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18 Kitchen Counter Organization Ideas That Will Make You Want To Spend Time In The Kitchen More

We don’t count kitchen space as an actual room in the house. We merely see it as a space to prepare the meal.

Often we don’t put much effort into organizing the kitchen countertop until it becomes loaded with stuff.

So, here are some kitchen counter organization ideas which I’ve used to make my kitchen look prettier.

18 Amazing Kitchen Counter Organization Ideas

1. Move your microwave from top to down for earning some extra space

The microwave takes up a massive chunk of space from your kitchen countertop. So, moving it below the counter can be a smart move.

2. Make your sink useful with a movable strainer

Most of the people use the sink only for dumping dirty dishes. If you don’t have a dishwasher and wash your dishes using basic techniques, then why not use your sink for different purposes.

You can first wash your dirty dishes in the sink and later put a strainer on top of it to air dry the dishes. In that way, you won’t have to jumble up your kitchen counter.

3. Use jars to keep utensils together

If you have some extra jars lying around your house here and there, then put those into use. Keep your utensils together in the jars, next to your stove, where they are most needed.

4. Hang a rod under the cabinet to swing useful stuff

Fit a rod under your cabinet to swing your gloves, dishcloth, tissue rolls, etc. to make some space under them for keeping other stuff.

5. Use hooks to hang cups or utensils

You can decorate your kitchen plus make the space use with the help of some simple hooks. You can hang some hooks on the rod or fit some directly on the wall.

Some colorful cups or utensils hanging from the hooks will give your kitchen a joyful look.

6. Help yourself with a triple stacking tray

The usefulness of a triple stacking tray is beyond my explanation. It gives you some extra storage space vertically.

You can keep anything in there, depending on your usage. I’ve kept some plates and bowls, which I use regularly.

7. Use cookie jars to keep coffee or tea sashes

Instead of filling your drawers unnecessarily with coffee or tea sashes, put them into clear cookie jars. In this way, you can also asses when you need to repurchase them.

8. Strap cutting boards inside a cabinet door instead of lying it around

Cutting boards take a lot of space on your kitchen counter. So, put a strap behind one of your kitchen cabinet doors and strap on your boards after every use. This will give your kitchen counter a neat look.

9. Have a hanging basket to keep raw materials

Sometimes keeping the raw materials like onion, garlic, potato, and other stuff inside the pantry make them wasted due to hot weather.

The smart way to stock them is to keep them in a hanging basket on your kitchen counter. That way, they won’t get wasted.

10. Use a wire rack to stack your toaster

One unique way to keep your toaster is to stack it on a wire rack. You can keep the loaves of bread and some jams underneath the tray. This two-storied rack makes your kitchen counter more useful.

11. Put hanging shelf under cabinet

The under-cabinet hanging shelf will provide you the space to keep your spice jars in an organized manner. You can keep other stuff there as well.

12. Keep small spice jars in one place

Large spice jars take a lot of space. That’s why its better to use small spice jars instead of the big ones. Also, stacking them in one place gets easier.

13. Use large baskets for fruits and vegetables

Dividing your fruits and vegetables into small bowls can make your counter look cluttered. Buy a larger basket for keeping them in one place and save some extra bowls.

14. Make your cake stand useful

Hiding my cake stand inside the cabinet wasted a lot of space. So, I decided to take it out and put it on the counter to keep some snacks packets. You can use it too for your desired purpose.

15. Smart corner shelving to use your counter fully

Don’t leave your corner space empty. You can find some corner shelves in the market. Buy those and use your counter space fully. You can keep your mugs or small jars on the shelves.

16. Take help of organizers for the drawers

Using drawer organizers is a genius move. Each of these brilliant solutions is designed to solve a specific kitchen storage problem.

For example- keeping different sizes of spoons and knives, so you can focus less on finding any specific item and more on actually enjoying delicious meals with your family.

17. Group like items

Group like items so that you don’t have to roam around your kitchen over and over again to find everything that you need while cooking.

18. Use a junk bowl to keep the counters clean

It depends on what type of person you are to implement this idea. Im sort of a forgetful person. After doing grocery shopping, when I enter the kitchen, I mix up my keys with other things.

Also, my shopping list, torn away packets, snack bag clips mess around my countertop. To solve this problem, I keep a medium-sized junk bowl on my counter to keep it clean.

You can sort out things from your junk bowl later, after finishing all your tasks.

A kitchen is a place where you can have a good time with your family cooking together. So, I believe keeping it organized and clean will make it much more of a happy place.

The ideas mentioned above are some of the techniques which I use to make my happy place. You can share your ideas too to let me know about your happy place.