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13 Incredible Linen Closet Organization Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Linen closets can be quite hard to keep organized with all the sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and towels. I think I find it too difficult because of the variety of sizes.

As a result, you need different sizes of cabinets that will fit the towels as well as blankets. If you hate organizing your linen closet, don’t feel bad. It is really normal to go all crazy when you have so much going on at a time.

Fortunately, I have a few brilliant and easy linen closet organization ideas that I think will help you one way or another. I have gathered 13 linen closet organization ideas for you that I implement in my home as well.

Without further ado, let’s see what these 13 linen closet organization ideas are.

13 Linen Closet Organization Hacks to Make Your Like Easier

1. Get a few file sorters to store your washcloths

Washcloths are of different sizes. When you fold them and place them in a cabinet, they can take a lot of space.

That is why I use a few file sorters to store the washcloths. Rather than folding, I role the washcloths and place them in the file sorters.

2. Prevent making piles with blankets and pillow covers

When you are making a pile of blanket and pillow covers, it will be quite hard for you to keep them organized.

Because, when you pull out a particular sheet from the bottom side, the pile will drop, and it will make a mess.

That is why I use high-sided bins to store these staff.

3. Keep your sheets inside the matching pillowcases

It is probably the greatest idea I have ever come across. I keep my sheets inside my matching pillowcases. As a result, I can easily find them as well as they do not make a mess.

Also, you can store many sheets in one cabinet in this way because the pillow covers presses down the sheets and makes them thinner.

4. Use a wired basket and hang it in the linen closet

If you have enough place in your linen closet, you can hang a wire basket in the closet. Here, you can store your iron and a spray bottle and other items.

You will need everything in one place when you are in a hurry.

5. Keep your center shelf to store your everyday go-to items

I keep the centermost shelf of the cabinet for me everyday towels and washcloths. The reason is that you will be able to find your everyday go-to items within minutes.

If you use any other item frequently, keep it on the center shelf as well.

6. Install a few adjustable shelf dividers

You will find different sizes of adjustable shelf dividers. You can place them in your linen closet if the shelves are too wide.

Also, the adjustable shelf dividers will help you to take full advantage of the space.

7. Get a few baskets from the dollar store

If you don’t want to spend too much, there is always an option – going to a dollar store. Get a few wicker baskets and use them to store and organize your pillow covers and blankets.

There are different sizes of baskets available, choose the ones based on your needs.

8. Don’t forget to label

Labeling is probably that one thing that is required in every single organization task. When you are using wicker baskets, you might get confused about your belongings.

That is why use labels to find the right thing at the right time. Get a label maker already!

9. Store regular towels by installing an over-the-door towel hanger in the door

Use your linen closet’s door to store the regular towels. You can do it by installing an over-the-door towel hanger.

It is particularly applicable if you have a small linen closet, and as a result, you might not have enough space.

10. Make a separate basket to store the cleaning products

You can also use some of the space of your linen closet to store your household cleaning products. That is how you will be able to get everything out of one place.

If you want something fancy, you can try out any kind of storages from online as well.

11. Keep a closet dehumidifier in your linen closet

To control the moisture from your linen closet, you should keep a closet dehumidifier in the closet. Towels can be damp and wet even if you store them after fully drying them.

And you would definitely not want that damp smell whenever you open the door of the closet. These dehumidifiers work pretty well.

12. Make a few corner shelves in the closet if you have enough space

I have a pretty big linen closet compared to the ones I have seen. As a result, the empty corners of the closet were not fully used.

What I decided to do is to install a few corner shelves. It was particularly to store a few of my favorite candles and fragrances.

I couldn’t find the right place to store them and decided to use this space.

13. Place a few magazine holders in installing floating shelves seems expensive

You can do another thing for storing items. Go to your nearby dollar store and find some cheap magazine holders.

Place them vertically on the corner of your linen closet and attach screws. You can use these magazine holders to store extra towels.

Make sure to roll them up; otherwise, it will be of no use.

Now, did you like these linen closet organization ideas? I really hope some of these help you. If you can implement these in your linen closet, it will never become unorganized.

And another thing – it is okay to be messy. If you feel like you need to keep your closet organized 24×7, even if you have other works to do, don’t worry.

It is important to set up priorities. The world will not end if your linen closet stays unorganized for one day. I don’t take too much pressure, and that is why I love organizing because there are no rules.