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Maytag Centennial Washer Won’t Start Cycle (With Solutions)

Washers are an useful appliance that washer and cleans our clothes and other fabrics with our minimal effort.

The Maytag Centennial Washer is one such popular washer that is commonly used in many homes. In this article, a common troubleshooting guide has been described regarding the Maytag Centennial Washer.

Why won’t Maytag centennial washer won’t start wash cycle?

Sometimes your Maytag centennial washer is not starting its wash cycle due to common problems such as tripped circuit breaker or damaged power supply. But if that is not the case, your washer may have a faulty lid switch, defective control board or even a broken timer – which can be fixed easily.

There can be many reasons for the issues. Let’s get to know them.

Control Lock is enabled:

Control locks in Maytag centennial locks you from using the washer. It is used to prevent accidental start of any feature and thus would also prevent the wash cycle from starting.

Solution 1:

You can disable the control lock by holding down the lock/unlock button for 3 seconds. You can also disable it by holding down the power button for 10 seconds.

Damaged Lid switch:

If the lid switch is either jammed or damaged, the washer’s sensor near the access door would not detect a closed lid and thus prevent itself from turning on.

Solution 2:

Check the lid switch by closing the lid, if you don’t hear a tick – the lid must be damaged and needs replacement.

Damaged Control Board:

If the control board in the washer dashboard is damaged, it won’t respond to your button ticks properly and thus prevent you from using the washer properly.

Solution 3:

Check the control board by removing the control panel and use a multimeter to check the connection of all the wires. A damaged or burnt wire would disrupt continuity in the board and needs replacement.

Power Supply issues:

Improper power supply connection is a common reason for your washer to not start. This could be due to a faulty power outlet or tripped circuit breaker.

Solution 4:

You can test the power outlet by using a multimeter or plugging in other appliances to check the connection. If there is still no power, check whether the circuit breaker is tripped or else contact an electrician.

Damaged Timer:

The timers of the washer are responsible for maintaining the spinning and washing cycles. If the timers cannot record the progress of the wash cycle – the washer cannot initiate the start cycle properly.

Solution 5:

If any piece of the timer system is damaged, it is best if you replace the entire timer assembly system since repairing is not worth the time and cost.

Damaged Motor:

Damaged motors are one of the common problems faced by old washers due to lint build ups or worn out components.

Solution 6:

The best option to fix a damaged motor is to replace it since the old one won’t be as efficient even after repairs.

Why won’t Maytag centennial washer start finish cycle? (With solutions)

There could be several reasons contributing to why your Maytag Centennial Washer may not be starting its finish cycle such as having a faulty drive belt, failed motor coupling or even a defective door latch or lid switch assembly. However, these problems can be solved quite easily.

Different variables may be the reason for the washer to have issues such as these. Let’s get to know more about them.

Defective Lid Switch Assembly:

Similar to the problem in the washer start cycle, a faulty or damaged lid switch can also prevent the finish cycle from starting.

Solution 1:

Make sure the lids are aligned properly when closing and nothing is in its way. Any obstruction in the sensors of the lid will also cause the finish cycle to stop.

Defective Door Latch:

A door latch prevents the washer from operating if the washer door is open. Thus, if this latch is defective – the washer won’t start the finish cycle.

Solution 2:

Inspect the door latch for evidence of damage. If the door latch is damaged, or it does not close properly, replace it with a new one.

Washer is Unbalanced or Overloaded:

An overloaded washer would have difficulty in operating due to imbalance in weight of the load. This causes the motor to overwork and slow down – often resulting in the washer refusing to start the finish cycle.

Solution 3:

Prevent overload by filling only ¾ of the washer’s capacity. You can do this by keeping the loads smaller and more uniform.

Incorrect Cycle Setting:

Maytag washer has a plethora of settings, each suited for washing different types of fabrics. An incorrect wash setting for your fabric can cause your washer to not properly function.

Solution 4:

Refer to the washer’s manual to determine which setting to set for your fabric and wash the same type fabric together.

Faulty Drive Belt:

The drive belt is responsible for spinning the washer since it is connected to the motor. A damaged belt wouldn’t let your washer drum spin. If you hear a loud sound when trying to operate the washer – the drive belt is likely faulty.

Solution 5:

Repairing the drive belt is not a permanent solution, therefore it is crucial that you buy a replacement drive belt.

Failed Motor Coupling:

The motor coupling is responsible for transmitting power from the motor to the drum. A vibrating or buzzing washer while running could indicate that your motor coupling has failed.

Solution 6:

Trying to repair your motor coupling is not recommended since not only will it be expensive but can cause further damage to your washer – thus it’s best to replace the part.

Why won’t Maytag centennial washer start spin cycle? (With solutions)

It could become a worrying and annoying issue if the spin cycle of your Maytag Centennial washer does not start. The reason behind it could range from clogged drain pump filter, bad drain pump to poor distribution of load. Though they might seem troublesome, these problems can be solved with ease.

Having the issues with the start spin cycle can be really annoying. Let’s get to know the reasons.

Clogged Drain Hose:

While the clothes are being washed, the water needs to be disposed of as well which is done by a water pump as it sucks and removes excess water through a hose. But if the drain hose is clogged, the water can’t flow out and will disrupt the spin cycle.

Solution 1:

Unplug the hoses and remove it from the washer to clean it. Once the debris has been removed, run water through it in order to clean any remaining debris or residue in the drainage hose.

Improper Drain Height:

Having a washer that is too high would slow down the water drainage process since it takes time for the drainage to pass through a greater distance compared to washers placed near ground level – which drains much faster.

Solution 2:

Check your user manual for recommended drain pipe lengths and heights and ensure that your washer is installed on a solid and level surface.

Clogged Drain Pump Filter:

A clogged drain pump can stop the flow of water and cause a water blockage even though the pump is running. This is mostly due to debris being stuck in the pump filter and disrupting the flow of water.

Solution 3:

Remove the pump filter from the washer’s drain pump and then remove the debris stuck in the filter. You should wash the filter with water several times to clean it properly and then place it back into the pump.

Bad Drain Pump:

The drain pump is one of the essential components of the Maytag washer that is responsible for drawing in water from the drum and sending it out through the drain hose.

Without it, the wash cycles cannot proceed and thus, in case the pump becomes faulty or damaged – the spin cycle will refuse to proceed.

This commonly occurs due to mechanical failure of the pump when small bits of fabric get sucked into the pump and get stuck into the propeller – which ends up damaging the pump and prevents it from functioning.

Solution 4:

In case you detected the bad drain pump issue on a premature stage, you could unplug and clean the drain pump in order to have it working fine. But if it has been damaged continuously for a while, you need to buy a replacement.

Final thoughts

A Maytag centennial washer has several cycles which are all crucial for the perfect wash of your clothes and fabric. However, problems in one or multiple of the wash cycles could result in a bad washing experience of your clothes. These issues are due to damaged motors, drain pumps or clogged hoses.