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25 Office Organization Hacks to Make You a Productive Worker

Your work can stress you out. On top of that, you don’t want to stress yourself more with a cluttered working station. A messy desk makes me so inattentive towards my work.

When I’m trying to get things done quickly, it’s a hassle to find a specific thing when my materials are out of order. Thus make my work time-consuming.

And if you’re space is limited like mine, adopting creative solutions is the only way. To make your work station organized, you don’t need to invest a lot. A functional desk will automatically look beautiful.

25 Office Organization Hacks to Make Your Work Efficient

1. Use mason jars as storage units

Use small mason jars to keep pens, highlighter, pencils, glue sticks, and other small stationery items separately. You can customize your mason jars to make it look pretty.

2. Use binder clips to sort out your cords

Attach binder clips on the side of your desk to hold USB and other cables in a tangle freeway. You can then thread through the metal part and adjust the length according to your needs.

3. Shoebox storage hack

Pin or glue together some shoe boxes to store note pads, light books, and papers. Having just the shoeboxes is boring. You can cover them up with wrapping paper before sticking them together like me.

4. Use a drawer divider

Drawers can get messier than your desktop. You can buy a drawer divider or make one yourself with cereal boxes. You can cover up the boxes with shelf liner to give it a neat look.

Keep your essentials like keys, pen drive, and other stuff into different sections.

5. Hang a kitchen wire rack

It doesn’t matter if it is supposed to be in the kitchen. As long as the rack is helping me by providing some extra storage space, it’s good. You can find it almost anywhere.

Hanging it is easy, and it can take the heavy load of thick bided books.

6. Use under desk basket as a quick solution

If you are in a rush and have no time to sort out the mess on your desk, dump it in your under-desk basket for sorting it out later. It can not get easier than this.

With this rapid solution, you can get on to your work right away without thinking about the embarrassment of knocking something on the floor.

7. Use a ‘daily activity planner’ style notepad

If you are an old soul kind of person like me, who can not get fully digital in their work, keep a daily docket style notepad on your desk for writing everyday plans.

This notepad will help you to visualize your whole day plan in one place and also look after your time management.

8. Label your cords

Pulling out any wrong cord by mistake can harm your work or someone else’s if you share the power outlet.

Save yourself from this damage by labeling your cords with colored tape to distinguish them.

9. Have a nonsticky “sticky-note” solution

I love sticky notes, and so my desktop became a jungle of sticky notes. If you don’t want to change your love for sticky notes, then just have a digital solution to free your desktop from clutter.

Have sticky notes on the screen of your monitor. In that way, you’ll never miss out on a thing that you need to do next.

10. Use magazine holders

You can reuse old magazine holders by customizing it with wrapping paper and designed tape. It will give your work station a stylish look.  Also, it will help you to keep your documents sorted.

11. Keep color-coded files

Labeling every document can get tiresome if you are a lazy person. To solve this problem, use a smart method like keeping color-coded files for different projects of yours.

12. Make a creative frame

If you are not using any old photo frame, then don’t just dump it. Keep it on your desk with a plane background. You can write and erase important things on top of the glass with a marker.

13. Use an inspirational cork board

Put an inspirational cork board right in front of your eyes. Pin a map and highlight the places you want to visit someday and work hard so that you can achieve your goal.

14. Use a spice rack full of supplies

Small office supplies like push pins, stapler pins, paperclips can get mixed up with your other things. To keep these in one place, use spice rack containers. It is very handy to use.

15. Use a magnetic strip

Use a magnetic strip where you feel it will fit the most. In this way, you will never lose your keys or clips. The magnetic strip is the perfect way to hold your essentials.

16. Use a pegboard

If you sit down near a wall or tall cubicle, don’t let that room go to waste. Use pegboard scissors, tapes, and many more office supplies right at your fingertips. This solution gives you cool looking storage space.

17. Use a moving cart to add extra storage

You can park a moving cart beside your desk to have some extra storage space. You can keep different things onto different levels of that cart.

For example- Some snacks at the bottom, some documents in the middle, and decorate it with a money plant at the top.

18. Maximize desktop space

A table lamp can eat up a bit of your workspace. Instead of that, use a clamp-on task lamp. It will maximize your desktop space. Also, you can move the light where you need it most.

19. Make sure to label your storage boxes

If you keep things like some old documents, diary, cards into storage boxes and stack them under your desk, make sure to label them properly. It will help you to find the necessary things quickly later.

20. Use a shoebox to elevate your monitor

If you work on a laptop or desktop monitor, looking at the same level can give you neck or back pain. To solve this problem, you can simply use a shoebox to lift up the monitor from its height.

21. Clip-on containers can be space savers

You can recycle coffee or soup cans by using them as storage space. Fit them on the edge of your desk with the help of some grip clips and decorate them to give it a pretty look.

22. Facial tissue hack

Don’t need to keep a big tissue box on your limited desktop space. Put the tissues in an empty coffee cup with a lid on and use tissues from there.

23. Hook a duster

Every once in a while, you need to dust your desk and shelves with a duster. You can easily hide one under your desk with the help of a hook. A smart trick, right!

24. Use a small trash bin

Can’t find a place to through away your plastic wrapper or a scrambled up page from your notebook? Keep a small trash bin under the desk to keep the top of your desk clean.

25. Don’t overlook any space

Utilize your working space fully. Not clutter it but organize it. You can put up some shelves to make some extra space. Utilize the space on your wall, underneath compartments.

If it is all organized, I’m sure it won’t look too much to handle.

Office space is the space we spend most of our time. So, it is important to make it our happy place. If personalizing the place in your own way would make you happy to work, then do it.

I hope my organization hacks can be of help to you.