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23 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

One thing I love the most to do for my family is cooking. Although I can be a messy cooker at times, I like to keep my kitchen clean and organized all the time.

The trick to being efficient in the kitchen is to keep the kitchen cabinets organized, at least that’s what I think. Unorganized kitchen cabinets often make us frustrated and annoyed.

You will also love your time in the kitchen if you can find the right ingredient or tool at the right time, without spending too much time to find it.

That is why I have been following a few organization hacks to keep my kitchen cabinets organized. I hope these hacks will help you out as well.

My Best Hacks for Kitchen Cabinet Organization

1. Declutter your kitchen cabinets

The first and most important hack is to declutter the kitchen cabinets. Get rid of all the tools and things that you don’t use anymore.

Donate the items that are of no use to you anymore. That is how you will not feel bad about throwing them away.

2. Use the backside of the kitchen cabinets

Place a few command hooks to hang your kitchen tools like pot lids, baking tools, etc. Also, hang paper towels on the doors of the kitchen cabinets.

3. Hang your measurement cups and spoons

Use the inside of the kitchen cabinet door to hang your measurement cups. Place a few hooks and hang the spoons and cups.

You can also write down the measurement with a marker so that you know which one you are using.

4. Store the baking trays in a metal file organizer

It is quite common not to find the baking trays at the right time. Well, you can use a metal file organizer to store them.

Keep the organizer on one corner of your kitchen cabinet.

5. Use command hooks to use every corner of the kitchen cabinet

I have command hooks almost at every corner of my kitchen cabinets. I love these because they can hold almost everything.

You will be able to see all of your utensils at a glance.

6. Bring those pans out from the kitchen cabinet

Pans can take quite a space in the kitchen cabinet. I usually don’t keep my pans in the kitchen cabinet. Instead, I use the pan organizer that I purchased from online to store my pans.

It saves me a lot of space in my cabinets to store other things.

7. Add a shelf inside of the kitchen cabinet

You can easily add a shelf and use most of the available space in your kitchen cabinet. Use the upper rack to store your mugs and cups.

8. Place the cookie sheets and cutting boards vertically in the cabinets

You will save a lot of space if you place your cookie sheets and cutting boards vertically. Otherwise, the upper space gets wasted.

You can make a cardboard divider and use it as well.

9. Try out a bowl rack and keep it outside the cabinet

You can use a bowl rack to keep your bowls organized. The bowl racks usually hold 5-6 bowls at a time. Purchase multiple if you want to store all your bowls like this.

10. Place a hanging basket on the door of the kitchen cabinet

Hanging baskets are my favorite as you can store anything here. Place the oven mitts or pot lids in these hanging baskets, so that you can find these whenever you want.

11. Make efficient food storage

The best tip to make efficient food storage is to make shelves and divide each section. For example, keep your spices and herbs on one side of the cabinet.

Make a divider with cardboard and place your canned goods on the other side.

12. Store the foil papers using an over the door hanger

You will never feel lost again while finding the foil papers. Keep the foil papers and wraps on the over the door hanger.

13. Organize the medicines and place them on sperate sections

I always keep all of my medicines separated from my partner’s and my kid’s. I use three boxes for each of us by labeling them with our names.

You can also organize your medicines based on your family members.

14. Use a stackable rack to store your bottles

You can use a stackable rack if you do not find any place to store your bottles. You can keep this rack in your fridge as well.

15. Keep one cabinet to store your cleaning supplies

Keep all of your cleaning supplies, like a brush, spray bottles, dishcloths, in a separate cabinet. Use hooks to hang the brushes so that you get more space.

16. Don’t forget to label the containers

It is a classic method of keeping things organized in the kitchen cabinets. Label all of your containers so that you can find a particular one at any time.

You will no longer get confused about salt and sugar ever again.

17. Use a wire rack to store plates and dishes in the cabinet

There is no alternative to having a wire rack. Keeping plates in the wire rack will make your kitchen cabinets more organized than before.

You can place a sperate wire rack for your cups and mugs as well.

18. Mount a few separate shelves to store your cookbook

I use my cookbooks almost every weekend. Keep your cookbooks in a separate shelve so that you can find it at the right moment.

19. Use a hanging pantry organizer

You can make a hanging pantry organizer on your own, or you can purchase one. These organizers are great to store light things like herbs, biscuits, tea bags, coffee sashes, etc.

20. Sort your kitchen cabinets based on categories

There is no alternative to this. Take a pen and paper and write down the categories. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be perfect.

Make categories like canned foods, herbs, cleaning products, plates, and dishes, etc. Now, organize the cabinets based on this.

21. Use transparent containers to store your food items

I find it quite convenient to use transparent containers to store my food items. Even if you don’t have labels on them, you will easily find them.

22. Keep a separate section for your kids

I saw one of my friends to keep a separate section for her kids. That particular cabinet is filled with snacks and food items that her kids like the most.

That is how you will keep your kids from the things you don’t want them to get access to.

23. Hang your coffee cups by placing S-shaped hooks

Hanging those coffee cups will save you a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets. You can use the S-shaped hooks to hang coffee cups and mugs.

These are pretty much all the kitchen cabinet organization hacks I’ve been following for a long time.

I like spending time in my kitchen as I love to cook for my family. As a result, I keep my kitchen as organized as possible.

Let me know if any of these kitchen cabinet hacks help you. I’ll be glad if they do.