuss rustoleum in detail. 

Therefore, stick with us till the end to find all your answers. Let’s get started without any delay.    

Is Rustoleum paint waterproof?

Rustoleum paint is waterproof. However, before bringing the paint in contact with water, it’s necessary to let it cure for at least 7 days. Regular contact with water may risk the health of the paint. However, an occasional splash on the paint won’t cause much damage to the paint. 

Rustoleum is usually used for protection purposes. The name should explain itself. A layer of rustoleum is good enough to prevent it from rusting. you won’t need to sand anything down.  

Rustoleum spray paint: 

Rustoleum spray paint is considered waterproof. This spray paint is one of those paints that are actually considered to be waterproof. When the spray paint is sprayed on it creates a protective barrier that prevents water absorption. 

Therefore, water cannot reach the material beneath the paint. 

Rustoleum chalk paint: 

Rustoleum chalk paint is water-proof. However, it needs sealant before the surface can get exposed to water. Additionally, you can paint your outdoor furniture using rustoleum chalk paint. The best part about using these paints is that you wouldn’t need to prep your furniture. 

But, you get amazing results along with water-resistance. 

Rustoleum metallic paint: 

Rustoleum metallic paints are waterproof. Apart from this, the metallic paints are also very smooth and impermeable. Additionally, these paints have a 15-year water’s resistance warranty.     

Other than that, they are mold and mildew resistant too. Therefore, once you use this there will be no extra hassle for the one decade at least.  

Rustoleum furniture paint:

Rustoleum furniture paint is waterproof. For furniture rustoleum chalk is used. However, water does not cause any damage to the furniture. 

Additionally, keep in mind that if the chalk paint is not dried properly it may come off when being too much exposed to water. The paint can get washed away and it may compromise the furniture’s health.      

Rustoleum floor paint: 

Rustoleum floor paint is a great sealant. It is 100% waterproof. You can even use rustoleum floor paint or spray in your shower areas. It will work great as a top coat and also protect your tiles from the direct contact of water.  

Rustoleum hammered paint: 

The answer is positive. Rustoleum hammered spray paint is waterproof. Additionally this paint can also be used for outdoor usage. However, the paint will need to be cured otherwise, water may affect the health of the materials you will use the paint on. 

Rustoleum topside paint: 

Rustoleum topside paint is usually used under boats. However, it can also be used anywhere in your boat including the deck, bilge and hull. Additionally, rustoleum topside paint is manufactured to be a waterproof paint. 

Rustoleum glow in the dark paint: 

Rustoleum glows in the dark; the dark paints are considered waterproof. It can be used on walls, plastic, metal and even on drywall. This paint is also considered to be durable and completely waterproof.   

Rustoleum painters touch paint:

Rustoleum painters touch paint is totally waterproof. However, how it acts depends on how much the paint gets exposed to water. Additionally, if the amount is mild, it shouldn’t be a fact.      

What makes Rustoleum paint waterproof?

Rustoleum paints are considered and proven to be 100% waterproof. However, some of them may need to be cured or sealed. 

Here are two reasons why rustoleum paint is waterproof: 

Some of them are oil based: 

One of the basic reasons behind rustoleum to be considered as waterproof is because some of the paints are oil based. If you check the spray paint labels you’ll notice that they contain petroleum distillates. 

Therefore, you must know that petroleum will not encourage water penetration through the paint. Most spray rustoleum paints are waterproof. However, some of them may need to be cured. Additionally, direct contact with water on a regular basis may affect the quality of paint. 

And by now, you should understand that if the paint gets compromised, the health of the material you are trying to protect may also get compromised.    

Contains water-repellency properties: 

Spray paints like Rustoleum come with water-resistant properties. These properties protect the paint from water. However, you can add sealant or varnish to make the paint more water-proof. 

Additionally, the preparation and application process also impacts the water resistance of the paint. Adding a spray sealer to your paint adds up a transparent coat to the paint, that water cannot penetrate. Therefore, the paint remains intact.           

Can Rustoleum be used in the shower?

Rustoleum can be used in shower. Rustoleum is mostly used to color the areas beside the shower. As the paint is epoxy-based and some of its varieties have petroleum in them, they are waterproof. 

Apart from that, you can also use a sealant on the rustoleum in your shower if you plan on bringing it to regular contact with water. 

However, it is also important to let the paint cure for the required amount of time. If the paint comes in contact with water before its cured enough, the quality of the paint may get compromised. 

Additionally, it is necessary to add sealant over the paint as you are using it in areas where it will come in contact with water regularly. 

If that is done properly, the water may penetrate the paint. Therefore, remember that it is necessary to cure and seal the paint if you’re using it in the shower. Otherwise, there’s a high chance of mold and mildew growth.

How to apply waterproof Rustoleum paint? 

Rustoleum is a waterproof paint that is usually used to protect various surfaces. Here is how to apply waterproof Rustoleum paint in a few steps: 

Cleaning the surface: 

In case of waterproof Rustoleum you need the surface to be absolutely clean. Otherwise, the paint will not adhere properly. If you are painting your wall or furniture you’ll need the surface to be smooth. You can sand down if the furniture is not smooth enough. 

Nixing the moisture: 

When you’re working with waterproof Rustoleum paint, your biggest enemy is moisture. You need to have a completely dry surface to work with in order to adhere the paint. 

You can use a humidifier and run it in the area where you are planning on using the paint. This will help you remove moisture from air and leave the surface completely dry. 

However, if you are working outside the home, you can prime or prep the surface for better results. 

Painting the surface: 

Before you go and paint the surface, go ahead and use painters tape on the edges. This prevents the paint from getting in other places. When you are working outdoors it’s better to use spray paint.      

Additionally, rustoleum usually needs only one layer of paint. However, once you apply one layer, wait for it to dry. After it’s dried, check if it needs another layer, then go over it again.                               

Is Rustoleum paint water-resistant?

Rustoleum paint is water-resistant. Rustoleum comes with water resistance particles. Apart from that, rustoleum also contains ingredients that make it waterproof such as petroleum. However, in some cases it may need sealing. 

Additionally if you are going for a glossy or semi-glossy look then it is not recommended to apply any sorts of sealer. 

Therefore, rustoleum’s paint is water resistant. However, make sure it sits for enough time on the surface before it comes in contact with water.    

How to tell if the paint is waterproof?

There are multiple things that will show you whether the paint is waterproof or not. Here are a few ways how to tell the paint is waterproof: 

Checking any visible indication:

When the paints are waterproof they come with clear indications. You won’t necessarily need to look for waterproofing properties. If it does not come with clear indications it may not be waterproof.   

Checking the type of finish it gives away: 

The type of finish the paint gives away is a way to figure out if the paint is waterproof or not. After the drying process if the paint gives away a glossy shine then there’s a higher chance of the paint being waterproof.

Taking a water test: 

Take a few drops of water and let it sit on the surface for 10-15 minutes. If the water is soaked into the surface, the paint is not waterproof. 

Final Thoughts 

Rustoleum paint is waterproof. This paint is mostly used to protect surfaces from exterior damage. However, there’s a chance they will get damaged when they come in contact with water regularly. So, try and add a sealant. Additionally, if you want a glossy finish then you may not apply a sealant.