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Kewpie Mayo Substitute – What Can I Use Instead?

Every food lover may hear the name of Kewpie mayo. It’s a Japanese brand that makes a condiment that tastes different from other American mayonnaise. It has a solid tangy flavor and is made from the yolk of four eggs. 

Manufacturers use vinegar and salt to store this mayo, whereas Americans use other processes naturally. These are the fundamental differences between the Kewpie mayo and American mayo. And people are crazy for the Kewpie mayo.

Kewpie mayo substitute

You won’t get it on store average for the overhype of Kewpie mayo over social media. That’s why you should know some substitutes for it. Ajinomoto & Sokensha egg mayonnaise is the best Kewpie mayo substitute that you can use instead. Or, you can also make homemade mayo.

Homemade mayo will be your best substitute for Kewpie mayo. It will come up with some excellent taste and a similar tangy flavor. If you don’t find kewpie mayo in the supermarket, I suggest making a new mayonnaise at home. 

Since American mayonnaise has a different taste, you will find the best taste by making it at home.

Here, I’ll share some excellent substitutes for Kewpie mayo that you can use regularly. You will get excellent mayonnaise names if you watch social media video shorts. They always make new videos to get the substitute for the Kewpie mayonnaise. 

Homemade Mayo:

If you want the best substitute for Kewpie mayo, you must try to make it home. You will get the required ingredient list if you have the Kewpie mayo bottle or jar. 

You can collect everything and start following some tips to make it at your home.

You must use the egg yolk, which would be four egg yolks for every 500 gm of kewpie mayonnaise. You can follow this ratio and make the mayonnaise accordingly. Besides, you must use rice vinegar to get the exact tangy flavor from your substitute.


Here comes another Japanese mayonnaise where you will get a similar taste. It will also come with egg yolk and other things you find in your Kewpie mayonnaise. This Ajinomoto is specially made for vegetarians who don’t like to have non-veg mayo. 

You can search in your nearby super shop and get this mayonnaise or any other vegetarian mayonnaise. It will be a perfect substitute for the Kewpie mayonnaise. You will always love having it and enjoying the same flavor over the year. 

But try to get the Ajinomoto Japanese brand mayonnaise.

Sokensha Egg Mayo:

Here comes the perfect substitute for Kewpie mayo. If you don’t have kewpie mayo, you can use the Sokensha egg mayo. It’s also an egg-made mayonnaise with almost the same taste as the kewpie mayo. 

But it’s not the vegetarian version, so you need to consider it twice.

Sometimes, finding Kewpie mayo all over the country will be challenging. But you will indeed find Sokensha Egg mayo in all super shops. It will give you the extra feasibility to buy the mayo and enjoy it anytime. 

However, the Sokensha Egg Mayonnaise is a perfect substitute for Kewpie mayo.

Kenko Japanese Mayo:

Another great substitute for Kewpie mayo is Kenko Japanese Mayo. You will get pretty much similar ingredients and the making process here. 

Since Kenko is a Japanese mayo, it will also come with a strong tangy flavor that people love most. If you search for the Kewpie mayo and don’t find it anywhere, Kenko mayo would be there for you. It will be available in all super shops.

You will also love this flavor and taste like the Kewpie mayo. When you taste this Kenko mayo, you will surely miss the Kewpie mayo taste. Still, some tips will make the perfect substitute for Kewpie mayo at home. 

Other than that, the Kenko Japanese Mayo will be your best solution accordingly.

Can you use normal mayo instead of Kewpie mayo?

You can use normal mayo instead of Kewpie mayo, although you will lose the real taste of it. But the actual flavor can be retained if you follow some normal tips to add rice vinegar and eggs.

Although the process will be difficult, these ingredients can turn your regular mayo into the Kewpie mayo.

You will run out of Kewpie mayo and won’t find it at a nearby supermarket. You may not find another perfect substitute for this mayo at that time. You can do that if you know the process of making Kewpie mayo substitute at home. 

Otherwise, you can add some vinegar and sugar to turn the regular mayo into a Kewpie mayo.

If you don’t add these additional ingredients, you will never get the taste of Kewpie mayo, and you cannot use the regular mayo instead of Kewpie mayo. If you live in America or any US state, you may get used to regular mayonnaise. 

So, it won’t be a big deal to substitute the Kewpie mayo with regular mayo.

Can I use yum yum sauce instead of Kewpie mayo?

You cannot use yum yum sauce instead of Kewpie mayo since it tastes entirely different. If you don’t have any Kewpie mayo, you can use some substitute products or mayonnaise from Japanese brands. 

But the Yum Yum is not a good substitute for Kewpie mayo that you use regularly and get a similar taste.

Yum yum is a typical sauce, whereas Kewpie is mayonnaise. They have some basic differences and other issues that you must consider while substituting them for each other. You can’t substitute a sauce for mayonnaise. 

Although the yum yum is a mix of mayonnaise to use as a steak sauce, it will differ from the picture of Kewpie mayo.

If you don’t have the Kewpie mayonnaise, you may consider using some yum yum for the time being. But you will not get the taste of this mayo since yum yum is a mixture of different mayo and sauce. 

Although some people don’t find any significant differences between yum yum sauce and Kewpie mayonnaise, you will find it. 

Is Sriracha mayo the same as Kewpie mayo?

Sriracha mayo is not the same as Kewpie mayo. There are obviously some differences. Sriracha mayo may be used on sushi, sandwiches, salads, and other things, including a quarter of Sriracha chili sauce. On the other hand, the umami flavor of kewpie mayo is also well known. 

Its richness, including a bit of acidic flavor, sets it apart from its American equivalent and makes it a fantastic accent to any dish. Using egg yolks is the secret of Kewpie mayo (as opposed to the whole egg). 

The flavor of Kewpie mayo is distinctive because they use four entire egg yolks every 500g. Besides, the protein in the egg yolks contains amino acids, too.

If you consider the basic difference between these two mayo, you cannot substitute them for their taste & ingredients. They are entirely two different mayonnaises, and they have some basic differences that you must consider. 

Therefore, I’d suggest going for something that can nearly substitute it.

How to make kewpie mayo substitute?

You can make a perfect Kewpie mayo substitute by carefully following the procedures below. Before that, you can also use the above substitute for kewpie mayonnaise that I already explained. 

Here, you will get the instructions to make a homemade mayo that will perfectly substitute your kewpie mayo and give you a similar result.

Combine Dijon & Egg Yolk:

To begin with, egg yolk, along with Dijon mustard, should be added to a large mixing basin. Then the two should be thoroughly blended and smooth after being whisked together. 

While some effort will be required, it won’t take as long as whipping cream, which might take several minutes of vigorous whisking. It only takes a few careful beats to emulsify this mayo thoroughly.

Add neutral oil & whisk:

In the following step, a liquid measuring cup should be used to measure neutral oil. After that, add the oil slowly while whisking with the other hand to achieve a smooth mixture.

Add vinegar & spices:

As soon as the salt and sugar are added, swirl until the mixture is smooth and free of sand. Once the mixture is smooth and pale, pour in the lemon juice and rice vinegar. 

You can also add the optional MSG or dashi at this time. If necessary, taste and adjust the seasonings.


In the final step, serve right away, chill the mayonnaise in a squeeze container, or cover it to give it a more solid texture. Please keep in mind that the Japanese mayonnaise is kept in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Final Thoughts

You can use the homemade mayo as the best substitute for your Kewpie mayo. Also, there will be another substitute for Kewpie that I discussed. The Kenko Japanese Mayonnaise would be your best substitute for kewpie mayo. It will have a similar taste like the kewpie mayo.