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Is Tung Oil Food Safe? (Read This First!)

Tung oil is an excellent oil to make your surface waterproof and durable. Tung oil might be a good option if you don’t have anything to use on your wood surface. It’s made of tung trees and a kind of nut oil.

You may also use this tung oil as the best wood protector oil. It has an excellent reputation for using a wooden spoon and other wood surfaces. You will enjoy the waterproof surface to cut your fruits safely.

Is tung oil food safe?

The natural tung oil is entirely food safe. You can use it on the cutting boards and other wood surfaces to turn the surface waterproof and food safe. It doesn’t have any chemicals or added ingredients to make it toxic and unsafe. Therefore, you can safely use it on food surfaces.

Sometimes, the tung oil is super healthy for the human body and other surfaces. You may not eat the tung oil to prepare your dish, but the kitchen utensils can be saved by using tung oil. You can apply this oil to the wood utensils to make them food safe.

But people still are not clear about using different tung oils on their food cutting boards and other surfaces. So, I came up with ten different tung oils for you to see if they all are food safe. Hopefully, you will also get the best food oil suggestion from here.

Minwax tung oil:

The Minwax tung oil is food safe since it can be fully cured once it dries properly. If you use the raw Minwax tung oil, you must fix it properly by drying it. 

Sometimes, you need to follow the tips of keeping the Minwax tung oil under direct sunlight. It will help you to make the surface food surface.

Watco tung oil:

The watco tung oil is also food safe if you can use it over the salad bowl, cutting boards, or any other wood-made surface. When applying the watco tung oil, you need to apply it accordingly after cleaning the surface. 

Also, you must cure it by drying the surface for a long time.

Pure tung oil:

It is food safe since it doesn’t have any chemical or toxic ingredients. You must be careful about the pure tung oil and be sure not to mix anything else. If you use any preservative to lengthen the tung oil life, it will be food safe. 

Dark tung oil:

Dark tung oil is free from the additive, and other distillates, so dark tung oil is food safe. You can use it over the cutting boards and other wood surfaces. Since it is safe for the food, you can use it all the time.

Polymerized tung oil:

Since it is also a pure oil, the polymerized tung oil is food safe. You can use it to paint your wood cutting board, but the fact is curing. You should cure the board after applying the polymerized tung oil. It will be 100% food safe. 

Formby’s tung oil:

Formby’s tung oil is not 100% food safe. But you can turn it into a cure and safe surface if you dry it properly. Sometimes, the Formby’s tung oil is the best wood protective oil that you can use on the wood cutting board.

100 tung oil:

You must be careful about using the 100 tung oil on the cutting board. But it should be food-safe after using it on the cutting board and other wood surfaces. So, it will be free from the toxic ingredients, and you can safely cut the fruits and veggies.

Hopes tung oil:

The hopes tung oil is 100% food-safe since it is also a pure oil to use on the wood board and other utensils. You must be careful about using the hope tung oil, and it should be cured enough.

Circa 1850 tung oil:

The circa 1850 tung oil is food safe. You can use it on the wood cutting board and the butcher blocks. These wood surfaces are the best for applying the circa 1850 tung oil.

Old masters tung oil:

Since it is also a pure and natural oil, the old master’s tung oil is food safe. You need to use this tung oil on the cutting board and other food-related surfaces to make it food safe. So, use it without any issues.

Is tung oil a food safe finish?

The tung oil is a food-safe finish. It has waterproof features and the safest nutty ingredients to make the wood surface a safe finish. You can safely use the tung oil on every food surface, but the safety will depend on curing.

Since there are different types of tung oil available, you need to use this oil and dry it properly. It will help you to use your cutting board for the food safely. It will not come with chemical or toxic ingredients that will resist you not using it on food surfaces.

So, the tung oil is a food safe finish if you dry the surface properly. It will give you the best user experience with your cutting boards and other things.

How toxic is tung oil?

Tung oil is not toxic. The seeds of tung trees are crushed to create this natural and environmentally beneficial wood finishing product. It is one hundred percent natural. Tung oil is not poisonous and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

However, those who face allergies frequently report experiencing bad responses when coming into touch with tung oil. When ingested by people, it can cause nausea, and when it comes into heavy contact with the skin, it can cause inflammation that heals very slowly, if at all. 

In certain instances, reactions can be rather severe.

“3” reasons why tung oil is food safe

There are hundreds of reasons available why tung oil is food safe. You will not have a single reason to avoid using the tung oil on your cutting boards or other wood surfaces.

Drying Oil:

Tung oil is a drying oil. The drying oils seep into the wood and cause the elements to become more rigid. They consist of linseed oil, tung oil, and varnish diluted with water. 

As a result of the fact that it is entirely safe to be used in food preparation, it has become the material of choice for kitchen cabinets and utensils. 

Harsh Chemical Resistant:

Because it is extracted by crushing the seeds of the tung tree, tung oil is considered a natural oil. In addition, the unadulterated version of this oil does not include any secret additions or chemical driers of any kind. 

This oil is unaffected by harsh chemicals such as alcohol or acetone, making it an ideal food-safe product.

Solvent Free:

Tung oil is a 100% natural and non-toxic product that contains no additives or solvents. Furthermore, it penetrates all types of wood well. It is free of additives and can be used without worry when it comes into touch with food.

Is tung oil safe for cooking utensils?

Tung oil is safe for cooking utensils. On wooden surfaces that will come in contact with food, tung oil is frequently applied. 

This oil is quite long-lasting, and it will help keep liquids such as water and sauces away from the surface of the wood while also providing the wood with a long-lasting surface.

Because of these qualities, Tung oil is an excellent option for use on food preparation surfaces like kitchen worktops and cooking utensils, and other items used in the kitchen. You will only find that the tung oil is not suited for kitchen utensils if mixed with any chemicals.

Until you use the pure and natural tung oil, it will be safe for food, utensils, and other wood surfaces. When you start mixing chemicals with the tung oil, it will not become an excellent oil for food-related things.

Can you use tung oil on cutting boards?

You can use tung oil on cutting boards. Since pure tung oil is entirely natural and safe for food preparation, it can be used without worry to finish a cutting board. Tung oil provides a number of additional benefits, including the fact that it is quite simple to apply to make it waterproof.

It is possible to use pure tung oil on a cutting board because the oil is entirely natural and does not require any processing or the addition of chemicals. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals to ruin the authenticity and damage the wood cutting board. 

Therefore, it is okay to use tung oil on cutting boards. 

Final Thoughts

Since tung oil is a natural ingredient to turn the surface waterproof and safe, you must be careful about the food surface. Although the tung oil is food safe, you need to cure it using direct sunlight. Only then the cutting boards and other wood surfaces will be food safe.