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Is Wood Glue Waterproof? (All You Need to Know) 

Wood glue is one of the commonly used glues to stick wooden parts together. It helps to create a tight bond among two different wooden parts. In today’s article, we will discuss wood glue. 

Is wood glue waterproof?  

There are plenty of wood glues in markets that are considered waterproof. Although the polyurethane wood glue is the most durable. It is one of the best adapting glues for its waterproof qualities, strong adhesive bond, and natural color that blends with the wood very easily. 

The Blues are often used in wooden projects. There are multiple types of adhesive glues that are used in several projects. But in most cases, you need to decide the wood glue that is suitable by keeping some factors in mind. 

Firstly, they need to have a strong adhesive bond, take less time to dry, and need to be waterproof. When you consider using wood glue in your projects, you most likely will prefer using polyvinyl acetate or PVA. 

The benefits of using PVA glue are, it is inexpensive, non-toxic, and very efficient to use in wooden projects. It will be able to provide you with a natural-looking finish without leaving any spots on the glue surface. 

In addition to that, it will create a waterproof texture. Some of the glue based on their waterproofing mechanism is described below:

Gorilla wood glue: 

Gorilla wood glue is considered long-lasting wood glue that offers incredible water resistance and dries in natural colors to create an invisible bond line for your projects.

Elmer’s wood glue: 

Elmer’s Wood Glue will be able to create a strong and long-lasting adhesive bond as well as provide ANSI type 1 waterproofing efficiency.

Lepage wood glue:

The Lepage wood glue is weatherproof. It is a durable, high-performance glue that offers water moisture resistance as well. This will add an extra layer of protection for the glues to create stronger adhesive bonds.

PVA wood glue: 

Since the PVA glues are not mentioned or instructed to use outdoors, they are not considered to have a waterproof mechanism.

Titebond wood glue: 

The Titebond III ultimate wood glue has its waterproof mechanism proven and it also has the type I water-resistant formula in it. So, it can be used in exterior works as well.

Evo Stik wood glue: 

Evo Stik wood glue is weatherproof, exterior wood glue that offers a good amount of water resistance. In addition to that, it can be used in interiors as well.

Polyurethane wood glue: 

The polyurethane wood glues are made to have high strength adhesive bonds that will create waterproofing efficiency between the joined parts of woods and 

will help to increase the lifespan of your project.

Is wood glue waterproof when dry? Is wood glue water resistant?

Wood glue is a strong type of adhesive that is used to join two wooden pieces together. Polyurethane wood glue is waterproof and can be used in indoor and outdoor projects. This prevents the wood from being damaged by water. 

However, this waterproofing mechanism only works when the glue is dry. It can lose its waterproofing abilities if exposed to water continuously. 

Yes, the wood glue is water-resistant as well. Though, being waterproof and being water-resistant have differences. Waterproof glue will be able to protect the project from water for a long period. 

On the other hand, the water-resistant glue will be able to protect the project from water, but eventually, the durability of the glue will be lost. 

The benefit of using polyurethane-based wood glue is, it has a natural-looking color that blends with the texture of wood when dry. In addition to that, the polyurethane-based wood glue has water-resistant efficiency.

Does water affect wood glue? Can I use wood glue for waterproofing? 

Wood glues are made to be durable, long-lasting, and should have a strong adhesive bond that will protect the joints from any type of external damage. This is why most wood glues waterproofing efficiency. 

But in some cases when the project is in the curing process, the glue expands into pores and accumulates moisture from water. This affects the glue and makes it a bit damp for outdoor woods. 

Since wood glues are made so that they can be used in internal as well as external wood projects, most of the wood glue helps the waterproofing mechanism enabled in them. 

This is why the outdoor project works; you can simply use wood glue to make the project waterproof. The best wood glue considered for waterproofing is polyurethane-based glue. It will enhance the texture of the woods as well as increase its lifespan.

What makes wood glue waterproof?

There is a different type of food close market that can be used on a certain project to join the wooden pieces together. 

Wood glue is not only about being durable, long-lasting, and able to make a superior bond strength, it needs to be waterproof as well. For that, certain types of glue have a waterproofing mechanism enabled. 

The waterproofing mechanism in a wood glue not only helps the glue by making it waterproof, durable or long lasting, but also will extend the lifespan of your wooden projects. 

Firstly, polyurethane is one of the most durable glues that is perfect for both outdoor and indoor projects for its waterproofing mechanism. Few things that make a wood glue waterproof or mentioned below:  

Waterproofing mechanism: 

The first thing that makes a wood glue waterproof or water-resistant is the mechanism. 

Generally, most of the polyurethane-based would blue are made using a waterproofing mechanism that prevents the water from causing damage to the wood and the glue. 

In addition to that, some wood glues have proven type one ANSI certifications for being waterproof under all circumstances. 


Polyurethane is one of the common things that is used in wood glue to make the glue water-resistant and available to use in all exterior adhesive applications above the waterline. 

The benefit of using polyurethane-based glue is it can be used in various types of surfaces as well as the woods. 


The thickness of the glue is another part that makes it waterproof. When the glue is used on the wooden surface it creates a thick layer and prevents water from causing any damage to the glue.

What is the best waterproof wood glue? Is wood glue weather resistant? 

There are different types of glue available in the market which are considered to be waterproof. The effectiveness of wood glue is judged by its durability, versatility, drying time, and adhesive longevity. 

Most manufacturers call their wood glue waterproof. However, in most cases, waterproofing efficiency can be lost due to uninterrupted contact with water. 

The gorilla wood glue is considered one of the best wood glues for waterproofing efficiency in the market since it has incredible water resistance and a very short drying time. 

Yes, wood glue is weather-resistant as well. The functionality of wood glue is not limited to indoor work but is also used in external projects, that is why it is considered as. Waterproof as well as weather resistant. 

The weatherproofing mechanism helps the glue to sustain the different types of weather conditions. 

The weatherproofing mechanism helps the glue to stay intact even in contact with rain or sun. In addition to that, the wood glue dries in a color that blends with the wooden texture to prevent discoloration.

How to make wood glue waterproof?

Sometimes making the wood glue waterproof becomes essential for your projects. In case you have bought the PVA glue that cannot be made waterproof, there are a few types of glue that you can make waterproof by yourself by using an easy technique. 

This will help the wood glue to become quite water-resistant once dried. You can simply follow some waterproof glue recipe to make the wood glue waterproof. Just follow the easy simple steps and you can do it by yourself. The steps are shown below: 

Add gelatin: 

The first thing you need to consider when making glue waterproof is to add gelatin to it. Simply sprinkle gelatin in a small bowl and mix along with cold water and set it aside to soften.  

Boiled milk: 

Take 3 tablespoons of skim milk and heat to the boiling point and pour into the softened gelatin. Stir until the gelatin is dissolved. Your glue will be ready. 

Store the glue in a jar: 

The mixture will become like a gel as it cools. Once the mixture cools down it is ready to use. Adding oil to cloves will help to preserve the glue for more than a day. 

And this is how you can make your waterproof glue which you can use on wooden projects.

Final Thoughts 

Generally, wood glue is made to use in exterior and interior projects, so it is considered waterproof. The polyurethane-based wood glues are mostly known as waterproof glues. But sometimes they can lose their waterproofing efficiency due to continuous contact with water.